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Every Expensive Detail From The NYU Anna Delvey-Style Roommate Drama

Picking out your freshman year dorm room decorations felt like such a serious decision, and yet, why did they all look so insanely cheesy in hindsight? Maybe because, unlike 19-year-old Aurora Agapov, most of us don’t have a five-figure budget to make the place feel like home.

NYU is essentially home to spoiled children (are we still allowed to say the S word?) of wealthy parents worldwide who want to live out their liberal artsy dreams in The Big Apple. No, not every kid who ends up at New York University is a 6’5″ blue-eyed man in finance with a trust fund or the nepo baby of a beloved Bravoleb. But the school has been known to churn up some obsession-worthy elitist drama like Caroline Calloway’s stranger-than-fiction roommate saga with her ghostwriter Natalie and now, of course, this.

What happened between Aurora and her roommate Kaitlyn, and why is it making us think there may be a spinoff of that Anna Delvey Netflix show? Here’s a full breakdown of the NYU freshman lawsuit over $50,000 worth of stolen jewelry and luxury purses.

Aurora Agapov Sues Her Freshman Roommate Kaitlyn Fung, For Selling Luxury Items On The Real Real

The Real Real already has plenty of press on the internet these days, but Kaitlyn Fung using the luxury-goods resale business for her roommate theft scheme def isn’t helping. Basically, Aurora has a dorm closet full of rare luxury items funded by her father, Andre (the super chill CEO of a Russian mining empire who is rumored to be friends with Vladimir Putin). Some of these items include a $13,000 Bvlgari necklace, a $2,000 Chanel bracelet, a pair of Louboutins, and a Gucci and Celine handbag.

Is the real crime here that Kaitlyn sold some of these items almost five times under market value? According to police, no, since they’ve charged Kaitlyn with grand larceny. The Real Real is working with the police to recover items that Aurora caught Kaitlyn red-handed trying to sell in a later haul on the site. This included an 18-karat Solange Azgury Ring heart-shaped ring worth over $23K. Unforch, by the time Aurora got to the Real Real store in person, an employee allegedly told her that Kaitlyn’s mother had already had those items shipped to her home.

How did Aurora Agapov catch her roommate stealing?

Aurora was worried and looking for the missing items, and eventually found a receipt in Kaitlyn’s trash that showed she had consigned some of her missing valuables. The NYU arts major Apagov told the New York Post her “heart dropped” because she considered Kaitlyn a friend since they “spoke pretty much every day.” Aurora even thought she and Kaitlyn got closer during their second semester. “I’d say we didn’t really have any falling outs or anything.” That is until she discovered the damning evidence in the spring of 2024. Ouch.

I guess Kaitlyn, who has since been arrested on May 2 will have to shed light on why she may have used her roomie’s wardrobe as a piggy bank.

Who is Kaitlyn Fung?

Some people might call Kaitlyn a Gen Z Robin Hood (and those people would TOTALLY be joking… mostly). I mean, I know stealing is wrong, but can we all agree stealing from a generationally wealthy mining heiress is, like, possibly a hair less awful?? Kaitlyn is a double major in criminology and politics, and frankly, isn’t it nice to see a college student putting their degree to good use in 2024?

She’s from Old Tappan, New Jersey — AKA she’s a bitch from Bergen County, one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in the US. This could mean Kaitlin is either a rich girl herself with Winona’s sticky fingers or just someone who couldn’t keep up with the Joneses. If you can’t beat ’em, scam ’emAt least, that’s what Anna Delvey would say.

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