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We Got All The Tea On 'Love Island UK's' Favorite Villain Harriet Blackmore

You could say that the eleventh season of Love Island UK is off to a rocky start, but that would be putting it pretty lightly. If Davide called Ekin Su an actress, he would’ve called half the season 11 girls in The Villa BAFTA lifetime achievers. To be fair they’re making up for the fact that most of the guys are literally just there. Don’t get me wrong, half of the reason I come is for the drama. But can a girl get a tiny bit of love, too? As a treat?? The reigning drama queen of this year so far is without a doubt, Harriet Blackmore. As soon as I saw miss girl bat her XL falsies during Maya Jama’s welcoming speech, I knew Harriet was going to be trouble (well, actually as soon as I started being able to tell Harriet, Nicole, and Samantha apart, but that’s neither here nor there). Harriet did say she was going to bring the drama this season and oh boy, did she deliver. Here’s every bloody detail we could find to answer the public’s burning question: who is Love Island UK’s Harriet Blackmore?

How old is Harriet from Love Island?

Harriet is 24 years young, and boy does that youth pop out during Island drama.

What is Harriet Blackmore’s job?

The Brighton native works as a dance teacher as her day job. She also has a side hustle as a private luxury shopper for the “rich and famous.” Swiping for designer styles on someone else’s black card is the perfect retail therapy for Harriet’s glam “princess” lifestyle where “always gets what she wants.”

Who is Harriet’s ex before Love Island?

Harriet got voted as the Island with the least girlfriend material since she admitted to being single only four months before joining the show. She was dating a UK normie named Josh Curling three years before they broke up in January 2024, according to the v reputable Sun. They briefly got back together this spring, but never made it official, and Harriet apparently never told him she’d be heading off to Love Island before she dipped. I’m sure that was a fun surprise!

Who has Harriet coupled up with on Love Island?


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Harriet was originally coupled up with 21-year-old rugby boy Ciaran Davies, since he was also voted the least boyfriend potential. At the first recoupling Ciaran and Harriet rematched. By the time of the second, Harriet and Ciaran had gotten into multiple dust-ups. She was livid at Ciaran for taking another female Islander, Nicole, into the Hideaway for a friendly chat. Harriet ruffled multiple couples’ feathers when she decided to give Ciaran “a taste of his own medicine” by bringing bombshell Joey Essex to the Hideaway terrace herself. After briefly making up, Harriet started to get annoyed Ciaran was showing growing interest in her bestie Nicole. When Ciaran was asked on the spot in front of everyone if he liked Nicole more, he simply replied “Yes. Is that all?” That was definitely not the most sensitive choice of words, but it probably didn’t merit Harriet’s nuclear meltdown across The Villa I’m certain could be heard from the English Channel. Needless to say at the next recoupling, Ciaran chose Nicole. Harriet got saved by Eric, who has been thirsting after her since the very beginning to no avail (giving very much Anton vibes). She also managed to make a flattering appearance in Ross’ recoupling speech… to Jess. Yikes.

Harriet Blackmore Cosmetic Surgery Before And After

Fans were a little surprised when old videos of Harriet started resurfacing since her appearance on Love Island. In the video, the reality star’s facial structure does look slightly different, but it was taken years ago in 2022. Thus, while there’s much speculation about plastic surgery or fillers, there’s zero confirmation on what, if any, cosmetic procedures Harriet may have chosen to have done. Harriet likes to share, a LOT, so I’m sure she’ll tell the world everything she feels they need to know about her beauty journey when she’s out of The Villa.

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