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So Bad It's Good
When culture pops, so does Ryan Bailey. On So Bad It's Good, a daily podcast presented by Betches Media, Ryan dissects the best (and worst) entertainment has to offer, welcoming special guests to chat about all the latest headlines, big TV moments (past and present), and literally every scandal, feud, or Hollywood controversy that’s made us lose our shit. (We’re looking at you, Tom Sandoval.)

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Ryan Bailey
Ryan Bailey is an actor, host and creator of the hit iHeart radio podcast So Bad It’s Good with Ryan Bailey. Growing up in Kansas, Ryan was always taken by pop culture and the ins and outs of Hollywood. After graduating from the Arizona State University, (the Harvard of the west) Ryan went straight to Los Angeles to start a career in acting and directing. He gained notoriety in guest starring roles in shows like: The Office, How I Met Your Mother, Tosh.0 and a plethora of horrible Lifetime movies. He started So Bad It’s Good as a love letter to pop culture, catapulting him to one of the top pop culture analysts having appeared in the The NY Times, Washington Post, Vogue and Page Six.