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Everything There Is To Know About Gypsy Rose's Baby Daddy

It’s been quite the whirlwind year for Ms. Gypsy Rose Blanchard. In fact, girlie’s lived about 15 lives since she got out of jail in December 2023. She started to settle into the outside world with her former husband, Ryan Anderson, and… that didn’t go so well. Gypsy announced her split from Ryan in March, and just a few days after that breakup news came out, she reconnected with her ex-fiancé, Ken Urker. She and Ken got matching husky dog tattoos (I still have questions) and were really off to the races after that. Thank goodness she made a Lifetime reality series documenting her “life after lock up” journey.

On July 9, Gypsy shared news that almost made me pass out — she’s pregnant! And Ryan is probably losing his shit, because the baby daddy is Ken. If you’ve also been feeling like you have no clue who the fuck Ken is, I got you: Here’s everything to know about Gypsy Rose Blanchard’s baby daddy, Ken Urker, including his age, Instagram, and job.

Everything We Know About Gypsy Rose Blanchard’s Baby Daddy, Ken Urker

How Old Is Ken Urker?

Although his hair tells a different story, Ken is allegedly just 31 — a year younger than Gyspy.

Where Is Ken Urker From?

Ken grew up in a big family in Texas. According to Gypsy, he has four siblings. He was living in Dallas until he and Gypsy recently got reconnected and got serious quickly. “He’s actually going to be moving to Louisiana to be closer to me,” Gypsy told Entertainment Tonight in May.

What Is Ken Urker’s Job?

Ken’s a private guy, so no one really knows what he does for work. Based on the fact that he recently moved to Louisiana from Texas, I’m guessing he’s either changing jobs or works remote. Or he might just be enjoying the Gypsy Rose reality TV fund.

What Is Ken Urker’s Instagram?

With 21 followers and exactly one grid post, Ken is not exactly a Gypsy Rose-level influencer. However, you can find him at @ken.urker. Gypsy follows him, and his profile pic is a couple selfie. You can try to follow Ken, but he’s private, and I kinda doubt he’s gonna accept your request.

How Did Ken Urker And Gypsy Rose Blanchard Meet?

Like Gypsy’s ex, Ryan, Ken wrote her a letter of support when she was in prison. He reached out in 2017 after watching her HBO documentary Mommy Dead and Dearest. They went from pen pals to besties to lovers. “We became fast friends,” Gypsy told E! during a 2019 interview. “It was pretty soon after that that we started talking on the phone. We would spend hours on the phone. I talked to him like I had known him my whole life and vice versa.” Soulmates!

Are Gypsy Rose Blanchard And Ken Urker Getting Married?

During a May 2024 People interview, Gypsy was asked about possibly marrying Ken soon. “I’ve got to get divorced first,” Blanchard said, laughing. Oh Gypsy, the woman you are.

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