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Are They *Actually* Not Doing A 'RHONJ' Reunion This Season?!!?

The current dramatic cast of The Real Housewives of New Jersey is making history and not in a good way. For the first time in 14 seasons, it’s all but confirmed there will not be a reunion. A season of Housewives without a reunion is like a year of NFL without a Superbowl. It just isn’t fair to the loyal fans cheering at home!!! In a way, it’s not terribly surprising what’s happening with RHONJ, considering the skyrocketing tension over the years that has fractured the cast with the help of threatened lawsuits and private investigators named Bo Deetle. But official news of a reunion-less season warns of dangerous territory for the Jersey girls. The last time this happened in Bravo history was after the cursed 13th season RHONY and as we all know, that led to legendary OGs LuAnn, Ramona, and Sonja finally getting the curtain call we never thought would come. RHOP also received a casting shakeup after a dicey season where the women refused to come together followed by a pointless reunion. Will the women of New Jersey meet the same fate? Here’s everything we know about why there isn’t a RHONJ reunion.

Is the RHONJ reunion canceled?

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Yes. Well, sort of. According to sources verified by People, there will not be a “traditional” couch sitdown with Andy Cohen. But the network is searching for another way to bring a clear conclusion to season 14.

Why isn’t there a RHONJ reunion?

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The conflict between the cast has gotten so intense that it became obvious having a classic reunion would not deliver any resolution. The feud between the Gorgas and the Guidices has gone nuclear since Luis married Teresa, unleashing a series of blowups about shady business deals and relationship rumors that have trickled down to the rest of the cast. Rachel Fuda and John Fuda are also at explosive odds with Teresa and Luis after they accused John of being “the biggest drug dealer in Bergen County.” And though Margaret’s biggest beef is still with, surprise surprise, Teresa and Luis, it seems like she’s also approaching a major fallout with Jackie Goldschneider and Jen Fessler for defecting to team Teresa overnight.

It’s also been reported that Jennifer Aydin (who continues to orchestrate obvious rumor-planting scenes from outside sources on the show) and Danielle Cabral got into not one but two physical fights while filming season 14. They had one back in September, which was discussed at BravoCon, and another more recent altercation at the finale involving someone throwing a glass pitcher. Confining this cast to a set is a health hazard at this point. But without a reunion, a cast trip, or the ability to film together fans are wondering: what’s the point of even watching anymore?

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