Co-Founders Aleen Dreksler, Jordana Abraham, and Sami Sage — aka the OG Betches friend group that started it all — welcome you to their pop culture group chat. Each week they cover all the latest in celeb drama, the hottest TV and movies out now, and never fail to say some v funny sh*t (ofc). Come for the hot takes, stay for the group chat vibe.

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Speak Now (Betches Version): Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s NYC Takeover, NYT Profile, and Eras Movie Recap

It’s us (hi!). Sami and Holly are comin’ straight home to your feed with our next special episode of Speak Now (@ Betches Version). We’ve come up with a gorgeous new way to track our Taylor Easter eggs, and this week we’re breaking down Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s enchanting weekend in NYC, their lipstick stained PDA, and BOTH of their surprise SNL appearances. Holly shares her experience after seeing the Eras Tour movie on a date, and Sami shares her deep dive on the NYT article all about Miss Americana. What does Travis think about his dad meeting his new flame? And his new Kansas City mansion cost how much?! Speak now or forever hold your peace in the comments if you liked this and want more.

Betches’ Big Announcement, We’re Over Justin Timberlake, And Our Fiery Fair Play Debrief

Sami and Jordana are joined by a very special guest… Aleen! Surprise– our betch is joining us to share details on this week’s exciting news: Betches has a new parent company, LBG Media. They tell us what it feels like to make such a huge announcement, and quell any fears that your fave Betches content will be changing. Sami and Jordana spill their hot takes on the new Netflix movie Fair Play, followed by a rundown of the most eye-catching revelations from Britney Spears’ upcoming memoir. Justin Timberlake, we’re over your bullshit. Finally, Sami fills Jordana in on a particular sip of RHOSLC tea. And don’t worry Swifties, all things Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce will be covered in a bonus episode on Speak Now (@Betches Version), coming straight home to your feed tomorrow.

Bey Showed Up At Tay's Party, Jada & Will's Secretive Separation, & A Very Difficult Week

Sami and Jordana are here to bring some levity to a very heavy week. The two begin by addressing their thoughts with what’s going on in the world, before diving into this week’s pop culture. Spoiler alert, not much happened aside from Beyonce showing up at the Eras Tour film premiere in LA on Wednesday. Also this week, Jada Pinkett-Smith revealed that she and Will have been supposedly separated for 7 years!? Elsewhere in Splitsville, Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner finally reached a custody agreement. They wrap up today’s episode giving their hot takes on an ethical dilemma from the Oversharing podcast, regarding a scalper and his former friend, and a bit of what they've been watching lately.

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Aleen Dreksler
Aleen Dreksler is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Betches. She co-hosts the @Betches podcast.
Sami Sage
Sami Sage is the co-founder and Chief Creative Officer of Betches. She’s the host of the @Betches and Morning Announcements podcasts and in her spare time likes to scroll on her phone and stare at her dogs, Bruce Bader Ginsburg and Larry David.
Jordana Abraham
Jordana Abraham is the co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer of Betches who enjoys dispensing advice on all things relationships. In her free time, she can be found roasting Christmas trees and watching very bad reality TV. She also co-hosts U Up?, @Betches, and Oversharing.

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