Not Another True Crime

Not Another True Crime
On Betches Media's Not Another True Crime Podcast, hosts Danny Murphy and Sara Levine are your partners in wine, crime, and time as they recap the buzziest true crime documentaries and travel back in history to discuss little-known crimes from the past.

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Willy's Chocolate Experience - AKA The Fyre Fest Of Chocolate Factories

Sara and Danny are back for the final time, to cover Willy's Chocolate Experience in Glasgow - an event organized by a company named House of Illuminati, that was giving more Fyre Fest than "Pure Imagination." Sara and Danny get into it all, from the AI generated, spelling error-riddled poster, to the off-brand character of The Unknown (a terrifying masked figure who "lives in the walls"), and an Oompa Loompa who appeared to wish she were literally anywhere else but there. Event attendees complained that they didn't quite get what they paid £35 for, and even called the police to complain, although whether or not anything illegal actually occurred remains to be seen. Thank you to all the listeners who have been with us along the way, from our first episode (fittingly about the actual Fyre Fest), to now. Follow Danny @kashmeredanny Follow Sara @saralememe Source:

The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum Heist Ft. Josh Gondelman

This week, Sara is joined by writer and comedian Josh Gondelman to cover a story from his hometown of Boston: the still-unsolved Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum heist. In 1990, two thieves dressed as policemen walked into the museum in the middle of the night, and carried out the single largest property theft in the world, stealing 13 paintings valued at $500 million. Despite having several mob-affiliated suspects, the pieces were never recovered, and the case went cold. SOURCES:

Steve Comisar: Serial Scammer

Sara and Danny are back to cover the self-proclaimed "Jeffrey Dahmer of fraud,” Steve Comisar. But first, Sara shares a self-imposed scam of her own, with a recent Uber Pool trip that went off the rails. Then, they get into the extensive grifting resume of Beverly Hills conman Steve Comisar, who shilled everything from solar-powered clothes dryers, to diet pills, to oil wells - and even scammed an 84 year old man out if $500k. Several prison stints and failed attempts at becoming a Hollywood actor later, Comisar is finally pursuing the most noble profession of all: true crime podcasting. SOURCES:

The Hosts

Sara Levine
Sara Levine is the co-host of Not Another True Crime. Her hobbies are whichever season of Real Housewives she’s watching.
Danny Murphy
Danny Murphy is a comedian and coffee drinker who hosts Not Another True Crime for Betches. He also can be heard every Wednesday as the resident pop culture host on Sirius XM’s Bennington and is the host/creator of the digital series Venti Vents, where caffeinating meets complaining.

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“Love you guys so much. The content and commentary is spot on. I love crime but I neeeed the comedy mixed in because I’m a Scorpio and my only sense of humor is dark. ”
Like catching up with friends
“Every Monday I listen to NATCP and I feel like I am catching up with friends talking about crime and conspiracies over coffee.”
“It’s —-not another—- true crime podcast! It’s not the same as others (which I also like). This is TRULY like doing a rundown of a case with your friends sitting around. The hosts are great and hilarious! The fan base is as well.”