All The Tea We Could Find About Bravo's Nepo Baby Show 'Making It In Manhattan'

Sure the mass influx of nepo babies into the entertainment industry is still a pretty annoying conundrum (literally — Kaia Gerber is insanely pretty but it’s kind of annoying we all have to accept she’s basically a stand-up comedian now). That being said, the offspring of our fave reality TV stars electing to stir up mess on national television for a paycheck when they could just run up their parents’ black cards is a thirsty work ethic I can get behind. Back in May, Bravo announced a couple of brand new series, including one following a familiar New York City social circle called Making It In Manhattan. Fans are excited to see Bravo pick up where The City left off, especially since Making It In Manhattan focuses on the Gen Z children of a few Housewives legends (and Kim Zolciak). So who made the cut and what is the drama between the cast already? Here’s everything about the new bravo kids’ series Making It In Manhattan from the cast to the release date.

Who is on the Making It In Manhattan cast?

Brooks Marks Meredith Marks
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Confirmed cast members spotted filming in June 2024 include Brooks Marks, Riley Burruss, and Ariana Biermann. The group was hanging out at a Countess LuAnn cabaret show (with Meredith present) which is basically the crossover of the century already. For those of you who don’t know every Real Housewife’s family tree by heart, those are the children of Meredith Marks, Kandi Burruss, and Kim Zolciak Biermann, respectively. Back when rumors of the show were just hitting the internet, a couple of blind items named Miliana Giudice (Teresa’s dorter), Ming Lee Simmons (Russell and Kimora’s daughter), and Ava Dash (Damon and Rachel Roy’s daughter) might be on the show, as well as a handful of NBR NYC rich kids including Emira D’Spain, Julia Moshy, Andrew Warren and Dylan Geick. Which of these influencers will take their talents to the big screen is to be confirmed.

When does Making It In Manhattan premiere?

Ming Lee Simmons and her mom Kimora
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The show was announced at the NBC upfronts in May 2024, and began filming in June after a few weeks of camera tests. As with all first seasons of brand new shows, it seems the show is still ironing out all the major details (including the cast and the show’s permanent title) so it would be unlikely to be released before summer 2025.

What is Making It In Manhattan about?

Riley Burruss with her mom Kandi from 'RHOA'
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According to Bravo’s press release the upcoming series centers on a “group of close-knit friends” who “navigate the trials and triumphs of young adulthood.” The network went on to say that “while some hail from the spotlight of well-known families, others have created a legacy of their own, but they all are looking to thrive in the city that never sleeps”. Brooks’ tracksuit is definitely a legacy in my book! On Making It In Manhattan, “they will challenge societal norms, redefine success, juggle personal and romantic relationships, and lean on each other for support in order to turn their skyline-high aspirations into reality”.

Making It In Manhattan Predictions

Ariana Biermann Zolciak with her sister Brielle
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Word on the street was the originally booked cast was unhappy about Ariana and Milania being sprung on them at the last minute. Could there be a Marks vs. Giudice feud brewing? If we know anything about these two from their famous mamas, a lot of high-pitched yelling and disengaging might be in store. Riley Burruss has a different background from a lot of these silver-spoon East Coasters, so hopefully this show explores her journey in making her own name at NYU.


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