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Please Protect Jason And Janet From 'The Valley' At All Costs

In a show filled with villains, enablers, and people who have apparently never heard of ‘inside voice,’ The Valley’s Janet and Jason Caperna are a breath of fresh air. With Janet being a retired executive assistant turned stay-at-home mom and Jason a lawyer, it’s hard to imagine how these two ended up joining this suburban circus. I’m sure I speak for everyone, however, when I say including some actual well-adjusted adults among the clowns is absolutely necessary. Not to mention Jason is just enough eye candy to get me through his scenes teaching Jax the basics of adulthood without rolling my eyes the entire time. So who are the happy couple holding Kristen’s big mouth accountable? Let’s find out.

Janet and Jason were married in 2022

After about three years together, Janet and Jason tied the knot in an intimate ceremony on her uncle’s front porch. The legal ceremony took place on June 12, which was Janet’s grandparent’s wedding anniversary. A simple wedding all about love? Janet’s former podcast co-host Scheana Shay could never. To be fair, they did follow it up with a gorgeous destination moment in Tahiti and now I’m busy on Google Flights, don’t mind me.

Janet and Jason welcomed a child in 2023

Seemingly a prerequisite of joining The Valley, Janet and Jason are new parents. They welcomed their son in December of 2023, so their pregnancy and new parent journey will play out across the season. They’re following the latest trend of keeping the baby’s name under wraps but we assume naming him after Uncle Jax is out of the question.

What Can We Expect From The Capernas This Season?

Janet and Jason in the hot seat at the Capri dinner
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So far the couple has reigned as the voice of reason, even while Janet has slipped into the hot seat because of a sticky game of whisper down the lane about Michelle Lally’s political beliefs led by none other than problem child Kristen Doute (color me surprised).  According to the trailer, Janet and Jason themselves may get a little heated but considering she’s extremely pregnant and all the duct-taped watermelons in the world can’t make him understand how she’s feeling, that’s par for the course. In the spinoff’s third episode she mentioned she’d already decided to take a break from her pal Kristen prior to this incident, so will we see their friendship get back on track? Only time (and hopefully a few more spicy cast outings) will tell.

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