Diet Starts Tomorrow

Diet Starts Tomorrow
Welcome to Diet Starts Tomorrow, a podcast hosted by Emily Lubin and Lauren Hope Krass. In a world where wellness can make you unwell and beauty standards feel anything but standard, Betches Media presents a podcast that digs into the emotional side of well-being. Listen as we shed our former beliefs that made us feel bad about ourselves — we’re looking at you, toxic diet culture — and laugh while doing it. We’re here to amuse your bouche. For more DST, follow us on Instagram @dietstartstomorrow. Come back for seconds and subscribe to get access to early release and ad-free versions of all new episodes, plus bonus subscriber-only episodes of the show. To sign up as a Back for Seconds subscriber head to:

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Latest Episodes

Where to Start

Lauren Goes Back To The Gym

On today’s episode of Diet Starts Tomorrow, Lauren gives Emily an update on her return to the GYM. Even though there was some anxiety about working out in public as someone in a bigger body, Lauren was pleasantly surprised that people at the gym really couldn’t care less. Praise be. We close the episode out with Lauren reviewing her gym goalz which include improved mood, energy, sleep, longevity and more power when it comes to the bane of her existence, subway stairs. Turns out there are plenty of reasons to work out that aren’t weight loss; wish someone told us when we were teens!

Finding Food Freedom After Anorexia Ft. Jackie Goldschneider

On today’s episode of Diet Starts Tomorrow, Emily and Lauren are so thrilled to welcome published author, lawyer turned journalist and Real Housewife Of New Jersey, Jackie Goldschneider to the podcast! She walks us through her many phases of restrictive eating habits which eventually led to a serious case of anorexia. Now in recovery, Jackie shares how she’s been able to better enjoy and experience her life while also commiserating about how it can be triggering to see many of her friends now making the choice to take weight loss drugs. Finally the three close on a fun game of “I’d Try It / I Don’t Buy It” when it comes to the current “wellness” trends. Thank you again Jackie for being so open and vulnerable! Check out her memoir “The Weight Of Beautiful” available everywhere books are sold. 

Do I Actually Need To Take My Vitamins?

On today’s episode of Diet Starts Tomorrow, Emily and Lauren are chatting about lipid panels and all the feels that come up when you have to get your blood drawn. Don't worry, according to Lauren's therapist, it's normal to feel like your 8 year old self when the needles come out. Then, they talk about taking vitamins and how epically confusing it all is especially for women in their 30’s who want to stay on top of their health. Finally, they close us out with a Taste Test of some allegedly nutrient dense chewable vitamins. (No, not gummies unfortunately.) Tune in to hear their reactions to what it actually tastes like to chew on some turmeric and ginger.

The Hosts

Emily Lubin
Emily Lubin is a comedian and podcaster living in New York City. She is the co-host of Diet Starts Tomorrow by Betches Media, as well as the co-host of The Hot Mess Comedy Hour, and host of her own podcast, RIP Diets. Emily is extremely passionate about anti-diet nutrition, body neutrality, and the fat acceptance movement.
Lauren Hope Krass
Lauren Hope Krass is the co-host, producer and content manager for Diet Starts Tomorrow as well as a hilarious body positive stand up comedian who performs locally in nyc as well as nationwide. In her free time she can be found daydreaming about Spain, watching too many cat videos and of course eating cheese. Give her cheese.

Featured Guests

Mindy Kaling
Shay Mitchell
Katie Sturino


Just Keeps Getting Better
“Remi and Emily make me feel like I'm having a conversation with a close friend. These ladies are fantastic. This podcast is such a light in my week!”
I Keep Coming Back For More
“I am so happy to have found Remy and Emily, because I've never found a podcast more entertaining, informative, and relatable. Like, I have never felt so seen — the way these women's experiences mirror mine is UNCANNY.”
Thank You For Sharing Your Journey
“Thank you Sami and Aleen for your vulnerability in sharing on DST. It’s very relatable and helps me get in touch with my own feelings about diet culture and other anxieties that I feel. Feels like I’m talking to two good friends!”