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All The Tom Sandoval Interview Moments That Give Me Nightmares

Tom Sandoval is excellent at fucking up on reality TV, and he’s possibly even better at fucking up interviews. Why is he still allowed to talk or be filmed at all? Well, that’s the great mystery of our time. Despite constantly defending himself since Scandoval occurred, he seems determined to maintain his villain reputation… but then he whines about that label. It’s a depressing, baffling cycle. I fear this 40-year-old man will always find new horrifying ways to top himself.

As the three-part Vanderpump Rules season 11 reunion approaches, I find myself having panic attacks about what might come out of Sandoval’s mouth this time around. His “redemption arc,” as Ariana calls it, may have miraculously worked on Scheana, Lala, Jax, Schwartz, and Brock, but it certainly hasn’t worked on me. Nope. My hatred for this man is more fiery than ever before, and it’s probably the most justified emotion I’ve ever had in my life. If you feel like going insane today, come along for this roundup of the worst Sandoval interview moments in history. I apologize for putting us through this.

The dreaded New York Times profile

Sandoval once said: “I witnessed the O.J. Simpson thing and George Floyd and all these big things, which is really weird to compare [Scandoval] to that, I think, but do you think in a weird way it’s a little bit the same?” I truly don’t understand why he’s allowed on television after uttering that sentence.

The time he showed up halfway through his Viall Files interview


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Thank goodness Schwartz was also scheduled to do this interview ’cause his bestie decided not to show for, like, 45 minutes or something. “Where the fuck are you?” Nick asked Sandoval on the phone. “Oh shit,” he replied. “I’m coming over.” He asked Nick to send him the address as if he didn’t already have it. When Nick asked why he was late, Sandoval got really pissed. “Why was I late?” he said. “Um … I’m sorry I’m late, Nick. Do you wanna fucking rake me over the coals?” Such a good look for him!!

When he literally blamed Ariana for the breakup on Howie Mandel’s show

I wasn’t sure if I hated Howie or Sandoval more after putting myself through this torturous experience. According to Sandoval, he’s not to blame for his split from Ariana. “She had heard things and seen things about Raquel but was very much turning a blind eye or just trusting me, I guess,” he said. Crazy! How dare she trust her boyfriend of almost a decade!

He continued, “Just to tell you how distant we were and how, like… in the later part of our relationship, I was seeing Raquel as often as I could — I know that sounds horrible — and FaceTiming her all the time, and, like, Ariana just really didn’t notice because that’s just how separate our lives were. I had to actually tell her: ‘Have you not noticed how distant I’ve been lately?’ And she’s like, ‘Oh, you have?'” Awww, poor Sandoval.

The infamous T-shirt remark

This is triggering. During the season 10 reunion, Andy asked Sandoval if he’d slept with anyone after Raquel, and Ariana pointed out that she’d slept with him after he slept with Raquel. “Yeah, she kept her T-shirt on,” Sandoval muttered. “It was really hot.” Chills in the worst fucking way.

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