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Do I Need A 'The Bear' Season 2 Finale Recap Before I Binge Season 3? Yes, Chef

Get your aprons ready, bitches: We’re going back to Chicago (metaphorically). All 10 episodes of The Bear season 3 will be available to stream on Hulu starting today, June 26, at 9pm EST. So basically, I have a beautiful all-nighter ahead. As a stan, I was thrilled to see this show win every award under the sun for season 2, and I’m praying to the TV gods that season 3 delivers the same level of genius writing and acting. I need more screaming in the kitchen, more unhinged flashback moments, and more confusing but persistent romantic tension between Carmy and Sydney. Its there. I know it’s there.

It’s been a while now since season 2 ended, so let me remind you of all the chaos that ensued in the finale. Here’s a full recap of The Bear season 2 finale, including why Carmy had an intense meltdown in a fridge and what happened with his and Claire’s relationship.

The Bear Season 2 Finale Recap

The Bear Opens For Friends And Family

Remember The Original Beef of Chicagoland? Well, she’s old news now. During season 2, Carmy and his crew work like maniacs to transform the establishment into a high-end restaurant called The Bear. They manage to overcome issues like mold, falling walls, and a lot of red tape in a short amount of time. In the finale episode, they have a friends and family night, and although the soft opening is technically successful, the night is a wild fucking ride.

Why Does Carmy Have A Breakdown In The Bear Season 2 Finale?

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Carmy and Sydney get into a huge fight (what else is new), and then Carmy gets trapped in a walk-in freezer. Our guy neglected to get the door handle fixed, so that’s him facing the consequences of his own actions. Unfortunately, he then has a full-on breakdown in there, thinking about an abusive New York City chef named Joel McHale who used to be his boss. In the midst of his panicking, Carmy feels like he hasn’t been focused enough on the restaurant and believes he shouldn’t be allowed to enjoy himself outside of work. He confesses his feelings to my queen, Tina.

What Happens With Carmy And Claire At The End Of The Bear Season 2?

Listen, I’ve never been in favor of Clarmy because I ship Sydarmy, but this part of the episode was a tough watch even for me. When Claire finds out that Carmy’s stuck in a fridge, she goes to help him and calm him down. The poor chef thinks he’s still ranting to Tina, and he says: “What the fuck was I thinking, like I was going to be in a relationship? I’m a fuckin’ psycho! That’s how I operate.”

He makes it much worse when he adds, “I am the best because I didn’t have any of this fuckin’ bullshit, right? I could focus and I could concentrate … No amount of good is worth how terrible this feels! It’s just a complete waste of fuckin’ time!” Claire says she’s sorry he feels that way and leaves. Carmy then hears her loving and supportive voicemail from earlier, deletes it, and freaks the fuck out even more.

Why Does Sydney Throw Up In The Bear Season 2 Finale?

Aye Edebiri as Sydney in 'The Bear'
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A valid question. When Carmy gets stuck in the fridge, Sydney has to take his place as Head Chef, which is a really fucking stressful role. Toward the end of the night, she pukes by the dumpsters behind the restaurant. It’s probably just a release of all the anxiety and pressure on her? Her father asks if she’s alright, and she says she’s fine. He also gives her his approval, so things are generally looking positive for Sydney. Now, she just needs to date Carmy.

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