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The ‘Summer House’ Reunion Looks Just Knocked Me On My Ass

Did the cast of Summer House take a field trip to see Dune right before the season 8 reunion? Because these sexy, sandy, gauzy pieces are perfectly fit to sandwalk with Timmy and Zendaya around the desert. I don’t think there’s been a Bravo reunion in history where every single look hits, and while this is no exception, this may be the closest case of 10s across the board we’ve seen in a long time. I’m gonna just say it: this is the hottest cast on Bravo. It’s ironic that the group’s visual synergy is off the charts when it has been the most tumultuous season yet, with Kyle and Amanda barely seeming married, Carl and Lindsay not getting married and some serious fuckboy energy threatening West and Ciara’s not-so-relationship from clearing the friend zone. At least all the girls are getting along (with the possible exception of one CEO and founder). In fact, maybe the extreme level of girl power fueling the Summer House (but that somehow didn’t make its way to Ariana’s friend group) is to blame for the excessive stunting at the Summer House reunion? Or Bravo upped their glam budget. Either way, we’re grateful for these Summer House season 8 reunion looks that are more mesmerizing than Rebecca Ferguson’s ancient Bene Gesserit language and are giving us more life than spice.

The Summer House Reunion Looks Ranked

Let’s start with the men.

#4: Kyle Cooke

Kyle Cooke
Image Credit: Bravo

Anyone unironically sporting a mullet is automatically landing last on my list about fashion, sorry not sorry. Aside from that, the olive green of the suit is nice even if there’s something a little bit off about the fit of the blazer.

#3: Carl Radke

Carl Radke
Image Credit: Bravo

Wow, SUCH a huge coincidence that the two most problematic men on the list ended up as the two worst-dressed (lol). But I genuinely swear I’m being as unbiased as possible when I say that Carl wearing a white undershirt and a jacket that he may or may not have borrowed from Sharon’s closet is not cutting it. This is also a lot of white for anywhere other than a cabana at Surf Lodge. Cute shoes though, my guy.

#2: Jesse Solomon

Jesse Solomon
Image Credit: Bravo

It’s probably hard for Jesse to not look good, but this classic khaki-colored slim fit suit looks like a dream, even if its not especially inspired.

#1: West Wilson

West Wilson
Image Credit: Bravo

West is intentionally trying to drive the Gen Z girlies in the West Village wild with this one, and he’s absolutely succeeding. It’s expensive, trendy, and understated all at the same time and no I don’t have a problem with his undershirt usage, sue me.

And onto the women…

#6: Danielle Olivera

Danielle Olivera
Image Credit: Bravo

It was a tough crowd, and someone had to be last. That being said, Danielle’s look isn’t awful by any means but it’s also just not working. She’s giving Old Hollywood glamour from the neck up but gilded beach cover-up from the shoulders down. I’d have paired a wet dewy natural beat (a favorite of Kourtney Kardashian who inspired Danielle for this look) to balance out the structure of the dress and a tall open-toed heel to give it some space to breathe.

#5: Ciara Miller

Ciara Miller
Image Credit: Bravo

Ciara looks hot as hell but she also looks like she ran into a paper shredder. The label is “UNDONE” by Kate so that definitely tracks but her vibe is altogether lacking a little polish for an occasion like this even if she looks straight off the runway.

#4: Paige DeSorbo

Paige DeSorbo
Image Credit: Bravo

This cream sheath with a mesh moment is a little bit of a phone-it-in choice if not for her abs, but it’s hard to be mad at. Paige is the resident Amazon fashion girlie but it does often seem I’m either bored or blinking to make sure it’s real when it comes to her bigger red carpet moments.

#3: Gabby Prescod

Gabby Prescod
Image Credit: Bravo

Gabby also played with a really creative silhouette that is wildly flattering despite its unconventional cutouts. Something about the draping is simply magical. But the beading around the neckline is reminding me of Countless LuAnn’s statement necklaces, I fear.

#2: Lindsay Hubbard

Lindsay Hubbard
Image Credit: Bravo

Talk about beautiful draping. The genius of this look is that it’s so subdued and refined that it makes a huge statement. The simplicity of the dress allows her face to do talking and I’m pretty sure the message is I’m so over you.

#1: Amanda Batula

Amanda Batula
Image Credit: Bravo

I was hesitant to place Amanda at number one not because this look is anything less than streamlined excellence but because I feel like she’s served this up on a flatter a few times before. But after zeroing in on the perfect gold accessories, the glowy makeup perfection, and the subtle sheen of the dress when it catches the light, I could do nothing but clap.

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