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John Summit And Ashtin Earle Might Be Dating And Sadly For Them, I Do Not Approve

I fear Ashtin Earle has fallen victim to a walking red flag by the name of John Summit. Sigh. Getting involved with frat boy-esque, Peter Pan men happens even to the best of us, I suppose. The brunette younger sister of Alix Earle and the allegedly successful DJ spent their 4th of July week canoodling in the Hamptons, and I’m kind of unwell. There’s, like, a large age gap there. Plus, John has made some *questionable* comments about how he treats girlfriends. TBH, I miss my life circa two weeks ago — before I had ever heard this man’s name.

Sooo, are John Summit and Ashtin Earle dating now? Or just hooking up to celebrate America’s independence and/or Caesar salad? Naturally, I had to do a full deep dive on their relationship status. Oh, and if you also kind of have no idea what the fuck John is, don’t worry: I shall also shed some light on that subject.

Are John Summit And Ashtin Earle Dating?

Who Is John Summit?


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Although he low-key appeared out of thin air recently, John is a popular house and techno DJ and producer. Before his days of playing festivals like Coachella and Lollapalooza, he attended the University of Illinois to study accounting. John was a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) before he started deejaying full-time. Ah, the accountant to DJ pipeline. Doesn’t get more straight white man than that.

What’s The Age Gap Between John Summit And Ashtin Earle?

John turns 30 on July 29. Ashtin is 21, so they have a substantial nine-year age gap. That being said, they’re probably around the same age mentally.

What’s Going On Between John Summit And Ashtin Earle?


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While their exact relationship status is still unclear, John and Ashtin were spotted kissing, holding hands, and dancing together at multiple July 4th week parties in the Hamptons. There’s even a video of John handing Ashtin flowers over his DJ mixing board — a seemingly direct reference to his recent Therapuss interview when he revealed that he’s never given a girl flowers. A weird flex, indeed.

Is the PDA with Ashtin giving PR stunt? A little. (John’s debut album, comfort in chaos, is coming out on July 12.) Is it giving fuckboy? It always is with this man. The people of Reddit seem to think that John and Ashtin are just hooking up for now, given his reputation for not being a monogamous relationship guy. The Reddit folks also think this age gap is “icky,” and I have to agree. Ashtin, girl, you may wanna go watch that Therapuss episode when you have a sec. I know in my soul this queen can do better than a 30-year-old DJ whose fans are all college boys.

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