Not Another True Crime

Not Another True Crime
On Betches Media's Not Another True Crime Podcast, hosts Danny Murphy and Sara Levine are your partners in wine, crime, and time as they recap the buzziest true crime documentaries and travel back in history to discuss little-known crimes from the past.

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Ferdinand Ward: the Best-Hated Man in the United States

Sara & Danny are back with a conman from New York history, Ferdinand Ward, who earned himself a reputation worthy of the nickname "Young Napoleon of Finance" - and eventually, the "Best-Hated Man" in the country. Sara and Danny dive into his early scams and how he leveled up into a bank-collapsing Ponzi scheme that landed him in Sing Sing - but that still wasn't the end of his misdeeds. RESOURCES: A Disposition to Be Rich: Ferdinand Ward, the Greatest Swindler of the Gilded Age by Geoffrey Ward “Read all about Geneseo’s dirty rotten scoundrel” - Livingston County News Check out our latest promo codes here:

Cassie Chadwick: A Scammer Of Many Names

This week, Sara and Danny cover Cassie Chadwick, aka Betty Bigley, aka Madam Marie Rosa, aka Madame Lydia Devere - a scammer with an unbelievable track record of defrauding banks and millionaires. They get into her many crimes and identities and the immense amount of money she got away with swindling, all the way to her ultimate demise. RESOURCES: Crime in Cleveland Cassie Chadwick: The Con Artist of Millionaires’ Row CLEVELAND: THE BEST KEPT SECRET by George E. Condon Check out our latest promo codes here:

The Villisca Ax Murders

Sara and Danny cover a still-unsolved mass murder from 1912, where a family of six and two guests were bludgeoned to death in their Villisca, Iowa home. They get into the events leading up to the murders, the investigation, and the three major suspects - one of whom may have been a serial killer. RESOURCES:

The Hosts

Sara Levine
Sara Levine is the co-host of Not Another True Crime. Her hobbies are whichever season of Real Housewives she’s watching.
Danny Murphy
Danny Murphy is a comedian and coffee drinker who hosts Not Another True Crime for Betches. He also can be heard every Wednesday as the resident pop culture host on Sirius XM’s Bennington and is the host/creator of the digital series Venti Vents, where caffeinating meets complaining.

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“Love you guys so much. The content and commentary is spot on. I love crime but I neeeed the comedy mixed in because I’m a Scorpio and my only sense of humor is dark. ”
Like catching up with friends
“Every Monday I listen to NATCP and I feel like I am catching up with friends talking about crime and conspiracies over coffee.”
“It’s —-not another—- true crime podcast! It’s not the same as others (which I also like). This is TRULY like doing a rundown of a case with your friends sitting around. The hosts are great and hilarious! The fan base is as well.”