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Kelly Clarkson Has A Lot To Say About Those Ozempic Rumors

Kelly Clarkson has officially responded to the Ozempic rumors, so everyone can calm down and go touch grass. It’s time. After the “Since U Been Gone” singer had a significant weight loss journey, people on the internet immediately assumed that she must’ve used Thee Hollywood Weight Loss Drug. And sure, it’s not a crazy assumption given how many celebrities have admitted to partaking — but Kelly never said she used it herself. The singer previously shared that she lost the weight by simply following her doctor’s recommendations, but that answer still wasn’t enough to satisfy people’s curiosity. The Kelly Clarkson Ozempic truthers persisted. At least they found a passion, I guess?

Hopefully, they shan’t persist anymore because now, Kelly’s painting a clearer picture of how she lost the weight. On The Kelly Clarkson Show, she and Whoopi Goldberg had a very vulnerable conversation about the difficult process. Kelly explained why she decided to lose weight and responded to rumors that she used Ozempic. I just wanna say… protect this woman at all costs. I’m watching you, internet bullies.

Kelly Clarkson Responded To The Ozempic Rumors

Kelly got real about her weight loss journey while chatting with Whoopi. “My doctor chased me for like two years and I was like, ‘No, I’m afraid of it,'” she explained during a May 13 episode of her talk show. Kelly shared that she already had thyroid problems, so she was nervous to use weight loss drugs. She continued, “Everybody thinks it Ozempic. It’s not.”

However, she did end up using a different medication that helped her her lose weight. “It’s something else,” she told Whoopi. “but it’s something that aids in helping break down the sugar—obviously my body doesn’t do it right.” She added, “I ended up having to do that, because my blood work got so bad.”

Kelly remembered watching back one of her performances and not recognizing herself. “All of a sudden I paused and I was like, ‘Who the fuck is that?'” she said on the show. “You see it. And you’re like, ‘Well, she’s about to die of a heart attack.'”

Kelly Clarkson Previously Opened Up About Her Pre-diabetes Diagnosis

During a January 29 episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show, Kelly and guest Kevin James chatted about weight loss. Kelly shared that she was diagnosed as pre-diabetic, which ultimately made her decide to lose weight. “That was literally what happened,” she said, noting that she “wasn’t shocked” by that news. “And I was like, ‘But I’m not there yet,'” the singer recalled. “And then I waited two years and then did, however, move into the — I was like, ‘Okay, I’ll do something about it.’” A prediabetes diagnosis indicates a high blood sugar number that’s not yet considered Type 2 diabetes. Personally, I’m just relieved the vocalist of our generation is feeling healthy and happy now.

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