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Betches Brides

Betches Brides is a podcast, hosted by Jordana Abraham and Nicole Pellegrino, that explores all facets of the complex interpersonal struggles rooted in the wedding planning process. From choosing your bridesmaids without insulting the friend you left out, to finding out last minute deal breakers that make you reconsider taking the plunge, we’ve got you covered from the moment you say 'yes' all the way to the honeymoon. For wedding tips, memes, and jokes, follow @betchesbrides on Instagram.

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Latest Episodes

Our Hosts

Nicole Pellegrino

Nicole Pellegrino is Senior Marketing Manager at Betches and Producer of the Betches Brides podcast. She's perpetually engaged to be married, yet loves making jokes about how truly ridiculous weddings are.

Jordana Abraham

Jordana Abraham is a co-founder and CRO of Betches who enjoys dispensing advice on all things relationships. In her free time she can be found roasting Christmas trees and watching very bad reality TV. She also co-hosts U Up? and @betches.

Where to Start

What’s The Rule For Sending Save The Dates?

Jordana and Nicole are back this week with another episode! They start off by discussing their first holidays as newly married couples, Nicole’s plans to adopt a dog, and Jordana’s upcoming honeymoon. Next, Jordana has a major announcement to share, and then we get into those listener emails. Up first, we have a bride who’s conflicted about a friend she hired for her wedding (and the moment she realized it probably wasn’t the best idea). The next listener email covers a couple questions, including some save the date advice, what to do with your wedding dress after the big day, and deciding between who should be walking you down the aisle. Then, it’s time for “Unpopular Opinions,” this time about wedding shower invitations, serving liquor, and boutonnieres (overrated or cute?). Next, they read their “Happily Ever After” email all about dealing with feeling jealous of others getting married before you, before closing with a round of “Save or Splurge?,” where they discuss which expenses are worth splurging on and which you should actually save your money on.

How Your Groom Can Be Involved In The Planning Process Ft. Kristin & Collin Desens

Nicole is back for a special bonus episode with Betches Sales Director Kristin and her new husband Collin! They get into all the details of their recent wedding weekend, including the rehearsal dinner, the wedding day decor, the reception, and everything in between. They also talk about how collaborative their planning of the wedding was, and how Collin contributed to the process to make sure that Kristin wasn’t shouldering the entire responsibility on her shoulders. Make sure to follow @betchesbrides to see pictures from their incredible wedding!

Bridesmaids Styling 101 Ft. Liza Lieberman

This week, Jordana and Nicole are back with Jordana’s bridesmaid and stylist Liza Lieberman! They get into the tricky business of styling your bridesmaids, and how to approach the whole ordeal so that everyone feels comfortable and looks amazing. They get into fabrics, colors, hairstyles, and everything else you should keep in mind as you plan. They also talk about the best ways of communicating with your bridesmaids so that you can let them know what you want without hurting anyone's feelings. To end the show, Jordana and Nicole play another round of Unpopular Opinions, this time about about bridal bouquets, cocktail receptions, and family invitations.

Our Reviews

A MUST listen for anxious brides to be!

Nicole and Jordana are doing the Lord’s work answering tough questions with logic, wit, and love. So grateful in such uncertain times, especially for brides to be, to have these down to earth ladies to listen to. They educate, motivate, entertain, and over all reduce the impending doom feeling that comes with being a corona bride.

For the wedding obsessed

Even though I’m not engaged, I still love listening to this podcast because of how great Jordana and Nicole are. I love both of their honesty, and I think Jordana gives amazing advice— and not just on wedding dos and don’ts but relationships as well.

Love love love betches brides!

I love listening every week, just to hear about what other brides-to-be are going through, and get advice. This podcast keeps me laughing through planning a wedding, and it’s so fun to listen to!

Recent Guests

JoJo Fletcher
Leah Wyar
Iliza Shlesinger

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