Shirts For Bi Babes That Are *Actually* Cute For Pride This Year

The first year I celebrated Pride as an out and proud baby bisexual, I bought whatever shirt I could find with a rainbow on it at my local CVS. “Love is Love”? Yes. “I Can’t Even Think Straight”? I’ll buy two.

Now, seven years later, I’m ready to upgrade my Pride collection. For one, I am SICK of wearing the same white Hanes t-shirt with a rainbow on it. And two, I want to celebrate being BI — not just queer. Finding cute bisexual shirts that don’t look like they’ll shrink in the wash or were made for $5 has been a ~bit~ of a challenge.

I’m also someone whose closet is filled with black, brown, dark green, and MAYBE taupe if I’m feeling crazy. So each year I face the same dilemma: How can I celebrate Pride in a cute and subtle way that still works with my color palette? Plus, I want something that feels more personal and reflective of my identity.

Behold, the answer to both of our problems. I’m rounding up the cutest shirts for those of us who are bi that you can rock year-round. Whether you’re attending a Pride event or just want to show off your bi pride in your everyday life, these shirts have got you covered.

Happy Pride!!!!

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The Cutest Pride T-Shirts For Bisexuals:

Binosaur shirt
Skeleton Bi Pride Shirt
Here, Queer, And Anxious
Nobody Knows I'm Bisexual Shirt
Bi Panic Shirt
Bi Pride Titty Shirt
Do You Like Boys or Girls Shirt
Butterfly Bi Shirt

And Some Cute General Pride Merch (Just In Case):

Pride Fanny Pack
Rainbow Hearts Hat
It's Human Rights, Stupid
Bans Off My Body Tee
Katie Corvino
Katie Corvino
Katie Corvino (she/her) is the VP of Editorial at Betches. She first gained recognition after wearing a thong on her head at Coachella in the name of fashion. She's also known very well in the medical space as her therapist's favorite patient. If you are reading this, Leslie, she is fine. Her crippling anxiety is gone. She is cured and totally OK.