The Betchelor

The Betchelor
Can we steal you for a sec? Because you need to listen to The Betchelor, a Bachelor recap podcast hosted by Kay Brown and Jared Freid. This weekly podcast follows all the latest episodes and makes fun of all the ridiculous things the contestants say and do — because, honestly, why else watch the show if not for the commentary?

Latest Episodes

Where to Start

The Truth Box & Beach Talks (BiP Season 9 Ep. 4)

We’re back in paradise and the drama just doesn't stop. Kay and Jared break down week four, starting off with the ever-looming finale on the poo-baby saga. Then with the arrival of two new men plus the introduction of a dramatic truth box, the temperature on the beach keeps rising and rising. Follow us on @thebetchelor on IG!

Gerry's In A Pickle (Golden Bachelor Ep. 4)

Jared and Kay breakdown this episode from the pickleball tournament, to Susan getting a crystal. We're reminded of the OG franchise when we see Schlubby Joey, and seeing him made us all realize we only want Golden Bachelor moving forward. Kathy has zip-it energy and we saw the moment Gerry was done with her. Oh and apparently, Sandra is missing her daughters wedding... and that's a red flag right? And something no one ever saw coming but Kay cried when Gerry gifted Susan a rose quartz. We all will miss April and her hair trinkets. Follow us at @thebetchelor on IG!

Shock, Awe and Boredom: Love Is Blind Finale

Well this season went out on a whisper. Kay and Sam take this episode to commiserate on how fall we have fallen since season 1. We have two couples, both doomed from the beginning and Netflix frankly wasted our time. Hopefully the reunion delivers because if not, what a wash of a season. Follow along at @thebetchelor on IG!

The Hosts

Kay Brown
Kay Brown is an L.A.-based social media expert who has a love/hate relationship with The Bachelor. Other talents include making jokes at her own expense.
Jared Freid
Jared Freid is a New York City-based comedian who sounds like he’s screaming but he’s just really excited to dive into your dating issues!

Featured Guests

Mike Johnson
Ben Higgins
Ashley Iaconetti


Funny and good takes!
“They are funny and also have good takes on what’s going on in the bachelor world! Anything betches media does is great! Would recommend!”
“My bf and I listen to this every week after the new Bach episode and are in tears laughing.”
Giving me LIFE!
“These hosts give me LIFE! Always cracking me up and saying my thoughts on the show out loud. 10/10 would recommend to a friend. Keep these episodes coming!”