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Wait, I'm Sorry... Is Or Was Barry Keoghan Married??

Barry Keoghan is really the talk of the town these days — mainly because his pop star GF, Sabrina Carpenter, keeps releasing catchy songs about him. (I will never get tired of hearing her sing, “I beg you don’t embarrass me motherfucker” with her little yeehaw flair.) Personally, I support Barbrina for now, because I support both bops and women’s wrongs. Do I think the motherfucker will embarrass her? Yes. But that’s what makes “Please Please Please” so iconic… it promises a sister how-could-I-let-him-embarass-me song in the future.

But before Sabrina walked in and dream-came-true’d-it for Barry, he was in a very serious relationship with a non-celeb, Alyson Sandro. Many chronically online folks have commented on how swiftly he moved on from Alyson to Sabrina, especially considering the fact that he and Alyson took a rather huge step together not too long before they broke up. Um, was or is Barry married to his ex? Is he in the middle of a divorce or separation now? We need to break down this man’s relationship status.

Is Barry Keoghan Married?

Was Barry Keoghan Married To Alyson Sandro?

Barry Keoghan and Alyson Sandro
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No! This is apparently a common misconception. The actor did have a serious relationship with the Scottish dentist and orthopedic therapist — Barry and Alyson dated for three years and posed together on the red carpet at the October 2021 Eternals premiere.

In July 2023, split rumors surfaced. A source told The Sun that Barry started partying a lot after the success of The Banshees of Inisherin, and Alyson wasn’t a huge fan of Barry (Party Boy Version). She also *allegedly* suspected that he was interested in someone else. Barry hasn’t publicly commented on that breakup.

Does Barry Keoghan Have A Kid?

It’s a fair question. Because yes, he does. Happy Father’s Day to a bathwater-drinking king! But where is the kid? Another fair question. Barry and Alyson welcomed their son, Brando, in 2022. The Saltburn star told GQ that he feels a certain “responsibility” now that he’s a dad. “I feel an enormous amount of pressure, which is good,” he said. “And I can’t get the little boy off my mind. It’s beautiful.” He called Brando “the most important person in the world.” Awwww.

But I fear that was before Sabrina entered the picture.

Barry Is In A Very Public Relationship With Sabrina Carpenter

Barry Keoghan and Sabrina Carpenter
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Unless you’ve been completely living under a rock for the last six months, you’re aware that Barry is dating our miniature main pop queen, Sabrina, because she has that me espresso. They’ve been linked since December 2023 and recently hard launched their relationship in Sabrina’s “Please Please Please” music video, a cinematic masterpiece starring the Irishman himself. (I need every one of her outfits from that video. Immediately.)

Although things are certainly heating up between these two ~short n’ sweet~ celebs, no vows have been exchanged… yet.

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