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Checking In On Clinton Kane's "Dead" Family After Brooke Schofield's TikTok Revelations

If you were thinking about faking an Australian accent and also telling everyone your whole family died within a year — purely for fame, clout, and music promo — I wouldn’t recommend it. See, in the year of 2024, we have these things called the internet and social media, where people can call you out on your creepy bullshit and get you canceled real fast. That’s exactly what happened to poor little Clinton Kane, the singer who dated and apparently emotionally abused my icon, Brooke Schofield, and lied to her and his fanbase about literally his entire life. He got away with his creative tales for a disturbingly long time, but after a YouTube commenter claimed that he was totally inventing some key details, rumors started to fly.

Soon enough, radio host Zach Sang, social media legend Tana Mongeau, and Brooke herself confirmed the rumors about Clinton’s major lies. Although Brooke and Clinton dated two years ago, Brooke hasn’t been ready to spill all the toxic tea until now. In a new 14-part “Who TF Did I Marry”-style TikTok series, she recalls all the wild lies Clinton told her. The revelations have us wondering: Which members of Clinton Kane’s family are alive? Where are they now? Here’s everything I know.

Clinton Kane’s Family Today

Are Clinton Kane’s Mom And Brother Alive?


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On Clinton Kane’s July 2022 Zach Sang interview, someone commented the following: “I went to school w/ Clinton and I know for a fact that he grew up in Brunei. We went to a school called Seri Mulia Sarjana for both our primary and secondary education. Soo…. Not sure where this Australian accent came from. Additionally, I knew of his mom and brother back when I was younger (15-16) and I know for a fact that they are alive and well. So, whats going on? Why make such a huge publicity stunt for fame when you could have gotten it with raw talent.”

And so, the facade began to fall apart. Clinton and Brooke were still dating when that interview aired, and after Brooke saw that comment, she did some high-level investigating on Facebook. The Cancelled host discovered that Clinton’s mom hadn’t posted since the alleged date of her death, but she had been actively liking her friends’ posts since then. And that, right there, is why you don’t ever lie to a woman.

Brooke finally got Clinton to confess the truth to her when she lied and said that she and his mother had been talking. I’m so fucking obsessed with her. “He finally admitted that he did, in fact, fake the death of his mom and his brother,” she revealed in part 13 of her Clinton TikTok series. She shoots, she scores.

Is Clinton Kane’s Dad Alive?

According to the YouTube commenter and Brooke’s findings, it seems like Clinton’s dad is the one who has actually passed away. “His dad is dead, not that that’s a good thing,” Brooke clarifies in her 13th Clinton TikTok. “But… there’s one out of three that are dead. The rest are still kicking.” There ya have it. Personally, I am patiently waiting for a Clinton Kane documentary with a lot more info about his lies and living family members.

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