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Oversharing from Betches Media is all about the challenges we face in all kinds of relationships; from friendships to family, long term partnerships or even dealing with the customer service rep that makes you want to scream into a pillow. Betches co-founder and relationship enthusiast Jordana Abraham has teamed up with her big sister, licensed clinical therapist Dr. Naomi Bernstein, to answer your questions and try to get to the bottom of the things that bother us most. Think of Jordana and Dr. Naomi as your BFF and your therapist, sitting side-by-side at the brunch table trying to help you get through your problems. Each week they’re responding to listener emails, tackling difficult ethical questions, playing games, and so much more. Because sometimes we really need advice from people with no skin in the game. And let’s face it, your friends can’t stand to hear that story one more time.

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Jordana Abraham

Jordana Abraham is a co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer of Betches who enjoys dispensing advice on all things relationships. In her free time she can be found roasting Christmas trees and watching very bad reality TV. She also co-hosts @Betches and Betches Brides podcasts.

Dr. Naomi Bernstein

Dr. Naomi Bernstein is a licensed therapist specializing in couple's therapy, marriage counseling and relationship issues such as break-ups and unhealthy relationship patterns.

Where to Start

How To Move Past A Moment Of Rejection

Did you wait all day for Taylor Swift tickets, only to have your dreams dashed? Same. Jordana and Naomi talk about the Taylor Swift presale fiasco and tell us why it’s okay to feel frustration and disappointment about something as trivial as concert tickets. Then a previous emailer writes in with an update about clearing the air with her future sisters-in-law over feelings of exclusion. Communication is key, as they say. Another emailer writes in to ask how to deal with feelings of disappointment after getting rejected from a dream job. How do you move past rejection when everyone around you knows how much you wanted it? The Betchicist question comes from a listener who can’t help but overshare her story of growing up with an alcoholic father whenever the subject comes up. Is it better to let the floodgates of honesty stay open even though it may make people uncomfortable, or shut it down at the risk of returning to a place of secrecy? Next, they respond to an Intentions email from someone who is learning to trust their own decision-making. Finally, the Triggered scenarios involve the desire to “own” your anniversary weekend, and a brother-in-law who doesn’t even know your name. Check out our latest promo codes here: https://betches.com/promos Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

Is It Okay That I Want My Partner To Make More Money?

Dr. Naomi is back from the top bunk at sleep-away camp and Jordana finds out how it went (the white noise machine in the moms cabin was working overtime). Then a listener calls into the Oversharing hotline with a voicemail about setting boundaries with her boyfriend’s mom now that they’re living in the same town. What should you do when you suddenly get stuck answering all the tough questions on behalf of your partner? An emailer asks what to do about her husband declaring his intent to quit his corporate job and become a teacher. How does she come to terms with the lifestyle change that will coincide with his pursuit of a fulfilling career? Next, it’s time for some intention-setting: a listener writes in asking for guidance on properly setting intentions, including how to let the little comments go and shift your thoughts when you start to think the worst is going to happen. Finally, they dig into some Triggered scenarios involving disparaging work-from-home comments and an insensitive roommate in your time of need. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

Will I Ever Find My Happy Ending?

It’s only been a week and Jordana’s social media break is over, leading to a conversation about feeling triggered by other people’s IG posts. Then they dive into an email from a listener who regrets her life choices from the past decade and feels like her chance at happiness is already over by her mid-30’s. How do we rewrite our own story and take control of our destiny without getting discouraged? Next, the Betchicist email is all about reaching back out to someone you have wronged. When is it okay to be the ex who pops back in with an apology? Finally, they tackle some Triggered questions about an airline seat dispute, a mother who won’t listen, and a tardy engagement gift. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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Think of Jordana and Dr. Naomi as your BFF and your therapist, sitting side-by-side at the brunch table trying to help you get through your problems. Because sometimes we really need advice from people with no skin in the game. And let’s face it, your friends can’t stand to hear that story one more time.

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