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Morning Announcements

Morning Announcements is a daily show brought to you by the Betches Sup, here to help you make sense of the world in the wake of 2020’s chaos. Every morning, Betches co-founder and host Sami Sage gives you quick daily updates with the most important info you need to know about politics and current events.

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Sami Sage

Sami Sage is a cofounder and Chief Creative Officer at Betches. She’s the host of the @ Betches, Betches Sup and Morning Announcements podcasts and in her spare time likes to scroll on her phone and stare at her dogs, Bruce Bader Ginsburg and Larry David.

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Monday, August 15th, 2022

Today's headlines: The most recent updates in the Mar-a-Lago Trump search have been revealed. Meanwhile, the FBI and DHS have warned that threats towards federal law enforcement have skyrocketed since the Mar-a-Lago search, as armed Trump supporters have staged a protest outside the FBI office in Phoenix. Finally, a man has fatally shot himself following a car crash into a barricade near the Capitol Building, and Trump’s former Transportation Secretary Elaine Chaom (Mitch McConnell’s wife) has reportedly met with the January 6th Committee. Resources/Articles mentioned this episode: NY Times: Read the Search Warrant for Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Home NY Times: Trump Lawyer Told Justice Dept. That Classified Material Had Been Returned NBC News: FBI and DHS warn threats to federal law enforcement have spiked since Mar-a-Lago search Business insider: Armed Trump supporters protest outside FBI office in Phoenix following Mar-a-Lago raid: reports CNN: Man fatally shoots self after crashing car into barricade near US Capitol Building Twitter: Kyle Griffin Status - NBC News confirms: Ex-Trump Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao — who resigned the day after the Capitol riot — met this month with the Jan. 6 Committee. 

Friday, August 12th, 2022

Today's headlines: Attorney General Merrick Garland spoke for about 2 minutes about the Mar-a-Lago search warrant, and announced that the DOJ has filed a motion to unseal the search warrant and FBI property receipt. The FBI has searched Trump’s home to look for nuclear documents and other items, while Judge Bruce Reinhart has been consistently attacked and doxed by Trump’s base since Monday. Finally, the C.D.C. has eased Covid guidelines, noting that the virus Is ‘Here to Stay,’ while some school districts in rural Texas have been switching to 4 day weeks. Resources/Articles mentioned this episode: NY Times: Read the full transcript of Merrick Garland’s comments on the F.B.I.’s search of Trump’s home. Washington Post: FBI searched Trump’s home to look for nuclear documents and other items, sources say Forward: Judge who approved Trump search warrant attacked for synagogue involvement NY Times: C.D.C. Eases Covid Guidelines, Noting Virus Is ‘Here to Stay’ Texas Tribune: Rural Texas districts struggling to attract teachers are switching to four-day school weeks

Thursday, August 11th, 2022

Today's headlines: Inflation eased in July from a year ago, but energy prices have fallen. Donald Trump has invoked the Fifth Amendment rights and declines to answer questions from the New York attorney general. New reporting has revealed that they had been subpoenaed to turn over surveillance videos from Mar-a-Lago several months ago. Pennsylvania state senator Doug Mastriano met with the January 6th House committee earlier this week and reportedly did not answer a single question, cutting the virtual meeting off after 15 minutes. Finally, the Justice Department charged a member of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, while Alex Jones has apparently shared a nude photo of his own wife with Roger Stone. Resources/Articles mentioned this episode: Washington Post: Inflation eased in July from a year ago, as energy prices fell CNN: Former President Donald Trump invokes Fifth Amendment rights and declines to answer questions from NY attorney general Independent: Department of Justice obtained Mar-a-Lago surveillance tapes after subpoenaing Trump Organization Daily Beast: Trump Ally Doug Mastriano Cuts Off Jan. 6 Interview After Just 15 Mins NY Times: Justice Dept. Charges Iranian in Plot to Kill John Bolton Guardian: Alex Jones sent nude photo of wife to Roger Stone, Sandy Hook lawyer reveals

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Best way to start my day!

I listen to this podcast first thing every morning and love it! It’s the perfect thing to start my day with and it gives a great rundown of the news without being overly dense or hard to follow.

Easy breezy and smart

I love getting a quick hit of news each day. Sami is smart speedy and informative. So glad I can become more informed without listening to news all day.

Instantly part of my routine

Love the quick headlines, witty commentary, and upbeat music. I’m a fan of all things Betches and this latest pod really delivers. It’s the perfect companion to the Sup.

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Morning Announcements

Every morning, Betches co-founder and host Sami Sage gives you quick daily updates with the most important info you need to know about politics and current events.

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