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Breaking Down WTF Happened Between Former Besties Alix Earle And Xandra Pohl

Influencer World is majorly stressing me out right now. We have this Brianna Chickenfry and Grace O’Malley friendship breakup mess, Josh Richards and Gabriela Moura split rumors, and the biggest elephant in the TikTok room: Alix Earle and Xandra Pohl’s mysterious beef. These beloved blondies were famously attached at the hip at the University of Miami, where they both had the most perfect, magical college experience ever and also became mega-famous from making GRWM videos. (Basically identical to my own college experience.)

However, observant stans of the TikTok girlies have noticed that Alix and Xandra don’t seem to hangout at all anymore. Although the social media stars haven’t explicitly confirmed a falling out, the lack of posting together is telling. Not to mention, Alix kinda hinted at the beef during a podcast episode. On June 1, Alix and Xandra both participated in a Miami Sports Illustrated runway show and we were all curious to see how they would interact there. It’s time we broke down what happened between Alix and Xandra and where they stand today.

Alix Earle And Xandra Pohl Beef Explained

Alix And Xandra Stopped Hanging Out Around June 2023


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The besties went on a trip to Europe to celebrate their graduation in 2023 (I’m still extremely jealous of that White Lotus Airbnb). To show off the vacay, Xandra posted a June 6, 2023 photo dump featuring Alix and their other friends posing in gorgeous settings — and Xandra and Alix haven’t posted together since then. Verrrry fishy. Of course, we have to ask: What the hell happened on that vacation?

Alix Seemed To Allude To Xandra Friendship Breakup On Her Podcast

Well, Alix brought up that very vacation on her podcast, Hot Mess. (Because you’re not really a star TikToker if you don’t have a random podcast.) During her January 2024 “Friendship Breakups” episode, she recalled losing a close friend after the grad trip. “Once I was done with college, I really just wanted to keep people around me who I respected and know would never stab me in the back,” Alix reflected. She proceeded to tell a story about an ex-friend who was “selfish” and determined to get what she wanted no matter who she had to hurt. Alix emphasized, “Just because someone’s fun doesn’t mean that they’re a good friend.” Oof.

Alix explained that this person had one of their friends blocked from freshman to senior year… strange. They apparently unblocked the friend when they all went on their big vacation. “You only started to include these girls or be friends with them when it was convenient for you,” Alix said. Slimy indeed. Alix and her former friend had a talk, the friend wouldn’t take accountability, and they didn’t get anywhere.

It does not seem like a coincidence that her last post with Xandra was from that trip. Call me a detective.

Alix And Xandra Both Recently Walked In The Sports Illustrated Miami Runway Show

Alix Earle and Xandra Pohl at the Sports Illustrated runway show
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The ex-BFFs both stunned in gorgeous bikinis for the June 1 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit runway show in Miami. Alix and Xandra did pose for a few photos together with model and TV presenter Camille Kostek in between them. I guess they’re at least on speaking terms? Other than these photos, there wasn’t a whole lot of interaction between the influencers. It’s kinda giving Joshua Bassett and Olivia Rodrigo posing together at the HSMTMTS season 3 premiere (after “driver’s license”), not gonna lie.

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