What Really Happens When You Eat A Salad

Ah, salad. You know it’s good for you. You understand it’s life changing benefits. In theory, it is food. But in practice? Hard pass. Any time you order a salad for lunch, you go through four stages. The first is wondering how the fuck something made entirely out of things you can grow in your … Continued

The Lazy Girl’s Guide To Healthy Eating

I know, I know. Somewhere between your blackout tequila parties, enviable closet, circle of betches, and being super hardcore amazing, you forgot to learn how to cook. Maybe it’s mommy’s fault; maybe your slave maid never taught you growing up or didn’t speak enough English to explain how a proper taco is made. These things … Continued

How To Order At Sweetgreen Like A Betch

We’re not getting paid to say this, but whichever betch invented Sweetgreen is fucking brilliant. I mean, we’ve been eating salad at least twelve times a week forever, but Sweetgreen has managed to make us look somewhat normal for doing so. For those of you who live under a rock—or like, in Kentucky or something—Sweetgreen … Continued

2 Detox Dishes For Your Shitty Winter Body

Oh, January—you may as well be called Cleansetober. After all of the meat, carbs, sugar, and alcohol, our delicate bodies can’t fucking handle much more. It’s time for a cleanse. But cleansing is just generally shitty (no pun intended). If you’re doing something like a juice cleanse, prepare to gain literally all the weight you … Continued

Get Drunk Off Salad: Arugula Salad With Tequila Dressing

We all love alcohol—really, it hasn’t been a secret for many years. But it seems like we’re just now expanding our alcohol horizons beyond the glass. In an effort to make the best culinary use of our liquor cabinets, we’re putting our good friend tequila to work today as a salad dressing. Yes, really. We’re … Continued