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Shocking: Clinton Kane Is Attacking Brooke Schofield After She Exposed His Unhinged Lies

I love when men get ruined by the women they fucked over, so I’m living for the long-overdue cancelation of Clinton Kane. In case you haven’t been on TikTok the past few days, Brooke Schofield posted an epic 14-part series detailing all the insane shit he put her though when they dated two years ago. Brooke shared that Clinton is not Australian and has been faking an Australian accent, and she said that he lied about the deaths of his mom and brother, who are both apparently alive. She also described his emotionally abusive behavior and revealed how often he cheated on her and other women. (Spoiler alert: Very fucking often.)

After Brooke’s story went viral and everyone immediately declared themselves Team Brooke, Clinton’s rep shared a statement, commenting on the Cancelled podcast host’s allegations. Read on to see how Clinton Kane responded to Brooke Schofield’s TikTok series about him. He’s pissed as hell, and I’m chuckling.

Clinton Kane’s Response To Brooke Schofield’s TikTok Series About Him

How Did Clinton Kane React To Brooke Schofield’s TikTok Series?


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Well, first, he turned off comments on his TikTok (smart move). And then, there was the most ridiculous response statement I’ve ever seen in my life. “Brooke’s recent comments regarding Clinton are untrue,” they claimed. Regarding his “dead” mother, the singer’s rep noted, “Clinton regrets the way this devastating news was communicated at the time. Clinton genuinely felt that he had lost an irreplaceable mother figure. Clinton was and largely is estranged from his immediate family.”

Riiiight, that’s why he went around explicitly saying that his “mom,” dad, and brother all died within a year. He also said in interviews that his mother was neglectful, and they didn’t talk much. Totally lines up with that “irreplaceable mother figure” comment. Not to mention, Brooke shared in her series that Clinton admitted to lying about his mom’s death.

The statement gets worse, I fear. It continues: “The public rehashing of these details is only an attempt to bring attention and focus on Brooke’s podcast, at the expense of tearing down another former boyfriend — a tactic she’s become known for.” I choked. Pointing out that Matt Rife is an asshole and a man whore, and calling out Clinton for being a manipulative, pathological liar is a “tactic”? I thought that was just called “truth-telling.” Also, as if Brooke, who has 1.5 million followers on TikTok and cohosts Cancelled with Tana fucking Mongeau, needs extra promo from Clinton. I personally think she should continue the great work “tearing down” these boys.

The statement concludes, “In the years since this relationship took place, Clinton has moved forward, and remains focused and committed to putting out new music.” Something tells me he’s more committed to gaslighting women, faking deaths, and attempting an Australian accent…

How Did Brooke Schofield Respond To Clinton Kane’s New Statement?


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The Most Iconic Response To a Response Award goes to Brooke Schofield. Her rep told People that her official response to Clinton’s bullshit statement is “hahahaha.” What a legend.

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