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Stop What You're Doing: Gypsy Rose Blanchard Is Pregnant

UM. Gypsy Rose Blanchard is pregnant!! I repeat: thee one and only Gypsy Rose Blanchard is with child!! It’s hard to keep up with this icon. I feel like it was only five minutes ago that the budding reality star got married to Ryan Anderson, got out of jail, got a nose job, announced her split from Ryan, and then reconnected with her ex, Ken Urker, for lunch and matching husky dog tattoos. Plus, she managed to make a whole Lifetime docuseries about it all, Gypsy Rose: Life After Lock Up. We can only aspire to her level of productivity, truly.

Here’s everything we know about Gypsy Rose Blanchard’s pregnancy so far, including her due date and baby daddy. I fear this is gonna be the most iconic nepo baby the world has ever seen.

Everything We Know About Gypsy Rose Blanchard’s Pregnancy

Gypsy Rose Blanchard’s Pregnancy Announcement

“I’m happy to announce that I am 11 weeks pregnant,” Gypsy said in her announcement video. “Ken and I are expecting our very first child… We’re both very excited. This was NOT planned at all. It was completely unexpected.” I’m quaking. She added that they’re both “very excited to take on this new journey of parenthood” and noted that she wants to give her child “all of the things I wished I could’ve had when I was little.” Gypsy gets emotional in the video and starts to cry.

“I feel a shift in myself,” she says about being pregnant. “I have experienced crazy mood swings. Like, poor Ken. Poor Ken!” If Gypsy can handle being pregnant, you can handle her being pregnant, Ken. I have faith. 

What Is Gypsy Rose Blanchard’s Due Date?

We can expect baby Gypsy Rose to grace the world with their presence in January 2025! My calendar is marked.

Who Is Gypsy Rose Blanchard’s Baby Daddy?

You guessed it: Ken Urker. Not the Barbie Ken, but the Ken that Gypsy has a seven-year history with. As Gypsy stans know, there’s some juicy lore here: Gypsy and Ken were engaged back 2018, before she met Ryan. Her lingering feelings for Ken was actually a sore subject ahead of her and Ryan’s wedding. Sometimes, you just can’t fight the Kenergy!

It wasn’t until I filed for divorce that I kind of really realized that that spark, that connection [with Ken] is even better than I expected,” Gypsy told E!. “And we’ve grown a lot. I’ve matured. He’s grown. And so I think right now is the time in our lives that it’s the right time, right place, right everything.” I think these two are probably soulmates, but I still heavily question the husky dog tattoos. No offense, queen.

Can someone do a wellness check on Ryan ASAP??

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