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Betches Brides
When a bride accepts a proposal, they’re not expecting to say yes to distress. But wedding planning can be the most stressful time in any relationship — families collide, personalities clash, and wallets empty even before your mother-in-law adds her entire bridge club to the invite list. Good thing Betches’ bride guide is in the house. Each week, Fallon Carter — one of the nation’s top wedding planners — guides real brides in need of advice, empathy, and laughter through their nuptial nerves, and invites expert friends on the podcast to dig deeper into our brides’ biggest problem areas.

Latest Episodes

Where to Start

Vendor Contracts: WTF Is A Force Majeure?

Fallon shares an announcement before welcoming Kunbi Odubogun and Leah Weinberg, her friends and founders of Oduberg Law, onto the podcast. They dive into vendor contracts, including (but not limited to) every piece of information the contract should have and who should sign it. They also answer whether an email is considered binding and what suing a vendor actually entails. Then, they help a listener who’s getting the ole bait n' switch from their venue after signing their contract. They end the episode with some free legal advice: save your ass and hire an attorney.

Getting “Glass Skin” For Your Wedding

Aesthetician Brittany Blancato is back on the podcast to give your skin the bridal bootcamp it didn't even know it needed. She explains the different treatments brides can get, including back and (yes, really) butt facials, and when to cutoff each in anticipation of your wedding. She also shares the products everyone needs in their at-home routine before getting into listener questions with Fallon. The duo answer whether or not skincare trials are a thing, what to do if you're the bride on her period, and the process for finding an aesthetician for your groom.

Dress Codes And Pinterest Boards

Maddy Paul, Senior Content Manager of Lifestyle at Betches, joins Fallon this week to debrief dress codes. From the difference between black and white tie to why dressy casual should be illegal, Maddy and Fallon discuss them all — including what to wear to each. They also discuss why “come as you are” on your wedding invitation is asking for trouble. (Just make the Pinterest board.) Then, they play a game of “Can I Wear This?” with real dress submissions from our listeners and a quick round of Unpopular Opinions.

The Host

Fallon Carter
Fallon Carter is the ultimate bride guide: Founder + Creative Director of Fallon Carter Events and host of Betches Brides. Named one of the Top Wedding Planners in the World by Harper's Bazaar, Vogue, and BRIDES magazine, Fallon connects southern hospitality with international luxury to create her clients’ dream wedding. In her free time, this Mississippi native enjoys perfecting her apple pie recipe, tackling 1,000-piece puzzles, recreational boxing, and researching flight deals!

Featured Guests

JoJo Fletcher
Leah Wyar
Iliza Shlesinger


“Not only a great host and interviewer, but also very knowledgeable. I wish I could hire her as a wedding planner! This provides me with a relatable perspective I haven’t seen anywhere else.”
“Fallon is extremely knowledgeable and I love having a wedding planner guide the discussions. Hearing an expert navigate questions is a welcome change from influencers and super luxury designers. Most brides WANT the input of experts, and it’s so helpful when Fallon has tactful, but strong advice for wavering brides. ”