Crown Jewels

Crown Jewels
Hear ye, hear ye! Welcome to Crown Jewels by Betches Media, the elite podcast for the royally obsessed! Every week, hosts Samantha Bush and Lex Niko break down the latest royal headlines from across the pond. In addition to discussing the juiciest news stories hitting your group text, they’ll touch on decades worth of drama, and, of course, spill some Royal Tea. It’s bound to be the diamond podcast of the season, so be sure to tune in each week to get your fix on all things royals wherever you get your podcasts.

Latest Episodes

Where to Start

May God Save The Betch

For this episode, Samantha and Lex start off with an update. While we will no longer be producing weekly episodes of Crown Jewels, stay tuned for breaking royal news in the future. For this week’s Tea & Crumpets, they start some “polite conversation” about how the royal kids are not allowed to eat with their parents during holidays and official dinners (it’s giving kids table at Thanksgiving). While they banish their kids to eat alone, the royal family has welcomed Prince Andrew and Lady Susan Hussey back with open arms. Then, they Make It Reign on the Kardashian/Jenner family after the photo of Doria, Kris, and Kim was released. The duo closes out by guessing how much Princess Charolette is worth before naming the Spotted Dick of the week. Until next time, may God save the Betch.

Our 2024 Monarchy Predictions

Prince Andrew is a long-term problem? Yeah, duh. This week, Sam and Lex start off by agreeing with the royal family, who confess that Prince Andrew is seen as a bigger concern than Harry and Meghan. Then, they report on the absent Prince William and Harry’s not so absent hairline. They Make It Reign on the royal summit, or what the corporate girlies call an ‘off-site’. During this royal summit, King Charles will discuss his vision for the monarchy in the coming years, so Sam and Lex throw their own ideas into the mix. To close, they play a game of Mail or Fail before dubbing the Spotted Dick of the week.

Royal Raves & TikTok Trends

The 2023 Invictus Games are officially in full swing, and Lex and Samantha are very excited to see Harry in his element. But first on the menu for Tea & Crumpets, a report was released stating that Meghan and Harry are the most talked-about couple on TikTok, but the conversations around them are trending negatively. Then, they delve into news about the royal couple across the pond, making it clear that Wills and Kate’s recent activities have been somewhat unusual, as they’ve both been spotted attending clubs and 24-hour festivals. To close, they play in a game of Mail or Fail before naming the Spotted Dick of the week.

The Hosts

Samantha Bush
Samantha Bush is a midwestern girly, who loves the intersection between pop culture and the royals, and will proudly admit she woke up at 3am for BOTH of the royal weddings — which has led her here to host Crown Jewels. She is also the mother of two little fur angels, Barb and Ruby.
Lex Niko
Lex Niko is a digital content creator and pop culture enthusiast. She has been featured on major broadcasts and in publications like E! News, US Weekly, and Good Morning America. With over a decade of experience studying pop culture and working in the tech industry, she has always had a curiosity for how culture impacts trends. When she’s not spending time online, she leads Content and Partnerships at Pinterest.