21 Bachelorette Decorations That Aren’t Just Penises

Well, ladies… it’s here. Bachelorette season is officially upon us. And, I don’t know about you but the “pin the dick on the dude” theme is really getting old. Listen, I’m all for helping your girl sow her wild oats one last weekend before the wedding, but let’s put a pause on the penises, ok? Let’s be a little more mature and do a grown up theme… Like dressing as if we were in 3rd grade again. (Everyone loves a 90’s theme.)

But if you’re going sans-penis, what are we decorating with? That’s where we come in. Because let’s be honest…you’ve got a lot of sh*t on your plate already. Whether it’s deciding who gets which room in the Airbnb or forcing different friend groups to get along, one thing you shouldn’t have to worry about are the details of decor. Which is exactly why I planned it all for you. You’re welcome in advance. 

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Let’s be real, not a single one of you was even alive during the disco era. But honestly, who cares? If it means that the only type of balls that will be at the party are disco, I’m in. And, one thing I can pretty much guarantee is that none of you will be Stayin’ Alive with the hangover you’re sure to have on day two.

Disco Ball Headband And Veil

Every bride wants to be the center of attention, so this headband will ensure she shines brighter than anyone else.

Shop it: xo, Fetti Disco Ball Headband + Veil, $9.99, Amazon

Last Disco Foil Balloons

Is it even a themed party if you don’t have balloons that literally spell out the theme?

Shop it: xo, Fetti Last Disco Foil Balloons, $11.99, Amazon

Disco Ball Foil Curtain

More is more when it comes to disco decor.

Shop it: xo, Fetti Disco Ball Foil Curtain, $15.99, Amazon

Stayin’ Alive Hangover Kit

I think this is self explanatory—help the group come back to life after a long night out.

Shop it: Stayin Alive Hangover Kit, $2.65, Etsy


A bachelorette party already feels like one giant sleepover, so why not just embrace it? Just go to your parents house, dig through your childhood closet, and I’m sure you’ll find A) a Juicy tracksuit, B) PINK sweatpants, C) your collection of hit clips or, D) all of the above. All that’s missing is some blow-up furniture and a few feather boas. 

Y2K Icons Party Banner

If Paris Hilton was pictured wearing and/or using it in 2005, it belongs on this banner and at your bach.

Shop it: Y2K Icons Party Banner, $3.69, Etsy

Bride Bucket Hat

Shade the bride from the sun while bringing back the best trend of the early ’00s.

Shop it: Bride Bucket Hat, $34, Shop Betches

Checkered Drink Pouches

It’s giving Limited Too graphic t-shirts and I’m absolutely here for it.

Shop it: xo, Fetti Checkered Drink Pouches, $9.99, Amazon

Iridescent Fringe Foil Curtain

So insta may not have existed back then, but this photo backdrop would’ve looked just as good on a disposable camera as it will on your phone.

Shop it: xo, Fetti Decorations Iridescent Fringe Foil Curtain, $12.99, Amazon


Okay, hear me out. What if you went to a bach and the theme was simply…. Bachelorette Party? Let the bride be a bridezilla and wear white for 4 solid days straight, drink water that she desperately needs at the end of the night from one of those bride straws, and mourn celebrate her last few months/weeks of being unwed. Can’t go wrong with a classic. 

Pearl White Hair Bow

It’ll match every single one of the 30 white outfits she brought on the 3 day trip.

Shop it: xo, Fetti Pearl White Hair Bow, $12.99, Amazon

Bride To Be Sash

It’s not a classic bach without a sash.

Shop it: xo, Fetti Rhinestone Bride To Be Sash, $8.99, Amazon

Bride And Diamond Ring Straw Set

How will you know who’s the bride and who’s not if you don’t have specific straws that say it??

Shop it: xo, Fetti Pink Bride + Diamond Ring Straw Set, $14.99, Amazon

Bride Balloon

I don’t need to spell it out for you, but she’s getting f*cking married and wants everyone to know.

Shop it: xo, Fetti white Jumbo Bride Balloons, $19.99, Amazon

Rose Gold Foil Curtain

You’re going to need some color so the Bride Balloons don’t blend in with the stark white walls of the Airbnb.

Shop it: KatchOn Rose Gold Fringe Curtain Backdrop, $10.97, Amazon


If you’re not scream-singing Shania Twain at the top of your lungs by the end of the night, did you really even go to a western-themed bachelor party? Give the girls what they want! And by that I mean a reason to wear the cowboy boots they bought last year that are sitting in the back of their closet… 

Bride Cowgirl Hat

Every bride wants a hat with a veil ever since the ’98 version of The Parent Trap. IYKYK.

Shop it: xo, Fetti Bride Cowgirl Hat, $29.99, Amazon

Let’s Go Girls Glitter Banner

Man, I feel like a woman.

Shop it: xo, Fetti Let’s Go Girls Glitter Banner in Silver, $10.99, Amazon

Cowgirl Boot Shot Glasses

The phrase “boot and rally,” has truly taken on a new meaning at bachelorette parties.

Shop it: Cowgirl Boot Shot Glasses, $2.99, Etsy

Cow Print Balloons

These are just so f*cking cute, I can’t.

Shop it: Cow Print Balloons, $6.99, Amazon


I may or may not have binged one too many true-crime podcasts before writing this but if I could re-do my own bachelorette, you better believe this would have been the theme. Dressing in all black makes packing so simple. And TBH the vibe is giving Kourt & Travis Barker and I’m here for it.

RIP Single Life Glitter Banner

The whole group will literally be dead when they see this.

Shop it: xo, Fetti RIP Single Life Glitter Banner, $10.99, Amazon

Silver Fringe Backdrop

This metallic curtain is probably the closest you’ll get to the pearly gates on any bachelorette.

Shop it: KatchOn Silver Fringe Backdrop, $10.97, Amazon

Black Balloon Arch Kit

Decor to perfectly match the entire bridal party’s wardrobe.

Shop it: NISOCY Black Latex Balloon Arch Kit, $10.99, Amazon

Mrs White Rhinestone And Satin Gloves

Any reason to wear formal gloves feels like a good one.

Shop it: xo, Fetti Bachelorette Mrs Opera Gloves, $9.99, Amazon


Feature Image Credit: Koolshooters on Pexels




8 Bachelorette Themes That Don’t Involve Matching Shirts

Planning a bachelorette party, even without a pandemic, comes with a lot of stress. How many vacation days do you have to take? How much are you going to pay out of pocket? How many bitches are going to bail last minute, leaving you to pick up the bill? And of course, the dreaded, what will our theme be? Now, obviously, the biggest question bachelorettes face is, “is this ever f*cking happening?” With summer and fall weddings getting postponed, bachelorette parties are also getting pushed out—but if you ask us, that just means more time to plan and make it perfect.

I know we all make fun of theme nights/darties, but let’s be real, we all do them because of the attention. The only problem? If you go with the expected matching T-shirts, you’ll end up at the bar where no less than four other bachelorette parties are doing the exact same theme, stealing your well-deserved popularity. It’s hard enough to get everyone to agree to wear something out of the ordinary and coordinate a custom bulk order. If you do that and then don’t stand out, what’s even the point?

Even though bachelorette parties are probably not happening this summer, it’s never too early to start planning for 2021. Plus, any of these can be adapted for a Zoom bachelorette. That’s why we’re pulling together some of the best “not completely overdone yet” themes that will ensure you get all of the compliments and Instagram likes that you so deserve.

1. Sarongs

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More evidence that sarongs are the new matching t-shirts. Not mad about this at all | credit/permission: @k_jolo 📸 @jennanielsenphotography

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Officially the new matching shirts, sarongs are our favorite way to easily coordinate without having to actually like, try. Not only are they cheaper than swimsuits and less cliche than personalized tees, but there’s actually a chance that your friends will wear them again, which is basically unheard of in the bridesmaid world.

2. Neon

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PSA: we’ve got a Betches Brides FB group where you can share bach intineries, ask any and all wedding related questions, share wild bridezilla stories & more. Search ’Betches Brides’ or click the link in our bio to join now! | Bride @angelaiello

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It’s better than black and it’s not as tacky as say, sequins, but it’s an easy and cheap way to stand out in a crowd of sashes and tiaras. Odds are you have some neon stashed in the back of your closet from that ’80s party you went to in college, so get ready to rock the bright hues like a sign that screams “give me all your attention.” Bonus: Even though we’ve all been stuck inside, the bright colors will make you look sooo tan. 

3. Wigs

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Been seeing more & more bach wig nights out – are we here for it?? I think so. Plus, it’s an easy/low cost way to have a matching night during the trip. | credit/permission @k_jolo 📸 @jennanielsenphotography

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Whether everyone’s in matching colors or you just let it be a free-for-all, wearing a brightly colored wig out basically guarantees that you’re gonna have a wild time. Don’t ask me why. I didn’t make the rules, that’s just how it goes. Maybe it’s because you get to devote more time to drinking and less time to getting ready. Maybe it’s just the thrill of knowing you have a plethora of fire Instagram captions to choose from when you’re drunk posting at 2am (“getting wiggy with it”, “wigging out”, and my personal fave, “wig-ardium leviosa”). Either way, wigs are the theme for bitches who are here to party. 

4. Robes and Towels

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are towels and robes the new matching bach outfit orrrr? | credit: @demileighnp

A post shared by Betches Brides (@betchesbrides) on

This is more of a “grab a pic for the ‘gram” kind of theme, but come on, that’s the whole point of a theme anyway. When you’re at your hotel, Airbnb, or getting spa treatments, be sure to get a picture of everyone in their white fluffy robes with towels on their heads. It screams bougie and above the whole “getting sh*tfaced in a shirt that says ‘bride tribe’” kind of thing. It also seamlessly transitions for the virtual bachelorette since you definitely didn’t want to change out of your robe in the first place.

Now, if you want to wear this outfit out, I can guarantee you’ll be the talk of whichever party town you’re at. You might have to check your dignity at the door, but don’t pretend you weren’t planning on doing that anyway.

5. Leopard/Cheetah

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Leopard but make it bridesmaid. V V into this mismatched dress look -Thoughts?? | 📸 @jodeedebesphoto 👰🏽 @dustandsalt

A post shared by Betches Brides (@betchesbrides) on

Spots are in full fashion, and we are here for it. Easily the greatest animal print of all time (sucks to suck, zebras), leopard print is fun and sophisticated with just a dash of slutty mixed in for good measure. The only requirement? You have to belt The Cheetah Girls as you’re getting ready. It’s practically the law.

6. Spice Girls/Iconic Group

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forget matching bachelorette party t-shirts. this bridal party flexed on us all by dressing up as the spice girls this weekend. | credit/permission: @thatlizann

A post shared by Betches Brides (@betchesbrides) on

The Cheetah Girls aren’t the only group to consider channeling for your bachelorette party. Consider other famous packs like The Spice Girls, The Pink Ladies, The Pretty Poisons, or The Village People. Not only will this give everyone a chance to actually pick what they like, but if you go to a place like Austin, Nashville, or NOLA, folks will literally be stopping you on the street to take your photo. If that isn’t the dream of any bachelorette party, I don’t know what is.

7. (Utilize) The Groom

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your bachelorette is the only time it’s acceptable to wear your fiancé’s face on your clothes. | credit/permission: @beccadepip

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More and more we’re seeing parties (and especially brides) channel their groom for the bachelorette. Whether that means plastering his face on koozies, swimsuits, veils, or giant T-shirts, flaunting his mug is a hilarious way to not only match, but low-key make fun of the future hubby. While it’s more expensive than say, having everyone wear a bright neon color, what it lacks in frugality it makes up for in pure f*cking hilarity. 

8. Everyone’s A Bride

if your #bacheloretteparty doesn’t involve everyone dressing up as brides, you’re 1000% doing it wrong. pic.twitter.com/XXev41EEKF

— Rachel Varina (@rachelvarina) March 9, 2020

My personal favorite, there’s literally no better way to get in the bridal spirit than having everyone dress up as brides. You might think it will take away from *you* but trust me, you’re wrong. You will obviously be the best bride in the group, because hello? You’re the f*cking bride. Between Goodwill, Amazon, and your grandma’s closet, everyone can come up with a tacky outfit in formal white.

Bottom line, no matter when your bachelorette is or if it’s happening in person or over video call, ditch the “we’re getting shipfaced” shirts and pick a theme worth posting about. And don’t even think about anything “bride tribe”!!

Images: Andrew R Simoneaux; rachelvarina / Twitter, betchesbrides / Instagram (7)

How To Throw A Virtual Bachelorette Party That Isn’t Sad

There’s no way around it: Coronavirus is f*cking things up. Between healthcare, the economy, and mental wellbeing, this sh*t is, as Kelly Kapoor would say, “B-A-N-A-N-A-S.” In addition to all of the terrible things everyday folks are dealing with, couples who had spring and summer (and maybe fall?) weddings planned are having to change the biggest day of their lives. While it’s heartening to see couples making the best out of a god-awful situation with virtual weddings and proposals, it’s okay to admit that for 2020 brides, this majorly blows.

While weddings and showers are huge parts of the “getting married” celebrations, one of the most anticipated events brides are having to postpone or cancel is their bachelorette parties. With travel restrictions and social distancing in place, getting 15 of your best friends together for a weekend of drinking and debauchery seems like something from a distant world. While it might not be ideal, having a virtual bachelorette party is a great solution to an otherwise dumpster fire of a situation. As someone who recently attended one (and had the hangover to prove it), I’m here to break down the whys and hows of having a virtual bachelorette party that doesn’t suck as much as it sounds like it will.

The Perks Of A Virtual Bachelorette Party

I have to admit: There are actual, real-life, non-coronavirus perks to having a virtual bachelorette party. In addition to saving yourself and your friends so much money, you’ll basically have a meeting where everyone is nice to you and gets you drunk. You don’t have to clean up, you don’t have to coordinate travel and meals and the wants of 12 different people, and you won’t deal with the strain of someone bailing last minute, causing you to pick up their part of the Airbnb and hate them forever.

With a virtual bachelorette party, you can invite more friends to hang out in a low-pressure environment, all while still keeping the important aspects of a bachelorette party intact: getting drunk, playing games, and embarrassing the bride. Here’s how to do it in a way that’ll make you say, “Wait, did I actually just have fun on a video chat?”

1. Theme

While the usual “put a whole bunch of penis stuff on every surface of the hotel room” won’t really work here, you can still make the event feel special. Have the MOH and/or bridesmaids pull together a small budget for the party and use that money toward creating a theme. Send the bride and the virtual guests streamers, signs, photo props, wigs—anything simple that can be hung up and seen from others’ screens. In addition to tangible items, ask all of the guests to pick a virtual background of either an embarrassing picture of the bride or her favorite destination to make it seem like everyone’s really all together.

2. Outfits

One of the best ways to get into the party spirit is to dress up. Just because you’re not physically going anywhere, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use this as a chance for a bomb Instagram like you would any other bachelorette. Most of the time, the attire goes along with the location, such as cowboy boots in Nashville or sarongs in someplace sunny. Now, however, the sheer act of putting on makeup and a new dress is enough to get excited about. While Amazon has delayed shipping for non-essential items, other wedding-famous retailers, such as Rent The Runway and Adrianna Papell are still fulfilling orders in a timely manner.

“We feel that honoring the bride and bridal party in such a special time in the bride’s life is important,” says Adrianna Papell Director of e-commerce, Caroline Colavita. “Just because we can’t physically be together right now doesn’t mean the bride and her guests don’t deserve to wear something special.” It’s the reason couples are having formal date nights at home and those getting married are still donning their wedding day attire: Getting dressed up makes you feel good. Whether you wear the cocktail gown that’s been sitting in your closet for months or order something new (#StimulateTheEconomy), this is a great excuse to change out of your pajamas for once and see if you still remember how to contour.

3. Favors

Whether it’s personalized koozies to remember the virtual bachelorette party, wine glasses with everyone’s name on them, or just a sh*t-ton of penis straws, favors are a great way to thank the (virtual) guests for coming and make the party feel a little more special and a little more like an in-person bachelorette. In addition to favors for the guests, use part of the budget for a gift to the bride from everyone. Buy her the wedding day robe she’s been eying, an at-home spa kit, or hell, maybe a new vibrator. Whatever it is, just gift her something to make her feel pampered and loved in spite of the circumstances.  

4. Alcohol

While the theme and the outfits and the people are important, let’s be real: alcohol is the most important component of any bachelorette party, but especially a virtual one. With everyone in their own homes, utilizing drinking games is an easy way to loosen everyone up and get guests chatting. Drop off some alcohol at the bride’s house (leave it at the door, duh) or have some delivered for her event. Whether you incorporate shot glasses, funnels, or chambongs is up to you, but waking up the next day just as hungover as you would at any other bachelorette party is the goal (except now you don’t have to worry about passing out at the bar or going home with a rando), so drink responsibly and appropriately. And by that, I mean do the bride proud and at least brown out. 

5. Games

Games, though sometimes mocked, are crucial to any in-person or virtual bachelorette party. Not only do they help break the ice, but they’re a great way to get guests drinking, laughing, and making the bride feel special. Below are a few tried-and-true games that work just as great virtually as they do in person.

Drink Every Time You Say: Whether it’s “bride,” “wedding,” or “coronavirus,” this simple game is a must for literally any social situation. Granted, once you get drunk enough you’ll forget you’re playing, but whatever. It just really kicks things off. Pick a word (or words) and if anyone says it, they have to drink. Call each other out and watch as your friends go from sober to “I’M HAVING THE BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE” like that!

Guess The Panties: Have each guest order a pair of underwear for the bride (ensure they choose the “gift” option so their names aren’t on the packaging). At the party, the bride will pull each pair out and guess who she thinks purchased them for her. If she gets it right, the buyer has to take a drink. If she gets it wrong, she has to take a drink and keep guessing until she gets it correct.

Name The Ex: Before the party, have the bride write down the most scandalous things she’s done with all of her exes (along with the names of who she did them with). Shoot for 10-15 (or at least one for each guest). At the party, read an act to each guest and have her guess which ex she thinks was involved. If she gets it right, the bride drinks, if she gets it wrong, she drinks.

Porn or Polish: One of the most classic bachelorette party games can be played virtually. Have the MOH download the questions and the answers and ask the group one at a time. Each guest has to type whether she thinks the option is the name of a porn film or the name of a nail polish. Once everyone’s answers are submitted, the MOH will tell the answer and will assign everyone who got it wrong to take a drink.

Ask The Groom: Have the MOH email the groom a list of questions to secretly answer. At the party, have the bride guess his answers to the questions. If she gets it right, she gets to tell someone to drink. If she gets it wrong, however, she has to drink.

6. Social That Sh*t

Just because you’re not getting blacked out on Bourbon Street or chugging on the Vegas strip, it doesn’t make your event any less important. Utilize a hashtag just as you would with any other bachelorette to make social media bystanders feel left out included and make sure to have your husband/boyfriend/partner/self-timer take some bomb photos of you in your outfit. Take screenshots of the virtual group, take selfies chugging, and share the love in your stories. With so few events to look forward to, go as extra as humanly possible—trust us, you’ve earned it. With a little bit of flexibility and a whole lot of vodka, your virtual bachelorette party will truly be the night you’ll never remember, just as you always hoped.

Images: Sergii Sobolevskyi / Shutterstock.com; Giphy (2); Rachel Varina

The Betches’ Bachelorette Guide to Denver

Planning sucks, and bachelorette parties are a ton of work. So we’re taking all the guesswork out of planning a bachelorette party by breaking down top bachelorette destinations. Our guides will tell you where to stay, eat, party, how to get around, and give you a sample itinerary that you can follow. You’re welcome.

Marijuana is legal in Colorado—do you need any other reason to bach here? Real talk, though: Denver is the best. There aren’t many cities that have awesome food, music, hotels, and nightlife, plus crazy nature views and fitness opps galore. Plus, did we mention you can do all these things toked up? Forget Disneyland, Denver is the happiest place on Earth. Which means it’s a no-brainer for your bachelorette party. Another reason we like it? Consuming all the cheeseburgers is encouraged. Seriously. Louis Ballast introduced the first cheeseburger to Denver/the world in 1935, and for that reason we love him. Oh, and it’s affordable. Always a bonus with bridal parties looking to stretch their dollar (and maybe their waistline) during a rager weekend. Consider this your ultimate bachelorette guide to Mile-High City.

How To Get There

If you live on the West Coast or in the Midwest, Colorado is pretty easy to get to and from. Flights from Los Angeles clock in around 2 hours 20 minutes and closer to 2 hours from most of Texas, while you’re looking at 4.5 hours if you’re coming from NYC. All in all, not that bad compared to say, a 10+ hour excursion to some random island. And since Denver is a major metropolis, there are tons of flights daily, with Delta, JetBlue, Southwest, Frontier, United, and American leading the list of airline options. As for the best times to go, November is usually the cheapest, and high season runs from January to March, but the Coachella of the Rockies, Grandoozy, happens in September. Airfare can be found for as little as $56 to as high as $200/$300 (depending on the time and where you’re flying from).

How To Get Around

Considering Denver is like, one of the healthiest cities in America, people are active AF here. Which means they’re usually running, cycling, or walking to wherever they’re trying to get. And if that’s your jam, by all means, jump on a tandem bike to get your ass to the bar. Should you find yourself three sheets to the wind, however, and in no shape for pedaling—or really even using your feet—Uber to the rescue. There’s also Denver Party Ride (a limo-like valid option) and Regional Transportation District (RTD), also known as the bus, but let’s be real, you’ll probably call an Uber.

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Am I Colorado enough now?

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Where To Stay

The Ramble: Say hello to our favorite hotel in Mile-High City. This 50-room boutique hotel in the River North Arts District (RiNo) is prime turf for bachelorette shenanigans, considering it’s surrounded by Insta-worthy street art for impromptu photo shoots, tons of restaurants and bars, which are crucial when you’re hangry, hungover, or all of the above, as well as 15 craft breweries, cideries, wineries, and distilleries. Soooo you’ll never get thirsty around here.

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Thanks to @apartment_bartender for capturing our space so perfectly.

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You don’t have to worry about losing your buzz inside The Ramble either, since the chic AF lobby bar is where you’ll start your day (order the loaded Bloody Mary) and downstairs at Death & Co is where you’ll end your night. The hotel serves as a second outpost to the famous NYC craft cocktail den, where chances are you’ve blacked out visited once or twice. Super Mega Bien is also a good time, with a menu full of Latin-American Dim Sum snacks, family-style shared plates, and some delish house-made tonics that are obviously served with gin.

As for the rooms, they’re what you wish yours at home could look like—if you had money. Decked out in jewel tones, antique Persian rugs, and quirky paintings, they’re ideal for sleeping in, thanks to high thread-count sheets. Throw in a claw-foot tub and Death & Co curated mini bar and good luck giving back your room keys when it’s time to check out. They even offer girls trip-approved Bunkhouse rooms and a Pied-à-Terre loft with a stocked kitchen and bar for entertaining. Rates start at $169 per night.

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One of life’s great treats – breakfast in a bed that isn’t your own. (📷:@melissamale)

A post shared by theramblehotel (@theramblehotel) on

The Ritz-Carlton, Denver: Before saying “I do,” check into The Ritz and live your best *still* single life with their Girlfriend Getaway Package. Your Deluxe Club Level Suite digs come with plush featherbeds, oversized tubs, two bottles of champagne, and a personalized chocolate tasting that will make you feel bougie as hell. And when that bubbly runs dry, there’s more in the Club Level Lounge, along with complimentary snack spreads five times a day, free WiFi, and a dedicated concierge who will act as your BFF to make reservations, point you in the right direction when you can’t remember where your room is, and deliver the sunglasses and Advil. Ok maybe not the last one, but then again it’s The Ritz, and they’re about that kind of service. Bach groups also get a special discount at The Spa, so set aside time to be pampered, massaged, polished, and primped because you deserve it. Rates start at $279 per night.

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Wine not? #NYE2020

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The Jacquard Hotel & Rooftop: This luxury Autograph Collection hotel is #bachelorettegoals, thanks to a killer rooftop bar and pool and 201 rooms and suites with Rocky Mountain views and swanky vibes. Some even have have Peloton Bikes because again, Denver is super into fitness. Downstairs you’ll find Narrative that’s literally the best for brunch, happy hour, nightcaps—you name it—and a wine library with over 750 bottles to brag about. Rates start at $157 a night.

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Beautiful inside and out.

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JW Marriott Denver Cherry Creek: The first hotel to ever open in Cherry Creek got a fresh facelift, and now it boasts fancy suites, five-piece marble bathrooms, custom duvets (that you should watch out for when you’re schwasted), and a bunch of athletic amenities. On top of their 24-hour gym, there’s complimentary rooftop yoga, so if at any point you’re sober (or at least semi-oriented enough for a downward dog), swing on by. They also offer a Retail Therapy Package with @CherryCreekNorth shopping credits usable at the 16 blocks worth of nearby stores, so that’s reason enough for us to stay. Rates start at $207 per night.

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Take it from us—every celebration should start with champagne.

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Where To Eat

Uchi Denver: If you’ve ever been to Uchi in Austin or Houston (or even if you haven’t), make it a mandatory point to go to their Denver outpost. It’s sushi HEAVEN and you can thank us later. Located down the street from The Ramble in RiNo, the dining room is straight-up sexy, as are the rolls. GNO dinner is done right here, but only if you order our faves: Pork Rib Karaage, Softshell Crab Makimono, and Snow Crab Sunomono, plus all the sake, duh.

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Best New Restaurant?! 🤩Wow! Thank you, @303magazine, for selecting us. With this being our first location outside of Texas, we weren't quite sure how things would pan out but Denver has been SO welcoming to us, we really couldn't have asked for anything more. Doumo arigatou gozaimasu, Denver 🙏 Link in bio for the full read. 📸 @kylecoopah for 303 Magazine #uchidenver . . . . #haihospitality #newrestaurant #denver #denverco #infatuation #eaterdenver #denverfoodies #foodblogger #colorado #denverig #visitdenver #303

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Tavernetta: You haven’t seen girls truly gone wild until you let your tipsy crew loose over plates of pasta at Tavernetta. Francobolli “Postage Stamp” Ravioli, Tagliatelle with Lobster, spritzes on the patio…we would literally move in and live here if we could. Word to the wise: save this stop for the last supper and maybe hit a cannabis tour beforehand. It’s that good.

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Squash those winter cravings. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Winter Squash Ravioli | Brown Butter | Smoked Ricotta

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Woodie Fisher Kitchen & Bar: If you happen to be bar crawling in Union Station and need a rustic little spot to recharge the batteries and order more shots, Woodie Fisher it is. Not only is the historic Hose House No. 1 famous (it was the first fire station in Denver), but their epic grilled cheese will bring you to tears—in a good way. The chicken shawarma wraps with dill yogurt are also pretty major, so be prepared to stash a couple in your purse for later.

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Double tap if you love a melty grilled cheese on sourdough 🤤

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Hearth & Dram: Any resto/bar that looks like a refurbished apothecary with over 300 whiskeys on tap is our kind of jam. Happy hour is always a good time, as is brunch, with $15 bottomless mimosas on Saturday and Sunday to pair with Bourbon Bacon Cinnamon Rolls and Green Eggs and Ham Benedict.

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Sipping away Sunday Scaries like 📸:@bluemountainbel. . . . #timeforwine #sundaysupper #hearthanddram #drinkhere #denverdrinks #denvereats #cacioepepe

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Safta: Alon Shaya’s modern Israeli gem Safta is what family dinner (or brunch) dreams are made of. Toast the bride-to-be over bowls of baba ganoush, tabouleh, cauliflower hummus, and charred cabbage with muhammara, scooped up with as much wood-fired pita as you can stomach, because you’re on vacation, damn it.

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We know you can’t pick just *one* favorite, but why should you? . 📸@mthurk . . . . . #eaterdenver #5280 #5280eats #westword #denverfoodie #eeeeats #milehighdining #milehighcity #denvercolorado #denverfoodie

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Señor Bear: The heart wants what the heart wants, and most of the time that’s tacos, empanadas, and extra queso fundido to go with those 20 margs you just ordered. The Bear (in LoHi) is happy to oblige. They also have a chill little patio that’s ideal for drunk girls private parties.

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¿Do you even Hora Loca Brochachos? #horaloca #senorbear #gordocrunch #lohidenver #margarita #bruh #thursdaysarethenewfridays #sippinsidewaze #frozendrinks #nameabetterhappyhourillwait

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Mercantile Dining and Provision: Go for breakfast or lunch, then hit the the market at Mercantile to stock up on fruit spreads, pastries, cheese, and charcuterie, for when the midnight munchies strike.

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❄️Snowstorm is not stopping us!!! ❄️ We are open all day. We’ve got hot coffee and lots of croissants and breakfast pastries to warm you up . . . . #croissant #viennoiserie #pastries #breakfastpastry

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El Five: This place was made for #SundayFunday, downing bottles of rosé on the penthouse balcony, wondering if you’re making the right decisions re: marriage, life, your current outfit. The “Edible Beats Joint” in LoHi is allll the way up and has the best views of the Denver skyline, so it’s understandable if you miss your flight for one more round.

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Okaaay ladies now let's get in formation 🐝 #regram @kaylin.wade

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Where To Party

Two words: pints and pot. Denver is the land of craft beers and a whole lotta cannabis, so most daytime (and nighttime) activities center around these pastimes.

First Draft: Get a taste of Denver’s finest (local beers) at this Taproom & Kitchen that also has wine, cider, kombucha, coffee, and cocktails on hand if you can’t with the hops. P.S., they give out electronic wristbands to measure how much you self pour—in case you’re someone who actually cares.

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🎵 Wake up, wake up, wake up – It's the 1st of tha Month 🎵⁣ ⁣ Most joints celebrate Stout Month in FeBREWary… but not us! We rock Sour Month for all 29 days. 😎 We're doing a very special Saturday tap takeover with our Brewery of the Month, @blackprojectbeer, and we're releasing our collab beer baby into the wild!⁣ ⁣ Meet SKYBOLT. 😍 We get a whole bunch of sweet cherry pie on the nose, complements of the Montmorency and sweet cherry in this amazing blend of spontaneous beer! 🍒 We also dry-hopped it with El Dorado for even more stellar aroma.⁣ ⁣ Also on-tap today are кальмар, AZORIAN, CRYPTIC and MAGIC LANTERN: Passionfruit / Guava / Blood Orange. 🍻

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Complete Cannabis Tour: Board a 420-friendly party bus to Seed & Smith, where you’ll see and learn about every part of the cannabis production process. You’ll also receive some deep discounts (and suggestions from an expert budtender) to stock up for the weekend.

Cannabis and Candy Factory TourGet lit, get the munchies, and get your sweet tooth fix. Visit Green Dragon, one of Colorado’s best marijuana dispensaries, then take a candy-making class if your motor skills are still functioning.

Red Rocks Park & Amphitheatre: You’ve never been to a concert like one at Red Rocks. Located just 10 miles outside downtown Denver, it’s a must-visit when in the area for concerts, movies and tailgating at Ship Rock Grille amidst massive boulders. It’s also within close proximity to the Coors Brewery for a tour and tasting.

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“If the thunder don’t get you…” ⚡️🎶 This amazing shot was captured by @alivecoverage at @sts9 last season! 📸🤘

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The Infinite Monkey Theorem: Need a break from beer? Head here. If an urban winery operated out of the back alleys of Denver and Austin doesn’t say “best time ever” we don’t know what does. One of the mainstays in RiNo, the winery’s taproom has it all: music, food from Denver’s top food trucks, and slushy machines (weather permitting). It’s also spacious AF, therefore ideal for all 20 of your closest friends.

The Horseshoe Lounge: At some point during every bachelorette party, you just need a dive bar that serves tots and pizza where you can end the night—or get your 12th wind. Say hello to the Horseshoe. Did we mention there is pool and Arcade games?

Friday, Day 1

Pro Tip: Get your culture fix out of the way on day one. Or better yet, fly in Thursday for that so you don’t waste a Friday, when you could be getting high by the pool.

  1. Check in and drop your bags, rip a shot (or two with the bride), and prepare to make moves.
  2. Lunch at Mercantile or Safta.
  3. If you do want to see something besides the bottom of your glass on this trip, now’s a good time to swing by the Denver Botanic Gardens, Zoo, Aquarium, or catch a baseball game at Coors Field for a sports-meets-booze day of fun.
  4. At this point, the best idea is to squeeze in your cannabis tour, or walk into a dispensary, then go back to the hotel for a nap.
  5. Get up and get ready.
  6. Dinner at Super Mega Bien.
  7. Work the rooftop circuit at 54Thirty, FIRE Terrace at the ART, The Woods at The Source Hotel, or Death & Co’s The Garden, and Elevated at Halcyon.

Saturday, Day 2

Pro Tip: Drink a looooot of water. Altitude sickness is no joke when you’re drinking and smoking your face off. Hydrate that face, STAT.

  1. If your squad is a bunch of fitness freaks, work out in your hotel gym, go for a bike ride, hike, or meditate somewhere. For the rest of you who are vibrating on that hungover level, grab the Excedrin and nearest nip from the mini bar, then cure your pounding headache with breakfast at Hearth & Dram, Four Friends Kitchen, Denver Biscuit Co. or 24-hour diner The Breakfast King.
  2. If you’re visiting when it’s warm, pack your bride tribe suit and set up camp at Four Seasons Hotel Denver or Halcyon, for their rooftop pool scene.
  3. When you need to dry off (code for: refill your drink and get a bite), try Señor Bear for Pan-Latin bites, Pisco, and margs.
  4. No bach trip is complete without a little drunk shopping or the spa, so head to Cherry Creek to buy things you realllly need, followed by The Oxford Club, Spa & Salon for CBD massages.
  5. Go back to bach HQ, get ready, and go to dinner at Tavernetta.
  6. For a BIG bach mood, there’s Howl at the Moon, for a strip club mood there’s Shotgun Willie’s, and for a dive mood there’s The Horseshoe Lounge.

Sunday, Day 3

Pro Tip: At this point you’ve probably blown through your dispensary stash, so visit one more before you trek back home. Plane rides are better on edibles anyway.

  1. Sunday Funday at El Five with your crew then get your ass home if you have any chance of making it to work on Monday morning. Until next time, Denver!

Images: Owen Lystrup / Unsplash

The Betches’ Bachelorette Guide To Savannah

Planning sucks, and bachelorette parties are a ton of work. So we’re taking all the guesswork out of planning a bachelorette party by breaking down top bachelorette destinations. Our guides will tell you where to stay, eat, party, how to get around, and give you a sample itinerary that you can follow. You’re welcome.

Cool kids will know Savannah from the oh-so-famous Midnight In The Garden Of Good And Evil book and film. This southern port city is a little #dirtier than Charleston and a little fancier than New Orleans. It’s the perfect mix of genteel and honky-tonk. If you don’t know what those words mean, it’s probably for the best.

This magical spot in Georgia has hospitality, heat, hipsters, and h…amazing food. There are quite a few bachelorette parties passing through here, but it’s for a reason, obviously. Savannah is the spot to consider for your bride tribe trip.

How To Get There

Savannah is an easy drive from southern cities like Charlotte, Raleigh, Atlanta, Knoxville, and Charleston, so if you’re close to any of those areas, hop in the car, make a Spotify playlist, and set your Google Maps to Savannah (and pray it doesn’t get you lost).

The rest of us losers can grab a flight to Savannah Hilton Head International Airport, which has direct flights to Dallas, Houston, DC, NYC, Miami, Charlotte, Chicago, Philly, and a handful of other cities.

Roundtrip nonstop flights from major airports in NYC and most of the east coast start at around $200, and flights from Chicago or elsewhere in the Midwest are priced about double. Dallas and deep South travelers are looking at around $350, and West coast people can snag a flight for about $500.

Once you get to the airport in Savannah, you can grab an Uber or Lyft to bring you to the center of Savannah, where I assume you’re ready to throw your sh*t down in your weekend abode. Speaking of…

Where To Stay

Savannah is kind of a sprawling southern city, as in there are a ton of different kinds of places to stay. There are quite a few bed and breakfast options, but since the houses are small and kind of fancy, they may not be the best option for a loud group of blackout bitches. If you’re more of the mind that a hotel is where it’s at, the Perry Lane Hotel is super trendy, boutique, and has an amazing rooftop bar so you can get an obnoxious Insta to kick off the weekend. Andaz Savannah is another great option in the historic district, and there’s also Moon River Brewing Company, which is allegedly haunted, if you’re into spooky sh*t.


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Bohemian Hotel Savannah Riverfront and The Cotton Sail Hotel Savannah are great options too, since they’re right on the river, which is where you can walk around, and great food is literally everywhere. Plus, Savannah, like New Orleans, does not have open container laws, so you can walk around with your drinks worry-free. It’s a stellar area to stumble on cobblestones like old-timey drunks. This is the epitome of culture, guys.


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Pictures or it didn’t happen. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ •⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ •⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ •⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ • ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 📷: @madewellhair ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #KesslerExperiences #KesslerCollection #BohemianHotelSavannah #AutographCollection #BoutiqueHotel #Rocksontheroof #Rocksontheriver #savannahgeorgia #visitsavannah #thingstodoinsavannah

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There are also, of course, lots of Airbnbs, so pick whichever better suits your party’s needs. Pro tip: stay in or around the River Street and historic area, as it makes for the easiest walking and the easiest drinking.

How To Get Around

It kind of goes without saying, but Uber is going to be your bestie if you aren’t walking in Savannah. If you stay mostly around the riverfront and historic areas, walking to restaurants and bars is totally doable without the help of a ride service. If you want to venture over to SCAD for #art or walk around Forsyth Park, though, you may want to split a car.

The ferry also runs pretty constantly across the river if you want to see what that’s all about, but if you need a legit beach day at Tybee Island, you’ll need to drive about 30 minutes. Honestly, you can probs do without it; there’s plenty to do in and around the city without having to go a half hour out of your way (though if you find yourself back in the Savannah area, you should def make the trip to Tybee Island).

Where To Eat

Well, it’s Savannah, so there better be fried chicken, mac and cheese, and a whole lotta sweet tea. You’ll also need biscuits and gravy to soak up all the alcohol.

Speaking of binge drinking, though, before you get to eating, you’ll need to make a very important stop at Wet Willie’s. This place boasts slushies that contain a lot A LOT of alcohol and, yes, it’s a chain, but this is a chain we can respect for its commitment to getting you f*cked up. When I went to Savannah for my own bachelorette party, I remember one and a half slushies, and then a whole lot of nothing. Apparently, I was so hopped up on booze and sugar that I went to the historic square, made friends with a horse, crashed a mead tasting, booted, rallied, then did a FaceTime striptease for my then fiancé (with two of his three sisters in the room). Pro tip: If you get to Wet Willie’s and order the infamous “Call A Cab”, don’t drink anything else for AT LEAST 20 minutes.


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#partyparty #birthdaycontinues Thank you Jamie #mysisterrocks #countrygirl ♡

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After you destroy your body with booze, there are a few amazing restaurants perfect for a fancy night. Stop by Sorry Charlie’s Oyster Bar for champagne and fresh oysters before dinner, but get there on the early side unless you want to wait. Once you’re ready to really eat, there are tons of amazing food options around the city. The Grey has been lauded by numerous mags for its imaginative take on southern soul food. Helmed by Chef Mashama Bailey and housed in an old Greyhound bus station, it’s amazing. Pro tip: don’t miss anything starting with the words “fried” or “smothered”.


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The Olde Pink House is another southern food staple, and I had some of the best fried chicken of my life there. That’s saying something because at the time, I was recovering from vomiting for two hours and having to be hosed off by my bridesmaids #noregrets. Not in the mood for chicken? Get anything that has the locally-caught shrimp.


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Who’s ready for Christmas? 📷: @siobhan_slone

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Mrs. Wilkes Dining Room is another southern spot (worth the lines) where you can dine more family style. And if you’re just f*cking over southern food by the end of the weekend, get some tacos at Bull Street Taco or pizza at Vinnie Van GoGo’s.

When brunch calls (which it inevitably will), my fav options included Clary’s Cafe, where you NEED to get the pecan sticky bun on the side of your Hoppel Poppel—a terrible name for a scramble of eggs, salami, potatoes, onions, and peppers, served with a bagel and cream cheese. Don’t make that face—it’s EXACTLY what you need before a day of drinking. Honorable brunch mentions also go to The Public Kitchen & Bar (get their breakfast sandwich and/or the shrimp and grits) and Back In The Day Bakery, which is a little far for brunch, but is a great option for car ride biscuits on your way out of town.

What To Do

During the day, walking and exploring the city are kind of the name of the game in Savannah. There are tons of public parks and green spaces, so the city is a great choice if your favorite thing to do is drinking and wandering aimlessly. Aside from that, there are a few cute spots to stop by. Walk to the house of Juliette Gordon Low, who founded The Girl Scouts and is responsible for their many delicious cookies. Pour one out for that homie. You can also walk through Forsyth Park, which hosts a gorgeous fountain and many, many Insta opportunities. Oh, and don’t forget that Savannah allows open containers throughout the city, so sitting in a park with bottles of wine is totally allowed. It’s just like Europe, guys!


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You can also stroll over to City Market, where you’ll find everything from food to souvenirs to booze. There are also quite a few bars in the area so you can stop and drink if you aren’t already. This is where the aforementioned Wet Willie’s sits… just saying. The market is spread out over four blocks and is close to River Street, so it’s also a good option if you’re looking for a way to kill time or bar hop before dinner.

Another stroll-friendly area is River Street, which has tons of shops, bars, and restaurants on one side and the Savannah River on the other. You can waste a ton of time here, so if drunk shopping is a sport to you, consider this your Olympic field.

If you’re interested in a beach stop, head to Tybee Island, as I mentioned, about 20-30 minutes away. There’s not a ton to do aside from the beach and a few little bars and shops, though, so pack a picnic (i.e. a lot of booze and snacks), then plan on how you’ll get back to Savannah.

Where To Drink

My first choice hands down, is the Savannah Smiles Dueling Pianos. I don’t have a legitimate answer as to why, except that we went here during my bachelorette and had an absolutely amazing and hilarious time. Rocks on the Roof is another great option, especially if you want food while you drink. Their small plates are delightful. Both the piano bar and Rocks are on River Street, too, so you can just pop from one to the other.


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During the day, stop somewhere like Churchill’s or Six Pence Pub. Both are British-owned with tons of beer, fun decor, and an opportunity for you to try out your British accent. I’m sure everyone will love it and they’ve neeeever heard anyone on a bachelorette do that before.

If you’re looking for a club-type atmosphere, you need to (sigh) go to Saddle Bags. The food is fried and pretty terrible, but there’s a dance floor where you can embarrass yourself, cheap drinks, and a mechanical bull. Tree House Savannah is also really loud, has questionable decor, and live music.

Friday, Day 1

  1. Land at Savannah International Airport, question your decision to eat that Cinn-a-Bon this morning
  2. Arrive at the hotel/Airbnb and unpack before heading to River Street for drinks at Rocks on the Roof and Bernie’s Oyster House.
  3. Dinner at The Shrimp Factory where you can take a lot of really obnoxious photos, since you’re riverside, and order literally all of the appetizers.
  4. Walk to any of the bars lining River Street and drink your weight in shots (but don’t actually, cause you’ll die).
  5. Sleep in preparation for tomorrow and try not to puke up all the seafood you ate.

Saturday, Day 2

  1. Hey Y’ALL.
  2. Brunch at The Collins Quarter where you’ll pretend to share Drunken Berry Mimosas, avocado toast, and a lot of their Swine Time Bennes.
  3. Stumble to City Market, where you can shop around, act fancy, and hit up some adorable shopping. Bonus points if you stop at Wet Willie’s during this time.
  4. Time for lunch and afternoon drinks at The Lady & Sons, where you can put on your best Paula Deen impression and eat a f*ckton of butter.
  5. Head back to the hotel/Airbnb to get ready for a your fancy dinner at The Grey, where you’ll all wear black dresses and the bride wears a white dress and sash and everyone will think you’re extra.
  6. It’s booze-thirty! Take an Uber to River Street and make sure to hit Saddle Bags and Savannah Smiles Dueling Pianos.
  7. Stumble back to the hotel/Airbnb and get ready for tomorrow’s hangover. This is 30.

Sunday, Day 3

  1. Brunch at Clary’s Cafe where you pray that the sticky pecan roll will soak up the evil in your body while you dry heave into a paper bag.
  2. Head back to the hotel/Airbnb to pack and trek to the airport while being very quiet and wearing very big sunglasses.
  3. Call out sick from work tomorrow. You’re gonna need a day (or three) to recover. And be sure y’all come back now, y’hear?

Images: Ashley Knedler / Unsplash; atnelly, bohemiansavannah, kc_i.heart.nc, thegreysavannah, theoldepinkhouse, lifesickles, hermannelizabeth / Instagram

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The Betches’ Bachelorette Guide To Aspen

Planning sucks, and bachelorette parties are a ton of work. So we’re taking all the guesswork out of planning a bachelorette party by breaking down top bachelorette destinations. Our guides will tell you where to stay, eat, party, how to get around, and give you a sample itinerary that you can follow. You’re welcome.

If you’ve been following our @betchesbrides insta and our brand new @betchestravel insta, you probably noticed that we were recently in Aspen for my bachelorette. And since *a lot of you have been asking* for one, here is our itinerary and recommendations.

Getting There

Many cities have direct flights to Aspen, but New York isn’t one of them. Even if you’re flying direct, delays and full-on cancellations are extremely common at the Aspen airport. Something about the weather and the smallness of the airport, which is the size of like, one floor of a Cheesecake Factory. One solution is to fly through or to Denver or Grand Junction, where if your flight is canceled you can at least drive the last four or two hours (respectively) to Aspen.

Once you finally get to Aspen, however, travel is the opposite experience, aka very convenient. The airport is only 15 minutes from the town and it’s extremely easy to get around. Many of the hotels have shuttles that will take you around town, and almost everything is within a 10-minute walk anyway. If you can’t get an Uber, there’s also a free ride service called Downtowner that will drive you anywhere in Aspen.

We flew out from New York early Friday morning and were in Aspen by noon. We stayed at the W Hotel, which could not have been more perfect for a bachelorette. Not only were they extremely accommodating and helpful, but many of the rooms were set up as 4-queen bunk beds and so could fit 8 people, which made the overall cost of the hotel lower than it would have been. It’s also a prime spot for an extremely fun après-ski, which was perfect for a group like ours (likes to have easy access to our beds at all times).

Day 1, Arrival Day

Settle in at the W before going to explore town. Aspen has a ton of great shopping, but the highlight is Kemo Sabe, a western style store where you can get customized hats, cowboy boots, jewelry, and unique clothing. Everything in the store is a splurge, but remember all that money you saved by sharing a hotel room with seven other people?

Stock up on non-sketchy vape pens at a dispensary and grab lunch and drinks at The Little Nell; at either Ajax Tavern, in the lobby, or Chair 9. We went to Chair 9, which became a rager with a DJ after 4pm.

Continue the après next door on the rooftop at the W, which has a bar, heated pool, jacuzzi, and fire pits with blankets for when it gets dark and cold out. Also an insane view of Aspen Moutain, which is basically right next to the roof. Or, you can nap before dinner, up to you.

Dinner at Kenichi: If you want to book the private room for a large group there is a minimum of $1200, so we didn’t book it, but they ended up seating us there anyway. They let you plug in your own music and the door closes completely, so you can be as loud and obnoxious as your bachelorette party’s hearts desire. Make sure to order the penis dessert which is weirdly anatomically accurate.

Club at Bootsy Bellows: pretty much your classic clurb moment. Other club spots are Escobar and Belly Up, which has live music (check the sched).

Day 2, Rage Day

Wake up probably hungover and head to Spring Café to revive yourself with healthy-ish food that still satisfies the hangover.

Work out at O2, which offers low impact classes like heated power yoga, pilates with a reformer, etc. It’s also a casually amazing shopping spot.

Après-ski at the Snow Lodge, a pop-up venue brought to you by the Surf Lodge in Montauk. Overall, it’s very similar to the Surf Lodge, with a dining room indoors and a party spot outdoors. You have to email them to make a specific reservation for après-ski (separate from a dining room reservation). The deck is pretty big, they feature DJs and other performers, the food is great, and it’s literally next to the Aspen Mountain Gondola. Keep in mind that, unless they have the tent up, it can get pretty cold, but there are space heaters and blankets, and they’ll let you move your table inside if you ask.

Nap or continue après-ski at the W, either indoors in the living room or outdoors in the jacuzzi on the roof. If you can make it out any longer, dinner at Acquolina is the perfect place to drunk eat pasta before bed.

Day 3, Ski Day

Breakfast at Poppycock’s for classic diner food before a ski day. Your hotel most likely has a shuttle to take you to the mountain if you need it. Here’s the deal with the mountains:

Buttermilk Mountain: easiest mountain, perfect for beginners. Even the blues are relatively easy and might be similar to greens on other mountains. Only a 10-minute drive from Aspen town.

Aspen Highlands: The most difficult mountain, also about 10 minutes away from Aspen town. If you’re good enough to ski the Highlands, definitely hit up the Cloud Nine Alpine Bistro for a wild après ~experience~. Picture champagne fights, champagne guns, exactly what you want to get all over your ski clothes that you never actually wash. The only drawback is that you have to ski down after, which might be risky if you’re drunk and not a great skier. There are also snow cats that can take people down, but they’re honestly not 100% reliable to be available when you need them. There are two seatings per day, 11:30am and 2pm, and obviously you want the 2pm but these reservations go quickly, especially on weekends. Reservations open 30 days in advance on Resy so be sure to get on that sh*t asap.

Aspen Mountain: Also referred to as Ajax, it’s the most conveniently located (right in the center of town, and several hotels are ski-in, ski-out).

Snowmass: not a bad mountain for beginners, and it’s 20 minutes away from Aspen town.

Après-ski at the St. Regis for a more relaxed, cozy vibe in a gorgeous hotel. Literally smells like money. They also have a daily champagne sabering tradition at 4:45 every day, and they’ll serve champagne to whoever shows up in the courtyard to watch.

Dinner at Campo de Fiori. Another Italian staple of Aspen, more pasta. Ask to do the shotski at the end.

Day 4, The Accidental Day

Travel home OR if your flight gets canceled and rescheduled for the next day like ours did, use Chase points to book a last-minute stay at the St. Regis and make it a spa day. Try out all the pools and the oxygen bar before getting one of the GMOAT (greatest massages of all time).

Dinner at Clark’s Oyster Bar or Matsuhisa, two other must-tries in Aspen.

Overall, a trip to Aspen is fun, cold, and fairly expensive. It’s super easy to get around, which gives it a more relaxed vibe than you might assume considering the typical clientele. Plus, it’s winter, so you don’t have to worry about being in a bathing suit after several consecutive nights of wild bachelorette drinking, making Aspen an obvious spot for the bride who loves mountains, marijuana, and prefers to be in bed by 10.

The Betches’ Bachelorette Guide to Philadelphia

Planning sucks, and bachelorette parties are a ton of work. So we’re taking all the guesswork out of planning a bachelorette party by breaking down top bachelorette destinations. Our guides will tell you where to stay, eat, party, how to get around, and give you a sample itinerary that you can follow. You’re welcome.

Philly is one of those places that if you’re bach’ing there, you’re probably from there. Or somewhere in Pennsylvania. Or like, a neighboring state. I don’t care how much you love cheesesteaks and Wawa, you’re probably not trekking to Illy if you live on the west coast. Unless you’re that kind of ride or die betch for the bride. But if you happen to reside in between the South and East Coast, it’s actually a totally decent option for a bachelorette. For starters, it’s cheap. It’s easy to get to. It’s historic af—it’s the birthplace of the Liberty Bell and the Declaration of Independence, ever heard of it?—and there are loads of restaurants, hotels, bars, and activities that cater to tipsy girls looking to have a good time. So, if you are your crew are the opposite of high-maintenance, Philly might be the ideal last fling before the ring. Here’s where to eat, drink, sleep, and party, when you’re in The City of Brotherly Love Sisterly Affection.

How To Get There

Given that Philly is a major metropolis (and the 2nd largest city on the East Coast), there are plenty of ways to get there. Which is great, when you want to spend less time on a plane and more time ripping shots. You *could* drive if you have a car and don’t mind being hungover as hell on the trip home. Or, you could go the smarter route, pack a cooler full of road sodas and train it to 3oth Street Station. Amtrak is hassle-free, provides free WiFi, snacks (and more drinks) in the bar car, and is definitely higher on the list of civilized transportation options to these parts. There’s also the wallet-friendly bus (Greyhound, Megabus, or Boltbus), NJtransit, and this commuter rail called SEPTA, but we would strongly advise not stepping foot on that if you want to maintain an ounce of dignity. Should you need to fly, all the legit airlines serve the Philadelphia International Airport and then it’s around a $30 cab ride to Center City. From NYC to Philly, you’re looking at an hour and a half on Amtrak (or an hour on an Acela train), five hours from Boston, and two hours from Washington, D.C.

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@natgeotravel thinks you should take a trip to Philadelphia in 2020 and we can't help but agree! Head over to their profile to read why they think Philly should be on your Must Visit list in the New Year.

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How To Get Around

Uber and Lyft are your friends in Philly. That, and your feet—as long as your heels aren’t too high and you’re not attempting to stumble back to your hotel room schwasted. During the day this walking city is easy to navigate, and if you plan your itinerary right, you can stick around the main hoods like Old City, Rittenhouse Square, Center City, Midtown Village, and Society Hill, without having to traipse all over and lose your buzz.

Where To Stay

The Logan Philadelphia: With thousands of Airbnbs in Philly and hundreds of hotels (from budget to luxe), finding somewhere to sleep is no problem. Our fave for bachelorette shenanigans is The Logan. It’s huge (and used to be the Four Seasons), but it’s also reasonably priced, offers group rates and packages, has a bougie spa, multiple bars, a trendy farm-to-table restaurant, and one of the best rooftop lounges in the city. Oh and the suites are crazy spacious, so you can pack your squad into the same quarters without an issue.

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loving this bride-tribe selfie 😍

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With 391 recently renovated rooms and suites starting at $142 a night, you can a) divvy that up into a pretty cheap per person amount and b) stay an extra night with the money you’re saving. Helloooo, thirsty Thursday! Or Sunday Funday, at 50% off Sunday nights with their 3-Day Weekend Package. The 2,500-square-feet Presidential Suite also has a grand piano, dining area for six, and a private balcony overlooking the Benjamin Franklin Parkway’s Swann Fountain. Onsite restaurant Urban Farmer is bomb for brunch, lunch, or dinner.

No girls trip would be complete without a little pampering action of course, so get your hungover ass downstairs to The Underground Spa for manis, pedis, CBD massages, Hydrafacials, and yoga classes in the courtyard—if you’re that sober ambitious. Did we mention there’s a saltwater pool for swimsuit coordinated bride tribe photoshoots, and they allow pets? Ya know, in case your four-legged BFF wants to tag along.

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Happy May! We are so excited it’s looking, and feeling, a bit more like summer. Start this month off on the right step, and #TreatYourself to a facial at the spa at The Logan for glowing skin to help you look your best. What are some benefits of facials? . 1. Maintains the tone of underlying muscle, therefore preventing lines from forming . 2. Helps with dull, lifeless and congested skin . 3. Gives you a healthy looking glow . #TreatYourselfTuesday

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Where To Eat

Philly is one of those cities where you’ll never go hungry, and that’s a big positive when you’re three sheets to the wind from day drinking. No matter what borough you’re in, there’s a plethora of quality dining options to partake in.

Double Knot: Chef Michael Schulson basically runs Philly with not one, but NINE insanely good restaurants. No doubt you’ll hit a few of his restaurants throughout the weekend, like Italian gem Osteria on North Broad and Harp & Crown, with vintage vibes and global cuisine in Center City. Then there’s Sampan and Mission Taqueria, but do not sleep on Double Knot. This underground izakaya takes their sushi, robatayaki, and craft libations so seriously, you’ll consider blowing off the after-party and holding court at your table all night instead. No judgment if you do, but you will be judged (HARD) if you don’t order the Double Knot roll, crab udon, edamame dumplings with sake and truffle, and skewered meats galore.

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Parc: You don’t come to Philly and not hit Parc. It’s an institution for brunch and where the party should kick off come Saturday morning, when you need mimosas STAT. The quintessential French bistro by restauranteur Stephen Starr, who has a casual 18 spots in Philly, is huge, so if you’ve got a huge party you’re in luck. There’s the most over-the-top French onion soup you’ll obviously break whatever BS diet you’re on for, towering plateaus of fruits de mer, and plenty of baked goods filling the très chic space with the intoxicating scent of butter. If you can’t swing Paris for the bachelorette, you could technically take a pic here and no one would know the difference.

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“Laughter is sunshine, it chases winter from the human face.”― Victor Hugo, Les Misérables // ☀️ @kateaustinn 📷 @briana__louise

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Talula’s Garden: This Philly mainstay on Washington Square Park is straight-up dreamy. It’s one big botanical garden with potted plants and living green walls everywhere, so when you want to get that social content whilst devouring farm fresh deviled eggs, French toast bites with pear-vanilla butter, and artisan cheese boards, this is where to come. Since they only do brunch on Sunday, save the best for last. Or, swing by for dinner on Friday or Saturday because that’s also GNO GOALS.

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Have you booked your reservation this week yet? We're open for dinner at 5pm daily 💕⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Photo by @mikcardnas #talulasgarden #starrrestaurants

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Suraya: Middle Eastern hot spot Suraya in Fishtown used to be a chill breakfast and lunch haunt, but now that they’ve upped their game to include next-level dinner and feature a market, gorg garden, and happy hour, it definitely deserves a lil love on this list. Lebanese menu highlights include the usual suspects (hot and cold mezzes, kebabs, sumac fries, and whole grilled fish), but the real draw is their Arak-based cocktails, which is an anise-flavored aperitif called “The Milk of Lions.” The bride-to-be definitely needs a few of those.

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When your table looks like this, you know it’s going to be a good night! Click the link in bio to make a reservation via @resy. #SurayaPhilly⁠

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Vedge: Even if your sister circle isn’t vegan, or vegetarian—or y’all are a bunch of hardcore carnivores—you’re going to be into Vedge, where it’s cool to get dirty. As in, ordering off the “Dirt List”, their menu of single vegetables that will blow your mind, like zucchini with pesto trapanese and shaved almond, or a smoked potato crepe with buckwheat, turnip béchamel, and horseradish. TRUST us on this one, Vedge is where it’s at, and the best part is you can order everything on the menu, because you won’t feel like a gluttonous cow when you’re just eating veggies.

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Still searching for the perfect holiday gift? The search is over – Vedge and V Street gift cards are available to purchase at store.vedgerestaurant.com!

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Where To Party

Although one would assume Philly doesn’t bring it in the club department the way Vegas, Miami and New York do, one would actually be wrong. Philly is doing their best with swanky renovations and splashy additions to the nightlife scene. Aside from the tried-and-true go-tos (restaurant-slash-dance-party L’Etage, Philadelphia’s backyard beer garden Morgan’s Pier, half-diner, half-disco Silk City, and always a good time gay bar Woody’s), here are a few more spots where you should go.

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Motown funk tonight at 9 PM with the Sensational @soulcruisers_official! It’s time to get DOWN.

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Noto: The closest thing to a Vegas nightclub you’ll find in Philly. Opt for the full VIP bottle service experience because you’re getting marrrrrrrrried and money doesn’t matter! The music here varies (from hip hop to EDM), but one thing will remain a constant: how hard you try to get onstage to get your song played. Good luck with that.

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Tonight's about to be a 🎥‼️ Don't miss one of the hottest afterparties of the year with @dababy! #NOTOPHL #DaBaby #PhillyNightlife #Nightlife

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Voyeur: A Gayborhood classic. When you want an after-hours club with beats, blinding disco balls, and three levels to drink and dance your face off, Voyeur is a solid choice and they regularly feature well-known DJs and have a VIP area.

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A Saturday night out @voyeurphilly with @rozessounds & @downlikebennybrown Come #Dance & #Party with us #latenight #phillyafterhours #voyeurphilly

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Assembly Rooftop Lounge: The rooftop at The Logan is the prime place to kick off the night with dranks on dranks on dranks by the fire pit. The views are sick, the vibe is lit, and the photo content will be 100%, so make it a must-hit spot before dinner at some point over the weekend.

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cool days, cooler nights . . warm up with us 🔥

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Yakatori Boy and Fuji Mountain: For the karaoke fans (and inebriated girls looking to belt out “Single Ladies”) there’s Yakatori Boy and Fuji Mountain. The former is a low-key Japanese pub, while the latter is more upscale with elevated sushi and sashimi. Both bring the after-hours karaoke MOOD, though, with packed, energy-filled rooms that will make you feel like Lady Gaga taking the stage… after about five sake bombs. Pro tip: Make reservations way before your trip, since they can tend to book up months in advance.

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Friday, Day 1

Pro Tip: If you want to really take advantage of the weekend, get into town on Thursday night. Otherwise, wake up at the crack of dawn and board whatever plane, train, bus, or car you’re taking to Philly.

  1. First stop: the hotel to drop your bags, pop open the nearest bottle of bubbly, and claim beds.
  2. Maybe hang your dress for later so it’s not a crumpled mess (just sayin’), then go to lunch at Urban Farmer in the hotel.
  3. Next up: Grafitti Bar for a few. Another Schuslon Collective joint, this tiny year-round outdoor alley gem is tucked behind Sampan and fun AF for daily Happy Hour. Take over one of their communal tables, then it’s shots o’clock.
  4. Now that you’re nice and liquored up, you may need a change of scenery, so hop on a quirky Philly tour. GetYourGuide boasts the best in the city, like a Vampires, Brothels, and Ghosts Walking Tour, Flavors of Philly Food Tour, and Sip of Philly Brew Tour (because let’s be honest…you’re probably already thirsty again).
  5. Another Betches-approved bach option is a Wax + Wine party in Center City where yes, you drink wine and make candles. Name a better combo… we’ll wait.
  6. After this you’re going to need a power nap, so head back to the hotel and catch a few ZZZZs before waking up to room service refilling your mini bar.
  7. If you can’t even with trying to do your own hair or makeup at this point, download ManeStreem, which is like Glamsquad for Philly.
  8. Then it’s time for dinner. Head to Double Knot, followed by bar hopping on 13th street and maybe a nightcap at dive bar Dirty Franks. They sell dog treats out of a gumball machine to feed the local pups, and it’s literally heaven on earth, especially at 2am

Saturday, Day 2

Pro Tip: If you want to save spa day for Sunday after brunch, swap in wine tasting at Pinot Boutique or The Wine School in the afternoon, or book a booze cruise on the Spirit of Philadelphia, Patriot Harbor Lines, or The Ben Franklin Yacht.

  1. When you wake up, hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!
  2. Make your way to brunch at Parc.
  3. Make it a spa afternoon at The Logan, or channel your inner fancy Betches at The Rittenhouse Spa & Club, followed by afternoon tea at the Mary Cassatt Tea Room.
  4. For dinner, try Vetri Cucina, Suraya, or Vedge, before rolling deep into one of the clubs we suggested, or killing it at karaoke. Or, all of the above because that’s how hard you’re going on Saturday night in Philly.
  5. Try and find late-night pizza before passing out.

Sunday, Day 3

Pro Tip: Since Philly is most likely a short trip home (wherever that is), you should hold your bags at the front desk, make the most of Sunday Funday and either book a 50% off 3rd night at The Logan, or at least rage all day, then take the last train home. YOLO

  1. Do the most lazy girl packing job ever (if you’re going home), then get ready for brunch at Talula’s Garden.
  2. Spend the rest of your Sunday day drinking at Morgan’s Pier, cute Brit pub The Dandelion, or at The Continental’s rooftop bar (either in Old City or Mid-Town).
  3. Prepare to head home—or head back to your hotel room and head home the next day. Either way, this bachelorette is donezoooo.

Images: Jacob Culp / Unsplash

The Betches’ Bachelorette Guide To Nashville

Planning sucks, and bachelorette parties are a ton of work. So we’re taking all the guesswork out of planning a bachelorette party by breaking down top bachelorette destinations. Our guides will tell you where to stay, eat, party, how to get around, and give you a sample itinerary that you can follow. You’re welcome.

If you only know Nashville because of country music and hot chicken, get your sh*t together. This magical land of southern hospitality, hipsters, amazing music (of all kinds), and a lot of really f*cking good food is going to be your new fav Bachelorette party destination. Yes, there are a LOT of bachelorette parties in this Tennessee city already, but like, it’s for a reason. Between rows upon rows of bars and clubs and some of the best hungover brunches ever, Nashville has a ton to offer for your bride tribe.

How To Get There

Nashville is an easy drive from places places like Charlotte, Atlanta, Memphis, and other Southeast spots. Everyone else, hop a plane and set your sights on Nashville International Airport. Since it’s a decent-sized hub, roundtrip non-stop flights from major airports in and around NYC start at around $300, and flights from Chicago elsewhere in the Midwest are priced about the same. Dallas and deep South travelers are looking at around $250, and West coast people can snag a flight for about the same.

Once you get to the airport in Nashville, you can grab an Uber as easily as other airports in major cities to bring you to the center of Nashville, where I assume you’ve booked somewhere to stay. Speaking of…

Where To Stay

Like Atlanta, where you end up staying in Nashville is based on the kind of bachelorette party you want to have. Are you a non-stop partier? Do you want an authentic country music experience? Are you really just interested in food? Or do you want to party with a bunch of Vanderbilt kids? The choice is yours.

Downtown is the first, best, and most obvious spot you may want to look into. From downtown, you’ll have the easiest access to sh*t like Lower Broadway where all the bars and honky-tonks are. You also won’t have to Uber f*cking everywhere since it’s super walkable (unless like, you wore those sky-high heels that you KNOW kill your feet but your butt just looks so good in them). From downtown, too, it’s an easy ride to other neighborhoods that you may want to explore during the day. A few hotels like the The Westin Nashville (has a GREAT rooftop bar) and Bobby Hotel are great options just based on location. Plus, they’re hella stylish and will make for great Instas.


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We’re gearing up and feeling festive for our @L27Rooftop Liberty & Libations 4th of July Celebration tomorrow. 📷: @lynleeposton⁠ // #FourthofJulyOutfit #NashvilleScene #WestinNashville⁠

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If you can’t get a hotel right in the downtown area (esp if it’s like, bachelorette party season), look for anything in the neighborhood called The Gulch. It’s super close to downtown and has a few noteworthy hotels like The Thompson.

There are also, of course, lots of Airbnbs, so pick whichever better suits your party’s needs.

How To Get Around

If you’re staying downtown, you’ll have great access to walkable spots, but if you’re looking to explore some other neighborhoods, you’ll probably have to Uber a few times. Luckily, Uber is super cheap in Nashville compared to somewhere like NYC, so yay for that.There’s also a pubcycle, so you can travel around the heart of the city in a way that makes every local hate you while you drink and shout at strangers! Just saying, it’s a great option when you’re already blackout (or planning to be).

Where To Eat

There are a few things you must eat while in Nashville and they include hot chicken, meat and three (which is an old Southern-style meal consisting of a meat and three sides), and a brunch that includes biscuits and/or grits to soak up all the alcohol from last night’s honky-tonk bullsh*t.

With these must-eat things in mind, you’ll want to hit a few restaurants for sure. First up, Prince’s, one of the most popular spots for hot chicken and the originator of the bird. When they say it’s hot, they mean it’s f*cking hot. Literally, the entire premise of Nashville hot chicken is built around the semi-urban legend that a woman was so pissed at her dude for cheating on her that she made his fried chicken insanely spicy. The plan backfired, cause that two-timing asshole enjoyed it. Allegedly, the recipient (and two-timer) was Thorton Prince, whose family still owns the joint. Anyway, if you can’t get a table at Prince’s (it’s literally always mobbed and has a line out the door most days and it’s a bit outside town), Hattie B’s, Bolton’s Spicy Chicken and Fish, and Party Fowl are all solid hot chickenoptions.


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I hate hot weather, but I love hot chicken! Did you know that @princeshotchicken_nashville has a location right downtown? Located in the @6thandpeabody huge indoor/outdoor entertainment complex. You’ll find just about everything there from @olesmoky to @yeehawbrewing to @whiteducktacoavl, along with live music, tons of games, a brewery & distillery, free vintage arcade games, and all the games on their huge TV’s. Go check them out!

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Barbecue and a meat and three (remember, three sides) are also must-haves and, may I say, do rather nicely when you’re chugging booze all day. Make sure your stops include a pop in at either Martin’s Bar-B-Que (it has an amaze outdoor beer garden and is literally right in downtown) or Edley’s Bar-B-Que which has locations in East Nashville, Sylvan Park, or south of downtown. In Nashville, the name of the game is whole hog barbecue, so don’t f*ck up and order something like smoked chicken. It’s good, but that’s an amateur move in Nashville. If BBQ isn’t your thing (weird but okay), skip that and head to what I feel is the best cafeteria-style meat and three place in town: Arnold’s Country Kitchen. Get the Mac and Cheese and the banana pudding, you can thank me later.


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Repost: @beardfoundation – Chefs Boot Camp alum @ashagomez knows that when in Nashville, “if there’s only one meal I can have, it will always be @arnoldscountrykitchen,” which just happens to be a #jbfa America’s Classics Award winner. We’d have to agree with that sentiment, and we’re big fans of her meat + 3 (plus more) plate she’s got going on. Check out our complete list of of America’s Classics winners via the link in our profile. (📷: @ashagomez)

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If hot chicken isn’t your thing and small plates, cocktails, and fancier sh*t is (I mean, on every bachelorette itinerary there’s a “nice” dinner night), Black Rabbit in the Printer’s Alley neighborhood in downtown is hella cool (and has amazing dishes ranging from rabbit rolls to the cutest, tiniest grilled quail), as is The Green Pheasant, which offers upscale modern Japanese dishes and sake so you can appreciate the drink you abused in college.

For brunch, you absolutely do not need to stand in line for two or three hours at Biscuit Love. Yah, it’s really good, but it’s biscuits fam—you can find a lot of them in this city and, like, in the south in general. Instead, head to Woolworth on 5th for a few really well executed brunch classics in a darling historic space, Pinewood Social for brunch, bowling, and a lot of breakfast cocktails (omg yayy), or The Southern for a blood orange mimosa (YAAAS) and an S.O.S. breakfast.


What To Do

There’s a lot of sh*t to do in Nashville and, depending how you want to spend the day, you can enrich yourself with culture or enrich yourself with alcohol and music! Really, the limit does not exist. Obviously, you can book one of the many, MANY drinking tours or pubcycles circling town, but I’d recommend doing that sh*t toward the afternoon since it tends to get hot and sitting on a moving, drinking tour bus sounds better than wandering the streets of Nashville in the heat.


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First, you’ll want to stop by the Country Music Hall of Fame. It’s like, kind of touristy, but it’s pretty cool and you don’t even have to like country music to enjoy it. I mean, Elvis’ solid gold Cadillac is in there, and if that doesn’t make you feel bougie, IDK what will. I’d recommend doing this early in the day so that you have time for drinking and eating later.

If you’re cool with heading out of the city for a day, def check out Arrington Vineyards. It’s about 35 minutes outside Nashville and is owned by Kix Brooks of Brooks and Dunn. I’ll fully admit, I don’t know these people’s music, but I’m sure he’s yee-haw-tastic.

You’ll also definitely want to make time to pop in at Pinewood Social. We mentioned it for brunch, but this spot also has wading pools outside, the aforementioned bowling alley (reserve that sh*t WEEKS in advance, tho), and food at all hours.


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📍Nashville Yesterday was spent backstage at the Opry followed by drinks and bowling at @pinewoodnashville as @isnotimpressed was in town (you know, the lad who takes all those epic nature shots we share…) How had I never been to Pinewood Social before? I’ve lived here for 4.5 years! Glad that Will knew where to spend a Sunday funday in Music City! — Do your out of town friends ever help you discover spots in your city? • • • #travel #instatravel #travelblogger #lifestyle #travelphotography #worldfrommyangle_ #visualambassadors #fotocatchers #bella_shots #purplepassport #nashville #pinewoodsocialnashville #pinewoodsocial

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You’ll also want to take a break from day-drinking at some point to shop. Nashville has a ton of cute boutiques, some of which are owned by celebs (omg, yay). Stop in at Draper James, Reese Witherspoon’s store in the 12 South area, or Uncommon James, Kristin Cavallari’s store in The Gulch. MODA Boutique in 12 South is also super cute, but really, any of the stores you stumble into are going to be hella adorable when you’re drunk (which you will be).

Where To Party

Ohhhhh boy. I mean, it’s the reason you came to Nashville, right? There are bars on bars on clubs on clubs in this city, so you need to pick the best ones and pace yourselves or else, before you know it, you’re passed out on a mechanical bull and a budding songstress is using you as a muse for her next single.


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Weekends in Nashville- nothing will ever compare! The sun is up on another amazing Nashville party and our rooftop day drinkers are already getting started! See you soon! . . . . . 📷 @myblueduffelbag

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As a note, honky-tonks don’t have a cover charge, so you can hop from one to the other without feeling like you just wasted all your drinking money. Plus, it makes for less cash to carry around. The best thing about Nashville’s Lower Broadway area is that you can kind of wander into any honky-tonk and have a great time. They all have live music, cheap beer, and a spot to dance/stare at other people’s cowboy boots.

Most, if not all, bachelorette parties spend a ton of time on Lower Broadway—the go-to spot with lots of neon, shouting cowboys, and other bridal parties. There are a few that you absolutely must visit, though. Acme Feed & Seed is a classic stop you’re going to need to hit for great music, comfy chairs (great for when the room is spinning) and multiple floors of debauchery. Full disclosure: I was nearing blackout stage when we stopped here, but I remember it was like, super fun.


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Sundays are for the girls 👯‍♀️ Grab your lady gang and spend this sunny sunday on our (very instagram-able) rooftop 🤳🏻☀️

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After that, Tootsies is a fav because a) the purple building is chill and easy to find when you’re stumbling around and b) it has a weird, fun vibe perfect for dancing and getting a lil sloppy. Robert’s Western World also needs to be on your list. It’s one of the only honky-tonks in downtown on Lower Broadway that locals will actually give the time of day, which tells you that the drinks, music, and flashing lights are not to be missed. Pro tip: if you’re drunk, eat one of the fried bologna sandwiches. They’re f*cking amazing.


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Happy Humpday!! We have a great schedule today. For all you Greg Garing fans today is your lucky day. You have TWO opportunities to catch Greg at Robert’s today. Pic courtesy @inbeardwetrust1 Here is our Wednesday schedule: 11:00am-2:00pm Pork McElhinny 2:30pm-6:00pm Greg Garing & The Tennessee Walkers 6:30pm-10:00pm Don Kelley Band 10:30pm-2:00am Greg Garing & Friends #porkmcelhinny #donkelleyband #greggaring #honkytonk #traditionalcountry #stickwithtradition #nashville #musiccity #homeofbrazilbilly #americanafest @greggaring

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While it’s still light out, you may also want to hit up some of the rooftop bars. There’s one at the Bobby Hotel that has some pretty legit tacos (seriously) and then there’s Rare Bird, part of the Noelle Hotel, which serves up some absolutely delicious cocktails while you look out over the small people below.

Friday, Day 1

  1. Land at Nashville International Airport
  2. Arrive at the hotel/Airbnb and unpack, chill for a few minutes, then head to Hattie B’s so you can grab a literal bite of hot chicken and cold beer. You won’t be able to eat enough to ruin your dinner, so it’s fine.
  3. Dinner (literally just order all the apps) and drinks at Merchant’s
  4. Walk across the street to Tootsies and then down the block a bit to Tequila Cowboy for the rest of the night
  5. Sleep in preparation for tomorrow.

Saturday, Day 2

  1. Well, howdy, bitches!
  2. Brunch at The Southern. Get a pitcher of the blood orange mimosas and start your day buzz, sweetie.
  3. Walk or Uber to The Country Music Hall of Fame and show some goddamn respect for country music while sipping out of a flask in the bathroom. You can also hit the Nashville Farmers Market if you’re hipsters that love fine crafts and food.
  4. Time for lunch and afternoon drinks at Pinewood Social. Dip your feet in the pool or hit the bowling lanes (must reserve in advance).
  5. Head back to the hotel/Airbnb to get ready for a nice dinner at The Green Pheasant where you’ll all wear black dresses and the bride wears a white dress and everyone secretly hates you.
  6. The time has come to take over Lower Broadway (aka LoBro). Start the night at Rare Bird‘s rooftop bar, then meander to Robert’s Western World. From there, head into whichever bar seems to have the most people in it and wherever the music sounds best. Bonus points if you find a mechanical bull and get the bride to ride it.
  7. Stumble back to the hotel/Airbnb and sleep it off, sweetie.

Sunday, Day 3

  1. Brunch at Sun Diner where you think hard about life and the choices you’ve made. Also, you learn that sunglasses can really go with anything, as can biscuits.
  2. Head back to the hotel/Airbnb to pack and trek to the airport.
  3. Call out sick from work tomorrow. You’re gonna need a day (or three) to recover

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