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Meredith Marks Has A Hot Son No One Knew About

Bravo fans near and far, I have some surprising news about Meredith Marks (and it’s not rumors and nastiness about her husband, obviously). Meredith Marks has a son! I mean, another son, in addition to her tracksuit-designing prodigy, Brooks who has appeared many times on The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. This is obviously not news to Meredith but rather to us strangers on the internet who apparently weren’t paying close enough attention to her family tree (or happy birthday Instagram posts). The Marks family is already known to be a pretty good-looking bunch, with a generously funded wardrobe that only makes them look better (I’m dying to know what percentage of Meredith’s RHOSLC paycheck goes toward perfectly tailored blazers). But I need Andy and a camera to ask nicely if Reid in particular can get a little attention next season. I would personally like to thank the thirsty stans on Twitter for pointing out Reid’s heretofore underappreciated existence for me and the Bravo community to quickly correct. Without further ado, let’s drool over every little detail we could dig up to answer the questions who is Reid Marks and why isn’t he on RHOSLC?

Who is Reid Marks?


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Reid is Meredith and Seth’s first son, who was born around a year after the duo got married before they firmly planted their roots in Utah. As we know, Meredith and Seth then went on to have Brooks (24) and their youngest, Chloe (22). Reid comes from a family of hustlers. Meredith, in addition to starring on Bravo, has her Salt Lake boutique, jewelry brand, podcast Hangin’ By A Thread with Seth, and her forthcoming caviar line. Brooks is a Ford-signed model and tracksuit designer, and Chloe recently moved to New York after graduating college. So what does Reid do? Reid has a background in investing, real estate, and private equity and currently serves as the Co-Founder and CEO of Havenly Ventures which combines all three. Havenly describes itself as “A New Approach To Real Estate Asset Management” that “seek(s) to position ourselves as the Landlords of Gen Z.” Yassifying landlords is certainly a fresh approach, so if you have some extra bucks to drop on an investment property in the Greater New York City Area, Reid may be your guy.

How old is Reid Marks?


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Thanks to a very careful inspection of Meredith’s happy birthday tribute posts to her oldest, I can confirm Reid is now 27 years old. Reid’s birthday is January 20th which makes him an Aquarius. A water sign with an eight-pack? Possibly too powerful, I fear.

Why hasn’t Meredith’s son Reid appeared on The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City?

Reid’s absence from the show is more than likely by choice. Since he keeps his Instagram private, it would appear that he’s more comfortable staying out of the spotlight. Which makes sense given he has a real person job in an industry that hinges on reputation. But can we get a little cameo? As a treat??

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