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New Dream Couple Alert: Reneé Rapp and Rachel Sennott Are Apparently Besties

Reneé Rapp and Rachel Sennott went full “Actors on Actors” with each other — well, comedian on musician — in the latest episode of Close Friends Only, Instagram’s podcast, where they spilled all the tea. Of course, the girls, the gays, and the theys lost their mind — just from the teaser. And who blames them? I was certainly seated to hear Mother 1 and 2 speak.

Reneé Rapp has solidified herself as a queer icon, from her role as preppy lesbian Leighton in The Sex Lives of College Girls to portraying the most gay-coded Regina George in Mean Girls. And Rachel Sennott certainly secured her place on gay Twitter with her role in Bottoms and Shiva Baby. So, this episode dropping right before the end of Pride month feels like a goddamn gift.

The two spill on everything — from admitting they’re each others friend crushes to sharing painful theater kid memories. (Like, literally Rachel does a cover of Reneé’s song “Snow Angel” musical theater-style.) As well as astrology, flirting, dating apps, celeb crushes, and more. Here’s everything I learned from eavesdropping on their convo.

Everything Reneé Rapp and Rachel Sennott Talked About On ‘Close Friends Only’

Reneé and Rachel on Close Friends Only
Image Credit: Courtesy of Instagram

Reneé and Rachel talk dating apps 

Both agree that Instagram is better to flirt on than any dating app. I mean, it would probably be pretty awkward not to give the social platform a shout-out while recording in IG headquarters… But I’ll allow it because it’s sooo true.

“I’ve never done a dating app,” Reneé said without a hint of irony. What’s it like being god’s favorite, Reneé?

“It scares the shit out of me,” she added. “I’m not a small talk girl.” LOL as if the Mean Girls press tour wasn’t already indication of that.

Still, the girlies are discreet about sliding into DMs. For Rachel, she’s giving her crush a follow and one, single like. “It feels pretty direct,” she joked.

Who am I to judge? I still think eye contact counts as flirting.

Wait… Is Reneé Rapp single? Who is Reneé Rapp dating?! 

Unfortunately for the fellow queers in the room, Reneé is happily dating Towa Bird (and plans to perform together at the All Things Go festival in NYC). But I’m still making a note that she’s not a fan of small talk just in case situations change. And as a studious journalist, I also scribbled down some insights into the good-tits-big-hearted star — for scientific purposes, of course.

Reneé Rapp’s celebrity crush?

Mark Cuban. I’m dead serious. Apparently, Reneé’s lineup of hall passes are all men. I’m as shocked as you are. But as a bisexual, I kinda get it.

Has Reneé Rapp dated anyone she met online? 

There’s some hope for those of us who found her public finsta. “I’ve met people I’ve dated over Instagram, which never ends well,” she admitted. I volunteer as her next mistake!

Reneé and Rachel talk life in the public eye 

As full blown celebrities, naturally the two have finstas (aka secret Insta accounts) where they can post the real shit and not just red carpet and PR stuff.

Each has their own strategy when it comes to what they’re willing to share online. “I’m still posting on it for appearances, but I use to post tea,” Rachel says with a sigh. Now, she posts pics of the oatmeal she’s eating. But her main account? She’s willing to go further. “Boob is on main,” she confirms.

Reneé approaches social media a little differently with a public finsta account. My first thought? Show it to me, Rachel!! After a quick google search, a Reneé Rapp dedicated Reddit account divulged the not-so-secret secret by divulging a  hint: “It’s a tummy hurts lyric.” Since, I’m less annoying about it, it’s @goodtitsbigheart. Apparently 259,000 people knew about it before me. Cool.

Is Reneé Rapp dropping a new album? 

Uh, yes!! She casually sprinkled in this little update during her chat with Rachel. The album is a work in progress about the last year of her life.

“[Age] 23 to 24 has been a massive difference for me,” Reneé clarified. “It’s also about, like, a reflection on my, like, 23rd year specifically.”

Rachel, who is currently 28, agreed that 23 “is fucking crazy.” Preach! “It was like the most insane year of my life. But it’s also, like, you kind of have a crazy glow-up that year because you shed everything. You’re in constant chaos. And then what’s really crazy is when you hit the Saturn return, which is what I’m at right now. It starts at 27. Things you thought you learned at 23 come back around.”

In case you were wondering, Rachel is a Virgo. And Reneé? Full blown Capricorn.

Is Rachel Sennott planning on making a Bottoms 2? 

Ugh, I wish! Her focus is on her new show, an untitled project about a codependent group of friends (relatable). Guess I’ll just have to watch this podcast episode on repeat to feel things.

Worried I skipped any of the good stuff? Watch the full video here, or on any streaming platforms including Spotify, iHeartRadio and Apple Podcasts.

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