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All The Tea On Barry Keoghan's Ex-Girlfriend And Their Kid You Almost Forgot About

I’m gonna gently invite you to stop watching Sabrina Carpenter’s “Please, Please, Please” music video now. More than 50 viewings should suffice. But yes, I get it and I am with the girls on this one… Barry Keoghan definitely seems hotter than ever in this earth-shattering Barbrina hard launch music video. However, that could just be Sabrina’s main pop girl glow radiating onto him in their adorable Bonnie and Clyde scenes. The Irishman and the former Disney queen really secured their It Couple status with this masterpiece and almost convinced me to root for them.

What’s holding me back, you ask? Well, Sabrina’s new hit song about Barry’s questionable reputation didn’t come out of nowhere. I still don’t trust him. Before that me espresso entered his life, the Saltburn star was in a different serious relationship and had very recently had a baby with his ex-girlfriend, Alyson Sandro. Fans have commented on how quickly he started dating Sabrina after that messy situation and we’re all curious about the details: Here’s the 411 on Barry Keoughan’s ex-girlfriend and their son, Brando.

All About Barry Keoghan’s Ex-Girlfriend And Their Kid

Who Is Alyson Sandro, Barry Keoghan’s Ex-Girlfriend?

Barry Keoghan and ex-girlfriend Alyson Sandro
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Barry dated Scottish dentist and orthopedic therapist Alyson Sandro for nearly three years before UK tabloids reported their split in July 2023. At the time, a source told The Sun that Barry and Alyson had grown apart. Apparently, his partying after the success of The Banshees of Inisherin caused problems in their relationship. The insider also noted, “Alyson suspects he has got close to someone else and is adamant there is no going back.” Ope… no idea who that could be.

During a January 2024 interview with GQ, all Barry didn’t offer details on their relationship or breakup. He left it at: “She’s done a great job and she’s an incredible mother.”

Does Barry Keoghan Talk To His Son, Brando?

Barry and Alyson welcomed little Brando in 2022 — when Barry was in the middle of shooting Saltburn. He told GQ that filming a movie and having his baby boy was “the best time of [his] life” and opened up about how being a father has changed him. “I feel a responsibility,” Barry said. “I feel an enormous amount of pressure, which is good. And I can’t get the little boy off my mind. It’s beautiful. Y’know, it’s crazy, but when he looks at you, you feel like the most important person in the world.”

Too sweet. But when has he had literally three seconds to see his kid recently? The man has a hectic touring schedule (following around Sabrina) and a booked acting calendar (starring in Sabrina’s music video). Well, when he spoke to Vanity Fair in February he’d recently seen Brando. “I’ve seen him two days ago, and I spent some really good quality time with him,” Barry said. “I’ve seen him grow. He’s amazing.” He wants his kid to “be able to grow up and be proud of his daddy, and to lean on his daddy.”

That sounds promising, I suppose. We’ll just have to wait and see how his parenthood x Sabrina journey unfolds.

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