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Naturally, We Did A Deep Dive Into Jesse Solomon's Dating History

My frontal lobe should be mostly developed by now, so why the hell have I not grown out of my fuckboy phase?? Sigh. Here I am once again, swooning over one of the worst male stereotypes in existence and finding ways to defend questionable behavior. Thank you so much for putting me through this painfully familiar experience, Jesse Solomon. My brain keeps singing a slightly modified version of that Girl On Couch hit song: “I’m looking for a man in Investor Relations, 6’5″, brown eyes.” And unfortunately for me, I found him in the Hamptons (via my TV screen).

I live in New York City, so it’s not like I haven’t considered taking the 17 trains over there to go introduce myself. But obviously, this man needs to be vetted a little more before we inevitably chat. Since I’ve learned basically nothing about his dating history from watching this stressful season of Summer House, I did my own research. Walk with me through an investigation of Jesse’s past and present romantic situations. We will get through this brutal crush together.

Who Has Jesse Solomon Dated?


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I’m not gonna lie: I fear the fuckboy energy isn’t just an act for Summer House. Our guy is not a trained actor, hence why he ended up on Bravo — he’s playing himself, The Local Fuckboy. And he does a fabulous job with that role! Based on a very thorough Insta stalking session, Jesse’s likely single right now and hasn’t had a whole lot of serious relationships, if any. Or maybe he’s just deleted old romantic photos…. hard to say. It’s possible that he dated someone named Claire Gabrielle Ingoldsby from 2017 to 2018, but I’m only making this assumption based on two Insta posts that look vaguely coupley. Her profile is private and her bio is “small wins,” so sadly, I don’t have too much info on Claire.

Jesse Solomon Flirted With Paige DeSorbo On Summer House

As we all know, Paige was the one who caught Jesse’s eye when he first started hanging with the messy Hamptons crew. He had no issue making moves despite being aware of the fact that she’s with Craig Conover. A straight NYC man not showing basic respect? Can you imagine??

But um… Paige apparently welcomed Jesse’s flirting with open arms? “If no one hit on me all summer, I would cry,” she said during the March 28 episode of the Summer House After Show. “That’s it, it’s over for me,” she quipped. “I’ve hit 31 and I’m done.” Paige even said that she was “thankful” for his interest. Fascinating.

Lindsay Hubbard Isn’t Interested In Jesse Solomon

Lindsay Hubbard at BravoCon
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Although Lindsay Hubbard is single and ready to mingle following her not-at-all dramatic split from Carl Radke, she isn’t pursuing Jesse. “I think I’m good on the reality TV boys for now,” she told Page Six, emphasizing, “I’m good. I’m definitely good.”

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