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We Slid Into Jessica Alba's DMs And She Spilled All The Tea

No one’s doing it like the icon, legend, and moment herself, Jessica Alba. The actress has been gracing our screens since she was 13, and her resume includes little, baby indie films like Fantastic FourGood Luck Chuck, and Valentine’s Day. Jessica’s keeping stans fed with her brand new thriller movie, Trigger Warning — she stars as Parker, a skilled Special Forces commando who takes over her father’s bar and has to deal with a violent gang. We can watch the movie on Netflix as of today, thank goodness!

In addition to being your favorite actress, Jessica’s also an entrepreneur ’cause, as our lord and savior Kim K would say, she’s not afraid to get her fucking ass up and work. Jessica has her own baby, personal, and household products company called The Honest Company. And on top of her insanely impressive professional life, she’s raising the three H’s: Honor, Haven, and Hayes. (Those are her children, to clarify.)

Despite her busy-as-fuck schedule, Jessica made the time to grace Betches with her presence, and she spilled some boiling tea about her career and personal life. She got real about embarrassing auditions, wild stunts, being a mom, Taylor Swift, and more. See some of Jessica Alba’s juiciest revelations and check out our full video!

Jessica Alba’s Revelations About Her Celebrity Crush, Taylor Swift, Motherhood, And More

Jessica Alba’s Icks

Jessica has one major ick: “Just being entitled. I think that’s wild and that gives me the instant turn-off.” Retweet.

The Craziest Stunt Jessica Alba’s Ever Done

She had to do the craziest stunt of her life while working on the early 2000’s sci-fi show, Dark Angel. “I was at the top of a warehouse and there was, like, a moving bus, and I basically went from this moving bus [and] jumped off of it while it was moving onto another moving vehicle going the other way,” Jessica told Betches. “I was attached to a rig, but it was freaking scary.” Hmmm. I am rethinking my plans to become an A-list actress, ’cause no thank you <3.

Jessica Alba On Working With Taylor Swift

Jessica was one of the ~500 famous women who made a cameo in Taylor’s 2015 “Bad Blood” music video, which lives rent-free in my mind to this day. “I really thought it was cool to do Taylor Swift’s ‘Bad Blood’ music video because my kids loved Taylor Swift,” she revealed. “I took them to [the] tour, and she came and said ‘Hi,’ and she was sweet as can be.”

The actress noted that it was a lot of “hard work” arranging for her kids to meet Taylor. She laughed and added, “I don’t know if they appreciate it.” Oh, to be Honor, Haven, or Hayes.

Jessica Alba’s Celebrity Crush

“Who wasn’t my celebrity crush?” Jessica joked. Apparently, her first poster was Joey McIntyre, the the baby of New Kids on the Block. (For the fellow Gen Zs: That’s a boy band, per my google search.)

Jessica Alba’s Advice For New Moms

Responding to a DM about her advice for new moms, Jessica reflected, “Oh, Lord. Shit. It’s hard. I don’t know.” According to the actress, there’s no “right way” to be a mom. She recalled, “My daughter’s therapist was like, ‘Don’t let Honor’s 15-year-old bring out the 15-year-old Jessica,’ and I was like, ‘Noted.'” What if we never grew out of our 15-year-old self though? Theoretically?

Jessica Alba’s Marriage Advice

Jessica Alba and Cash Warren
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Jessica’s been married to film producer Cash Warren for 16 years. Her best piece of marriage advice? “Don’t get too comfortable… Don’t get comfortable and over-communicate.” And I promise I would 100 percent take that to heart if I was married.

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