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Is Tom Sandoval Rich Or Something? Asking For A Friend (Named Scheana)

After starting season 11 as the odd man out of his group, Tom Sandoval had to do something to summon friends other than Schwartz to film with. That something appears to be shelling out a lot of cash. According to the internet and also my ability to read, many of the “friends” Tom heralded as true confidants who stuck by his side despite the scandal were actually employees on his payroll. Think about it: Tom’s overworked and underpaid assistant Ann had to act sympathetic to Tom’s cause in the house as a necessity of her job (though there is no salary high enough to justify picking up someone’s dirty underwear), His bestie/band manager Brad went to rehearsal sessions fully funded by Tom after their heart to hearts, and even that random bartender who was labeled as Tom’s friend turned out to be hired (and even worse, she allegedly was never paid). All of this in combination with the fact that Scheana and Brock not so subtly hinted that part of their attachment to Tom comes from his “generosity” (like Venmoing Scheana cash during the pandemic or flying out a sound guy for her band) got us thinking… is Tom Sandoval rich or something? Let’s rudely ogle at Tom Sandoval’s net worth, just for fun.

What is Tom Sandoval’s net worth?

Sandoval and Schwartz's cash on 'VPR'
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As of 2024, Tom’s net worth is 4 million dollars, according to the mathematicians at Celebrity Net Worth. Net worth of course doesn’t mean cash on hand (hence having to borrow his mother’s life savings to open the Tom’s second bar) but rather expresses an estimation of the total value of someone’s asset portfolio (homes, businesses, projected wages, etc.) minus their debts. Tom’s worth will likely fluctuate after some predictable upcoming changes like eventually selling the house he owns with Ariana and any future deals Tom secures after the highly anticipated season 11 reunion (because even the villain of the story is profiting off of Scandoval).  If The Most Extras becomes a profitable musical venture and secures a tour funded by someone other than Tom or a hit track on Spotify about banging Schwartz’s mom, that could factor in too. But for now, we can assume Tom rings in somewhere around a respectable 4 mil.

For comparison, Ariana Madix’s last estimation was only 2 million, while Ariana Grande’s is a hulking 240 million. So if Tom’s reported net worth is true, while it’s definitely not a number to turn your nose up at, Tom isn’t exactly a Rockefeller either. Especially considering he has a huge liability to account for in Schwartz and Sandy’s, his newest bar which hasn’t made it out of the red yet. So while I don’t like to count other people’s coins, slowing the gravy train on unnecessary expenses (like friendship, and suitcases full of cash for dramatic effect) may not be a horrible idea.

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