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Every Single Detail There Is To Know About 'Too Hot To Handle' Season 6

Backseat sadists rejoice, Too Hot To Handle, Netflix’s televised torture chamber for horny 20-somethings is finally back for season 6. In case you’re somehow not familiar, the show revolves around gathering the most single, least shy hotties on the planet to see how long they can hold out from boinking each other. Every time they kiss, caress, or do something rated-R in the pool, the entire house gets a corresponding sum of money deducted from their take-home bucket of money. If they have sex, they’re thrown in the ocean without a liferaft. Kidding!! But they get in serious trouble with the AI host Lana (Gemini, who?). Last year, after starting with a tab of $200K to start, winner Elys took home $100K that she split in half with Dre. We have this very entertaining celibacy challenge to thank for the public serial dater that is Harry Jowsey. While the official trailer isn’t out yet, Netflix has dropped the Too Hot To Handle season 6 cast. Let the judgment begin!

Too Hot To Handle Season 6 Cast

Brianna Balram (21)


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Bri is a fashion model whose feed full of flawless selfies tells me she doesn’t need to take any man’s shit because her DMs are surely poppin’. The guys may have an uphill battle with this one (as they should).

Charlie Jeer (21)


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Charlie is also a 21-year-old model but in a bit of a twist, he’s actually a trained saxophonist. It looks like Charlie hails from the UK and once held the prestigious title of “head boy.” Go off, Harry Potter.

Chris (24)

Chris Too Hot To Handle
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Chris is (you’ll never guess this one) a model! It’s almost like people with 9 to 5s are worried about wilding out on reality TV. He’s also from the UK, specifically from Manchester, and he’s ready to find out if love or money is more important.

Demari Davis (27)


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You’re not going to believe this but Demari is ALSO a model. To be fair, his day job is being a stockbroker. A man in finance who also professionally models? Does the house have an extra bedroom for his ego?

Gianna (21)


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The farm girl turned dancer is ready to leave milking cows on Grandma’s dairy farm behind for Lana’s mansion. She hopes her time on the show can help her stop being so impulsive in dating and take a guy seriously. Considering the unserious track record of THTH men, in the words of Chappell Roan, good luck babe.

Lucy Syed (28)


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Lucy has served bottles in the VIP sections across all of Europe so hopefully, the humble digs Netflix put her up in will do.

Joao Coronel (22)


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The Brazilian musician says his idol is Machine Gun Kelly. He even owns the same pink guitar as MGK. How do you say “no more Wonderwall” in Portuguese?

Jordan Frank (21)


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Jordan is your classic California surfer next door with boyish good looks. Never fear, he’s not a model. He’s a model/actor. He recently appeared as an extra in one of J.Lo’s music videos from the record nobody was clamoring for.

Katherine (28)

I don’t need I think I need to say what Katherine’s profession is, but just in case you’re new here, she’s a model. She describes herself as the “outspoken friend” and the loudest in the room. Um, at least she’s self-aware?

Kylisha (24)


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Kylisha is an “entrepreneur” whose unironic catchphrase is to “catch flights not feelings.” One of her businesses that takes her around the world appears to be a luxury concierge service called Life With Opulence, though the account has zero followers.

Too Hot To Handle Episode Release Schedule

Episodes one through four premiere on July 19, 2024.

Episodes five through seven drop on July 26.

The finale three episodes will be available on August 2 for a total of ten episodes.

What’s different about Too Hot To Handle season 6?

Too Hot To Handle Netflix Poster
Image Credit: Netflix

This year the cast has not been duped into thinking they were about to join a different fun, new dating reality show, as with other seasons. They’re going into THTH knowing exactly what they signed up for. They also will have to deal with “Bad Lana” to get the “new prize.” Dun, dun, dun.

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