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WTF Happened To Pedro Pascal's Arm at the Golden Globes?

The most surprising couple on the Golden Globes red carpet? Pedro Pascal and an arm sling. Though most might cite the overabundance of black on the Golden Globes red carpet as the biggest surprise of the night (WTF happened to Barbiecore, people?!), fans were most shocked to see Pedro Pascal in an arm sling during the 2024 Golden Globes. So… what happened to our Last of Us zaddy?

Turns out, the signs were all out in the open while we were all bed-rotting during the holiday season. Pascal first was spotted sporting an injury on New Year’s Eve while with The Big Cigar actor Jaime Ray Newman.

Though, much like the mystery surrounding whatever might happen in Mandalorian season 4, we were initially left with a big ol’ question mark as to why Pascal was in an arm sling, he did clarify his condition to reporters on the red carpet. Apparently, the actor simply “fell.” Whether an on-set injury is to blame, or whether he’s just victim to yet another celebrity ski accident (see: fellow Globes attendee Rosamund Pike), we have yet to find out. While we don’t know the exact cause, we do know is that he’s currently involved in production of Gladiator 2 in a mystery role, which resumed production following the SAG strike in December, so there’s much more Pedro to come beyond the Globes and never-ending sandwich memes. (UPDATE: Pascal later told Variety that he had fallen downstairs at his family’s home, and will have surgery on his arm in January.)

Of course, he’s making the most of his injury — zaddy came to the table with #fashion, switching up the color of his sling to match his red carpet fit, and writing “OUCHY” on his nails.

We love a fashion risk-taker — so long as it doesn’t come along with some real risks.