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If This Isn't The 'Legally Blonde' Reboot Cast, I'm Going To Court

Get ready to make Elle Woods your entire personality ’cause we are officially getting a Legally Blonde reboot! Yes, my pink prayers have finally been answered by my fave blonde deity and the OG Elle herself, Reese Witherspoon. Reese slayed as the sorority girl-turned Harvard Law queen back in 2001 alongside Luke Wilson, Matthew Davis, and Jennifer Coolidge. Now, she’s producing an Amazon prequel series that follows Elle navigating her high school years in the ’90s. When Reese gagged us all with the announcement at Amazon’s inaugural Upfront presentation on May 14, she said that fans will get to know Elle “as a teenager with her distinct personality and ingenuity, in ways that only our beloved Elle could do.” Yeah, I need this show immediately.

Fortunately for Reese, casting directors actually won’t be necessary for this project. I’m on the job and I’m not even charging for it ’cause the perfect cast just came to me as soon as I heard the reboot news. For Reese: Here is the Legally Blonde reboot cast you’ve been looking for. You’re welcome.

***made based on the assumption that the major characters from the movie will appear in the series, which they should.

My Dream Cast For The Legally Blonde Reboot Series

Sabrina Carpenter As Elle Woods

Sabrina Carpenter
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Yeah, I think we’re all on the Sabrina as Elle train. She just has that ~je ne sais quoi me espresso~, if you will. Just kidding. What she has is Disney Channel acting training, a sharp sense of humor, and gorgeous blonde locks. She was basically made for the role.

Leo Woodall As Emmett Richmond

Leo Woodall
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I just know my One Day king would do Emmett justice. Because of that cursed show (I’m referring to the ending), I know that Leo’s gifted at portraying a charming young fellow with a passion for simping. Have him memorize some legal jargon and you have your Emmett.

Jacob Elordi As Warner Huntington III

Jacob Elordi
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When I look into Jacob’s eyes and stare into his soul, I see Warner. We all know this man is fully capable of nailing a douchebag character… okay, douchebag may be too generous for Nate Jacobs and Elvis. Being a villain just comes naturally to him. (Relatable.)

Zendaya As Vivian Kensington

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Zendaya has plenty of experience playing messy queens (ahem, Tashi and Rue), but she also embodies class, elegance, and style. Since she dated Jacob IRL a few years ago, there’s obviously some romantic chemistry there. I think I’m a genius.

Regé-Jean Page As UPS Guy

Regé-Jean Page
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The UPS guy job description is as follows: Be hot. And no one has that covered more than Regé-Jean does. Plus, this man left Bridgerton for… no good reason? He doesn’t seem too booked and busy to take on this iconic supporting role.

Jennifer Coolidge Returns As Paulette Bonafonté

Jennifer Coolidge
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Replacing Jennifer Coolidge is not possible and I sincerely hope no one ever tries to attempt it. Frankly, I would give my first born to see this icon giggle over Regé-Jean and bend and snap in the series.

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