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Whether you eat pizza for breakfast, have an alarm set just for happy hour, have a burner account just for stalking your ex's new flames, or drank a whole bottle of wine by yourself while watching The Bachelor (and roasting it in your group chat), we’ve got a community for you.

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Whether it’s pop culture breakdowns, relatable memes, or hilarious videos, we always say what you’re thinking.

U Up?

A place to laugh through the pain that comes from trying to date as a millennial.

Betches Sup

CSPAN meets the group chat. The Sup is the most painless way to get informed. 

Betches Moms

A destination to get real about becoming and being a mom—because the baby’s not the only one who has to wear a diaper after birth.

The Betchelor

We actually are here to make friends... and to say all the absurd and hysterical things you’re thinking while watching the train wreck that is The Bachelor

Diet Starts Tomorrow

Taking the guilt out of guilty pleasures, because sometimes “wellness” means doing a home workout, then drinking wine in bed.

Betches Brides

Your wedding may be only one day of your life, but marriage is forever. A community where we poke fun at the ridiculousness of weddings and vent about married life.

Betches Travel

We're obviously big proponents of taking your vacation days.

Bravo By Betches

Don’t be all, like, uncool. From the latest news and recaps to hilarious af memes, we mention it all.

Not Another True Crime

The place to discuss scams, schemes, crimes, cults, and all other sh*t you can't talk about at parties.

When's Happy Hour

Everything you’ve thought about work, at work, but couldn’t say out loud.

Faux Pas

Real tequila. Real vodka. No artificial flavors or friends. Must be 21 to follow & share.