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The 'Summer House' Cast's TikToks Are Low-Key The Best Part Of This Season

Season 8 of Summer House has certainly been a dramatic one. Don’t get me wrong, I crave the drama, but has it been a little too dramatic? Like, actually borderline depressing how bleak these relationships are? I think when most people are screaming at the screen “Just break up with her!” the answer has to be yes. To make matters worse, when the couples aren’t at each other’s throats, it seems like most of the cast is either unconscious or in a horizontal position. At least, that’s what we’ve been shown by Bravo. Apparently, there have been some late-night shenanigans going on in the Hamptons that we’re only now graciously finding out due to social media. No, I’m not talking about Amanda and Jesse’s strange pseudo-relationship situation that they’re totally trolling with at this point (and yes, Jesse is still single). The Summer House cast has been getting very silly on TikTok and it’s honestly more entertaining than most of the season combined. While I firmly believe the cast could deeply benefit from a casting shake-up, let’s enjoy the Summer House cast’s TikToks and extra-curricular social media activity in all their glory.

The Summer House Cast’s TikToks

Amanda and Paige As After-Hours Chefs

@amandabatula Imagine hating us and were over here making chamoy pickle videos @Paige DeSorbo @West Wilson @Kyle Cooke ♬ original sound – Amanda Batula

Seeing Paige out of bed feels like a miracle on its own, but watching her and Amanda make the viral “post-gardening” candy salad Chamoy pickle snack is exactly the energy I want to see (as opposed to, idk, Kyle’s temper tantrums in his car). What is Chamoy, after all? A sweet, sour, and savory Mexican spice flavor that often comes in a paste. And now I want a Chamoy marinated pickle in my hand, immediately.

Amanda is still married, FYI

@amandabatula Replying to @AG ♬ IM MARRIED. – biee ₊˚ෆ

Okay, for those of us wondering, Amanda has not forgotten Kyle exists (a task that seems virtually impossible regardless of the circumstances). The Jesse drama had fangirls dreaming up Solomanda fanfics overnight, but she is (kinda) setting the record straight that she’s still in love with her loverboy despite the continued Instagram flirtation with his best friend raging on.


@ciaramiller___ 👧🏼👧🏾 @Amanda Batula ♬ original sound – Jessica Woo

Girlhood and friendship are absolutely unmatched on Bravo right now. After seeing Ciara defend Amanda, giving her career concerns a voice when she didn’t know how to herself, it’s nice to see the loyalty and love still thriving post-season. But ladies be careful — there is a 99% chance you will NOT look like Ciara with bangs. Much like when the latest Hollywood it girl gets a bob, stay strong from the temptation.

West and Jesse are the most loving relationship on Summer House

@westywilson nah that’s my dog fr @Jesse Solomon #summerhouse #love #franksinatra ♬ original sound – Derek Hough

Do I love how West and Ciara’s situationship is stalling? No, I don’t. But one romance that is definitely thriving is West and Jesse’s friendship. This man claims he has trouble opening up, but maybe Jesse is his primary safe space right now.

Remember when Jesse told us he could sing?

@jessesolsWill perform at weddings♬ original sound – Jesse Solomon

Jesse should perform at weddings (though obviously not Lindsay’s), jazz lounges, or maybe my living room may have an opening but I’d totally have to check.

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