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Ariana's 'Love Island' Looks Are So Insanely Hot, We're Cranking The AC

The best part of obsessing over season 6 of Love Island USA (other than the comically ridiculous Leah and Rob drama) is constantly picking my jaw up off the floor every time Ariana Madix walks through the Villa doors. The tone of a reality show is historically set by the host, and the vibe Ms. Madix is putting out there is very much that revenge is a dish best served with rock-solid abs. If I was stranded on a desert island, I would hope I packed some sparkly looks straight off the runway because if I’m going to die of starvation even if I’m all alone, I’d prefer to do it in style. That, and a few monstrously sexy reads to keep me booked and busy (pun intended) until my fellow Islanders came to my rescue. To the costume designer of Love Island USA: you are an icon, legend, and the moment. Ranking Ariana Madix’s best Love Island looks isn’t easy but by George! I think we’ve done it.

5. Dripping In Gold

Ariana Madix Gold Dress Love Island USA
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This liquid gold number set the tone for the windfall of incredible looks to come throughout Ariana’s drive bys in The Villa. Revenge dress? How about revenge wardrobe? She’s giving VS Angel, Greek goddess, and homicidal Game of Thrones mystical temptress all at once.

4. 13 Going On 30 

Ariana Madix Colorful Dress Love Island USA
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Pretty sure I speak for every romcom die-hard out there when I say this dress instantly made me think of Jenna Rink. This neon chainmail mini is cute as a button. I think Sophie Monk from Love Island Australia should borrow it next, it’s  v up her alley.

3. The Lingerie Party

Ariana Madix Lingerie Party Outfit
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Really hope EMS was on site when all the boys snapped their necks trying to figure out if Ariana was a bombshell stomping into the villa with knee-high lace-up sandals the night of the lingerie challenge. She’s serving body and drama in historic proportions so I think I have to ask at least once: has anyone checked on S*ndoval?

2. Pink Panther Energy

Ariana Madix Pink Bedazzled Gown
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Pink is a universally flattering color, but my, my, my, does Ariana make it look like it was made just for her. This drool-worthy illusion gown feels playful with tropical flowers but still expensive AF due to the intricate beading. Shoutout to her HMUA for taking the look to the next level with that swirly ponytail. Whoever manufactures this girl’s hair extensions needs a Nobel Prize ASAP.

1. Sheer Starry Night

Ariana Madix star dress
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There is unfortunately no better word to summarize how fantastic this look is more efficiently than slay. Actually, big fucking slay works too. The shimmery star design of this surely hand-stoned dress looks like an NSFW Van Gogh painting. Ariana had the longer version of the gown customized into a mini and this serves as finite proof sometimes less is more.

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