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An Important Investigation Into Sabrina And Taylor's Friendship Post-SKIMS Campaign

The pop girls and Kim Kardashian are stressing me out as usual. Ever since Sabrina’s (stunning) April collab with SKIMS, Swifties have been questioning her loyalty to Taylor, and understandably so. As quite literally the entire globe knows, Taylor hates Kim. She’s only told us, like, five billion times. Most recently, she called out Kim in the pointed Tortured Poets Department track, “thanK u, aIMee,” and the feud made headlines yet again.

Sabrina, on the other hand, has definitely received Taylor’s stamp of approval… or least she had it at one point. Taylor low-key launched Sabrina’s main pop girl era by inviting the former Disney star to open for her on the Eras Tour, and the girlies have become quite close. They’ve openly supported each other’s work and hung out at award shows and Chiefs games. Buttt, are Taylor and Sabrina still friends after Sabrina’s SKIMS collab with Kim? Here’s how Taylor reacted to the tricky situation and where she stands with the “Espresso” singer today.

Are Taylor And Sabrina Still Friends?

How Did Taylor React To Sabrina’s SKIMS Campaign?


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It sounds like Taylor was very in-the-know about this collab while it was happening. “As much as people want to believe you’re tuned into every little thing, I’m not because I’m constantly working,” Sabrina told Rolling Stone about the situation. (You know how it is — she’s always working late ’cause she’s a singer.) Sabrina explained, “In that scenario, I’ve been very, very communicative with her about that situation, and I just love her so much and support her till the end. So it was no weirdness for me, but I know people will just say things because that’s all they have time to do.”

Personally, if my friend collaborated with my sworn enemy, I’d cut her off, but I love this mature communication for Taybrina. At the end of the day, Sabrina’s just a pop icon taking advantage of every pop icon opportunity, as she should.

Where Do Taylor And Sabrina Stand Today?

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I honestly think all is well between the Eras Tour besties these days, based on that comment from Sabrina. Also, “Espresso” is the fourth song on Taylor’s Apple Music “Summer Era” playlist, which mostly consists of her own songs. Sabrina’s hits “Nonsense” and “skinny dipping” made the playlist too. A positive sign for Taybrina!

TBH, Taylor’s already high-key beefing with Olivia Rodrigo and low-key beefing with Billie Eilish, so a conflict with Sabrina would not be the best look right now. One to two Gen Z-ers at a time, perhaps. Will the “Karma” queen release 25 new versions of The Tortured Poets Department to block Sabrina’s new album, Short n’ Sweet, from No. 1 when it comes out? Yes, of course. Just ask her other former tour opener, Charli XCX. Oh, and Billie. But that’s just business (Taylor’s Version)!

Ilana Frost
Ilana Frost
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