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Every Single Detail There Is To Know About 'Love Island USA' Season 6

Good morning, Islanders! I got a text and it’s that Love Island USA season 6 is going to be the best season yet. Vanderpump Rules Ariana Madix is making time between her sandwich shop and filming the Bravo staple to replace Sarah Hyland as the new host of the series, which was already a good enough reason to get excited. But now that we have a sneak peek at the first few Islanders entering the brand-new “vibrant” Fiji villa, and there are a few surprise celeb-adjacent cast members in the mix, I’m feeling confident the producers came to season 6 with the spicy, calculated casting that made Love Island USA season 5 such a wild ride. Well that and Casa Amor, because duh. If you were waiting for a personal invitation to tune in, consider this it. Here are all the details on how to watch Love Island USA season 6.

When does Love Island USA season 6 premiere?

The sixth season of Love Island USA debuts on Tuesday, June 11, 2024.

Where to watch Love Island USA

New episodes premiere every day at 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT on Peacock. Every fifth episode is “Unseen Bits” AKA a compilation of outtakes, extended scenes, and bloopers from the week before. For the first time, the traditional UK aftershow Aftersun will now be integrated into the USA lineup, excitingly hosted by Love Island UK icon Maura Higgins. New episodes of Love Island Aftersun start Saturday, June 15, and will drop every Saturday.

Who is the host of Love Island USA?

Ariana Madix Love Island USA
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Ariana Madix was announced to come aboard for season 6 in March of 2024 after a tumultuous season of Vanderpump Rules where her ten-year relationship with then-partner Tom Sandoval ended in scandal. She takes over for Sarah Hyland, who hosted two seasons of the show since 2022. Fans (read: me) always thought it was a little random to see Haley Dunphy from Modern Family give sexy singles dating advice, but Ariana’s VPR background makes her the perfect fit. Plus, Tom Sandoval even made fun of Ariana for watching Love Island , so once again the joke’s on him.

Love Island USA season 6 cast

Hannah Smith (26)


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Although at first glance from her Love Island headshot it seemed like Hannah might actually be Empanada Emma from Selling Sunset in a wig, a closer look at her Instagram tells me she’s a lingerie-loving bottle service girl from North Carolina. Hannah is a little bit “clumsy” and has the medical condition hyperhidrosis which causes her hands and feet to get excessively sweaty (perfect combo for the villa, obvs). Her celebrity crush is NFL star Odell Beckham Jr.

Jana Craig (27)

JaNa Craig from 'Love Island USA'
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JaNa is originally from Hawaii and Japan so she should be very used to Island life. She currently works as a day trader in Vegas and spends her nights cuddling with her body pillows Ben and Jerry. So you’re telling me she’s pretty,  smart,  perpetually single and her “kryptonite” for men is having a beard? Relatable queen.

Kaylor Martin (22)


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Kaylor is a small-town Pennsylvania grad student who’s never lived anywhere else. She likes chugging champagne, doing the worm, and says one of her celebrity crushes is Harry Jowsey of Netflix fuckboy fame. Officially worried for Kaylor, y’all.

Leah Kateb (24)


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Leah comes from Persian heritage and her first language is Farsi. Hopefully, this means she can school these boys in two different languages. She loves and owns many animals, claims to be an expert red flag spotter, and is “obsessed” with David Lynch movies. Can’t wait to watch the Islanders pretend to have seen Blue Velvet.

Serena Page (24)


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The Houston native is a self-proclaimed Southern Belle complete with horses. She’s a former cheerleader who now does backflips over bald-headed short kings. On behalf of women everywhere, thank you Serena for your service! She’s currently a media planner living her best life in Los Angeles.

Aaron Evans (26)

Aaron Evans from Love Island USA season 6
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Aaron is from Marbella, Spain but currently lives in the UK, so it’s basically a given the ladies will be all over him. He also won season 1 of Traitors UK. While Aaron describes himself as a “Harry Potter nerd” who still cuddles his favorite childhood toy, his mother describes him as a “feral animal.” Yep, he’s gonna be a problem.

Coye Simmons (28)


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Now a School District employee, Coye had a former life as a professional basketball player in Germany. He’s also the son of 90s female rapper Shocky Shaye. As a 6’8″, size 17 shoe Coye has to get all of his clothes custom-made… no comment!

Kendall Washington (27)

Kendall is originally from San Diego but now sells medical supplies in Dallas. He once criminally initiated a breakup with his girlfriend while they were tubing together down a lazy river. But karma seems to have already struck back when Kendall got broken up with by seeing his girlfriend making out with someone else at a country concert. My only question is how Kendall made his flight to the island with all that baggage.

Kordell Beckham (21)


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Hearing the last name Beckham probably makes you think of a certain famous soccer star, but Kordell is actually related to the other famous athlete of the same name. Kordell is Odell’s little brother, as in Odell Beckham Jr. As in the celeb crush of his costar, Hannah. (His celeb crush is Beyoncé, BTW.) That should be interesting.

Rob Rausch (25)


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Rob made a brief but memorable appearance on season 5 of Love Island USA, joining during the girls’ trip to Casa Amor. The snake wrangler from Alabama couldn’t tie anyone down his first go around, but multiple women were super charmed by him. I expect Rob to do very well as an OG villa boy.

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