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Carl Radke Finally Got A Job But Hold Your Applause

One of Carl and Lindsay’s biggest fights on Summer House (and trust me, there was stiff competition) was about Carl getting himself a reliable J-O-B. Lindsay wanted to feel secure that her partner was able to help provide a life for herself and her future family including a child. Carl wanted to be that guy, but he also wanted to be an actor, cigar maker, and sober bev connoisseur owner all at the same time. He has gotten quite a bit of attention for his Goldfish sponcon ad on Instagram (which Lindsay clapped back at heavily with the help of Cheez-Its) but by Carl’s own standards, influencing is not a job. So naturally, one of the burning questions we were dying to have answered at the Summer House season 8 reunion was an update on Carl Radke’s job now. And bless Andy Cohen, we have the answer, although, be warned, it’s not very exciting.

Did Carl finally get a job?

Kyle, Amanda, and Carl
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Yes…ish. Carl is working for Loverboy as a consultant on their sober line as discussed with Kyle at the end of season 8. However, like Lindsay, I have a few hug-worthy questions about the extent of this collaboration. Both Carl and Kyle conceded this is not full-time or all-in, to ease Carl back into working for Loverboy and give him space to do “other things.” Did they lock in a sales percentage on the back end? Is Carl actually consulting on the product or just promoting on the marketing side after the fact around the country, similar to what he was doing before? It’s certainly work and I’m sure his bestie Kyle is compensating him fairly, but would I qualify the seemingly freelance gig as the steady job he fought with his fiancée about all season? I’m leaning towards a no from me, dawg.

When does Loverboy Zero ABV come out?

Carl Radke helped create Non-Alcoholic Loverboy
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Loverboy released its two alcohol-free canned teas in early 2024. The first two flavors include “fan favorites” White Tea Peach and Lemonade Iced Tea with the same low-cal zero-sugar recipe. If you’ve never had Loverboy and you’re wondering if you’ll like it, don’t worry we already did the hard work for you. The Loverboy press release names Carl as a “Loverboy Advisor” stating that Carl is the “strategic counsel and promotional support to show how Loverboy Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Teas can fit into a well-rounded, healthy lifestyle. He was integral to the development of Loverboy’s first non-alcoholic products.” How about a high-five and a pat on the back for that good news? It’s nice to see Loverboy is helping some of Kyle’s friendships, as opposed to becoming a source of major drama.

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