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'The Traitors' Season 3 Cast, Ranked By Betchiness

You may wanna sit down for this: The cast of The Traitors season 3 has officially been announced and this group is chaotic as fuck. Yes, society’s (or at least my) favorite celebrity experiment is getting even more wild. I’m talking the messiest housewives out there, obscure British royalty, the No. 1 most hated man in America, and more charismatic characters. Please take me to the Scottish castle immediately, Peacock. I’m not sure I can wait much longer to watch this group ~murder~ each other for cash. Host Alan Cummings made the cast announcement on June 5 and obviously, I got right to work judging this list of villains and icons.

As we wait for a release date because Peacock likes to torture us, please enjoy The Traitors season 3 cast, ranked by betchiness.

The Traitors Season 3 Cast Ranked

21. Jeremy Collins — Survivor

Jeremy Collins
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I’m just not convinced there’s an uber betchy personality to work with here… but please prove me wrong, Jeremy.

20. Nikki Garcia — Former Professional Wrestler

Nikki Garcia
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How do I hire her to wrestle Sandoval on the show?

19. Tony Vlachos — Survivor

Tony Vlachos
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Tony’s a keep-it-real, no nonsense typa guy and I’m a girl who needs nonsense and fakenesss, sorry.

18. Bob Harper — The Biggest Loser

Bob Harper
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Bob and The Biggest Loser make me deeply uncomfortable, but discomfort is essential in reality TV I s’pose… ?

17. Rob Mariano — Survivor

Rob Mariano
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We all know Boston Rob is a man of strategy. He might last a while, but I don’t need him to, TBH.

16. Dylan Efron — Down to Earth with Zac Efron

Dylan Efron
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Mildly annoying? Sure. But he can have a couple points for nepotism <3. I’m always looking for a connection to Zac.

15. Gabby Windey — The Bachelorette

Gabby Windey
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I love this woman to death, but she’s super chill and doesn’t really seem like the type to make a splash on this genre of show.

14. Chrishell Stause — Selling Sunset

Chrishell Stause
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Chrishell may not be able to hold a fork and knife correctly, but surely, she can stab some of these people in the back.

13. Wells Adams — The Bachelorette and Bachelor In Paradise

Wells Adams
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Wells, Wells, Wells. He’s vanilla but he’s kinda hot and likes to have a good time soooo, No. 13 it is.

12. Sam Asghari — Model/Actor, Former Britney Spears Husband

Sam Asghari
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He’d be way lower on the list if he wasn’t once tied to Britney, the most important person in my life.

11. Ciara Miller — Summer House

Ciara Miller
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You know she’s serious about this show if she’s leaving her bed behind to film.

10. Tom Sandoval — Vanderpump Rules

Tom Sandoval
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Worm With a Mustache is going smack in the middle because I’ve never despised anyone more, but I’m also dying to see him get bullied by this crew.

9. Danielle Reyes — Big Brother

Danielle Reyes
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Danielle once said, “I’m as innocent as a dove but sly as a snake,” and that’s the exact energy I need her to bring to The Traitors. 

8. Robyn Dixon — The Real Housewives of Potomac

Robyn Dixon
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My Reasonably Shady queen was not invited back for season 9 of RHOP rip, but I know in my soul she shall make a fabulous Traitor.

7. Carolyn Wiger — Survivor

Carolyn Wiger
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She better bring every molecule of that breathtaking Survivor sass to The Traitors. 

6. Chanel Ayan — The Real Housewives of Dubai

Chanel Ayan
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“God did not take all this time to create me to be humble for nobody. Not gonna happen.” – Chanel Ayan, my role model

5. Britney Haynes — Big Brother

Britney Haynes
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A WIN. The queen of creative insults is gonna slay on this show.

4. Dorinda Medley — The Real Housewives Of New York City

Dorinda Medley
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Bravo may have fired her from RHONY, but Peacock is welcoming this legend with open arms, so prepare yourselves for epic one-liners.

3. Lord Ivar Mountbatten — British Royal

Lord Ivar Mountbatten
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I’ve been saying this whole time the show needs a British aristocrat, farmer, and geologist. Thank heavens for Lord Ivar!!

2. Dolores Catania — The Real Housewives of New Jersey

Dolores Catania
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Patiently waiting for her famous scumbag speech but directed at Sandoval. Pretty pleeeaaase.

1. Bob the Drag Queen — RuPaul’s Drag Race

Bob the Drag Queen
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I can’t wait to see this icon bring all the hehe hahas and call a lot of bitches (Sandoval) out this season.

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