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How To Ruin A Man In 14 TikToks: Breaking Down The Brooke Schofield And Clinton Kane Drama

Who TF did Brooke Schofield marry? Not Clinton Kane, thank heavens, but two years ago, she did date the completely unhinged and evil pathological liar and gaslighter — who also happens to be a successful singer. When I stumbled upon Brooke’s bazillion TikToks detailing all the Clinton drama yesterday, I almost shed a joyful tear. I couldn’t stop beaming as my queen finally ruined that fake Australian villain, revelation by revelation, roast by roast, little gleeful grin by little gleeful grin. Karma’s the guy on the chiefs, sure, but karma’s also a bitch, so Clinton shoulda known better. Is he not aware that all girls are CIA-level detectives? This bitch didn’t stand a chance.

If you didn’t watch all of Brooke’s TikToks or you’re just still feeling confused about the situation, let me guide you through this thrilling and disturbing journey. Here’s a full breakdown of the Brooke Schofield and Clinton Kane drama, including a list of every lie he told her during their relationship. The tea has never been so boiling.

What Did Clinton Kane Do To Brooke Schofield?


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What Happened Between Brooke Schofield And Clinton Kane?

You simply must watch Brooke’s 14-part TikTok series to get the full insane tale. However, I shall attempt to summarize as best I can! Basically, Brooke was a fan of Clinton’s music but wasn’t attracted to him at all. The musician invited her to his concert twice and kept pursuing her until she eventually ended up seeing him as hot and dating him. (We’ve all been there.) The whole time they were in a relationship, Clinton was lying to Brooke and the world about his identity, age, childhood, personal life, and more. Most significantly, he said that he was from Australia and that his whole family was dead. Casual. Clinton also emotionally abused Brooke, love-bombing her, then keeping her isolated with him all the time, and always yelling at her about how she made his “trauma” worse. (Ya know, the nonexistent trauma.)

Brooke admits that she overlooked a lot of red flags because she was “unmedicated” at the time. But still, she grew more and more suspicious of her boyfriend throughout their relationship, and she did a little girly digging toward the end and discovered that his mom and brother were alive and well, and that he was definitely not from Australia. Of course, Brooke needed time to process and heal after the whole ordeal, so she’s never gone into detail before now. But after Clinton posted a TikTok accusing her of still “yapping” about the relationship two years later, she said, “Oh, I’ll show you yapping,” and told us Absolutely. Everything.

Please see a comprehensive list of Clinton’s lies below! These are just the ones Brooke mentioned in her recent TikToks.

What Lies Did Clinton Kane Tell To Brooke Schofield?


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A Formal List, Based On My Notes From The TikTok Docuseries:

  1. He claimed to be from Perth, Australia. He’s from Brunei.
  2. He lied about his age and is three years younger than he initially told her.
  3. Clinton told her his mom, dad, and brother all died within a year. His father is dead, but his mother and brother are very much alive and kicking.
  4. He said that he had to attend all their funerals on Zoom because it all happened during Covid. There have been no funerals for his mom or brother, obviously!
  5. He had a bunch of different stories about how his mother “died.” She fell down the stairs, they had to pull the plug when she was in a coma, etc.
  6. He told her that his mother was Norwegian and blonde — Brooke says she is Asian.
  7. He said that his mother would leave for months at a time when he was young because when she wasn’t being a pastor at Hillsong (iconic), she had so many fancy businesses to take care of!
  8. Clinton said he grew up super rich in an eight-bedroom house on the beach and had lots of nannies and maids tending to him. Okay, that kind of delulu is fun.
  9. He said that the girl he wrote “I’m In Love” about cheated on him. In fact, he cheated on her with roughly 15 women.
  10. When he first tried to fly out Brooke to dinner, he was actively dating the “I’m In Love” girl.
  11. To no one’s surprise, he pretended to loyal while he was cheating on Brooke with many other women.

We need a Netflix drama based on this story ASAP.

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