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The Only 'Love Island' Season 6 Casa Amor Cheat Sheet You'll Ever Need

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and I’m talking about something a little less wholesome than Saint Nick’s big night out. Love Island USA season 6 has officially reached Casa Amor: the infamous mid-season twist where loved-up Islanders are split from their current partners and sent to an entirely different villa to test the strength of their budding relationships with a brand new batch of fresh meat. At the end of the week, Ariana Madix (wearing an outfit straight off the runway) will reconvene the two disjointed houses into one dysfunctional family again to face the music of how they’ve behaved without their partner’s supervision. Because the gender gap somehow even applies to reality TV fantasy islands, fans have noticed over the years, Love Islanders across the UK and the US, that the male Casa Amor villa is served up the creme de la creme of love-hungry ladies under 30, while the girl’s villa is sent less impressive options. Alas, we still need a rundown of every new player in the game because some of these newbies are going to be main characters in just a few episodes. Here’s a full list of every Love Island USA season 6 Casa Amor Islander and who they’re trying to steal.

Love Island USA season 6 Casa Amor Girls

Destiny Herzog (22)


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Destiny is a European-born travel girlie/model who loves scary movies and fashion including D.O.D. (dick on denim, trademark Rob). Even though she’s hit 20 countries all over the world, she’s still never met a man as charmingly “hard to read” as Rob before. It seems highly likely that Destiny will return to the main villa by the way these two are eyeing each other between awkward silences. Kenny also expressed interest, but Kenny hasn’t forgotten about JaNa… yet.

Sierra Mills (22)

Sierra is an administrative assistant for a tech company but she dabbles in DJing on the side under the tag Lil Cici. She is Miguel’s favorite option (out of a handful), so it feels fair to assume she’ll spin her way into the main villa.

Sydney Leighton (24)


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Sydney is a Brooklyn girl who likes to rave in warehouses. The self-proclaimed “hot mess express” hasn’t caught anyone’s attention quite yet.

Catherine Marshall (24)


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Catherine is a personal assistant from Scottsdale, Arizona who warns the girls to be scared because she’s hot and has a high sex drive. Message received! Catherine seems to be clicking with many guys in the group and seems motivated to get chose. Kendall feels like an easy target since this lads’ holiday has made his connection with Nicole seem like a long-lost memory.

Daia McGhee (27)


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From the moment she enters the villa, Daia makes it clear she has her heart (and hands) set on Kordell. She’s a photographer who has lived all over from London to Bali. I’d bet my bottom dollar that Kordell’s existing relationship with Serena is going to live shorter than the hemline on Daia’s green crotchet short-shorts. Sorry Serena love, should’ve locked him down sooner.

Daniela Ortiz Rivera (22)

Daniela is a Florida girl who grew up in Puerto Rico and is thus fluent in Spanish. The moment she and Aaron started bantering in a different language I became worried for Kaylor. The moment they kissed outside of the challenge on night one (?!?!?) I became livid for Kaylor. Always pick the bear.

Love Island USA season 6 Casa Amor Boys

Jacobi Graham (23)


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This personal trainer who lives in Texas is essentially a walking bicep. He starts off flirting with Serena and JaNa but since Serena is now suddenly head over heels for Kordell, JaNa will have the clear to make him a permanent member of the group.

Caine Bacon (28)


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I’m all about sprinkling in a British accent here or there but formel oil rig worker Caine still lives in the UK so really what are we really doing here? I’d honestly believe he was pulled from the season 11 of Love Island UK backup pile. He may win over Nicole enough to keep him around because telling a girl she’s identical to your ex is somehow considered complimentary on Love Island.

Ignacio Ferrari (28)


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Ignacio is an Argentinian king who apologizes for English being his second language to Portuguese but luckily his sparkly eyes and waifish jawline don’t need translation. His only red flags are that earring and being a Pisces. He loved his initial kiss with Kaylor, but she’s too busy staying loyal to Arron which seems unlikely to change. Leah is his second choice and she’s def gonna snag someone.

Jalen Oliver (24)


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Jalen announces that “girls typically get obsessed with [him]” though the claim has not been verified by independent sources. He’s open to finding love but he hasn’t found an instant spark in The Villa upon arrival.

Josiah Roebuck (25)

In another bold claim, Josiah from St. Thomas leads with the fact that anywhere he goes he’s usually “the best-looking person there.” He later reveals to JaNa that he intentionally dated two women at the same time, one her for “heart” and one for her “brains” but made up for it by apologizing. So IDK, maybe he should be the best-looking man in jail because that is simply an unforgivably heinous crime. It doesn’t seem like any of the female Islanders have fallen for his shtick.

George Vining (23)


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George is a surgeon to be from Athens (Georgia not Greece) who wants to change the world. He seems sweet, but it doesn’t look like he’s going to make much change in The Villa, sadly.


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