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Breaking Down The Role Model, Emma Chamberlain, And Peter McPoland Drama

For a small corner of the girls, gays, and theys internet, the No. 1 Roman Empire is Role Model and Emma Chamberlain’s epic romance. It’s a tale as old as modern time: An influencer and a musician fall in love and we learn about every detail of their relationship via the artist’s dramatic love and breakup albums. These particular B-listers were first linked in 2020 and soft-launched their romance in March 2022 by featuring Emma’s back in Role Model’s “neverletyougo” music video. I have only watched that one several thousand times, I think. Despite Role Model’s countless heart-melting songs about loving the fashion-forward YouTube sensation, they reportedly called things off in October 2023. It was a dark day.

The subject is relevant again now because Role Model’s just released the first two Emma Breakup Singles from his upcoming Emma Breakup Album, Kansas Anymore. Plus, Emma’s rumored to be in a new relationship with another indie boy named Peter McPoland. I’m stressed. We need to carefully break down this complicated, musical, love triangle saga. Here’s why Emma and Role Model broke up and an explanation of the drama that’s followed.

Why Did Role Model And Emma Chamberlain Break Up?

When Role Model was asked about the breakup on The Zach Sang Show, he offered a surprising amount of insight. “I knew there were things that were problematic while I was doing them,” he admitted, noting that he was always “communicative” about that. The singer explained that he wasn’t happy in Los Angeles and found himself going home to Maine a lot, “creating space” between him and Emma. He shared that his feelings of homesickness paired with a “quarter-life crisis” began to affect their relationship negatively. It seems like rather than some dramatic conflict, the musician and the influencer just grew apart.

Is Role Model’s New Song “Deeply Still In Love” About Emma Chamberlain?



♬ deeply still in loveeee – tucker

I fear “Deeply Still In Love” is a thousand percent about Emma. This poor man is a lover boy at his core, and he’s written several love songs about Emma including, “neverletyougo” and “blind.” He’s right on time, releasing Emma breakup tunes about seven months after they reportedly split. In the snippet of the song that’s going viral on TikTok, Role Model croons: “Well I heard you might’ve found somebody new / I still can’t swallow it but I think I’m proud of you / And I went out tonight, shit don’t feel the same / I tried to bury it till I called her by your name.” Oof. Could the “somebody new” be a certain… Peter?

Is Emma Chamberlain Dating Peter McPoland?


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Okay, it’s not confirmed that these two are dating, but there are some extremely compelling hints. First of all, Peter had a pretty wild appearance on The Zach Sang Show in November 2023 — he brought up Role Model and Emma’s breakup and then proceeded to spend five straight minutes praising Emma. “I appreciate Emma Chamberlain so much,” Peter said. “I appreciate what she’s done … she’s an icon to me, I look up to Emma Chamberlain, I love her, she’s so good,” he gushed, adding, “To me, she’s Bruce Springsteen.” Excuse me?? I love Emma too, but I’m not sure a morning routine vlog equals “Born in the U.S.A.”

When Zach asked Peter if he would make a move on Emma, Peter said no, pointing out that she’s “an icon.” He emphasized, “I love her in business.” Hmm. It’s giving that time Selena Gomez told Ellen DeGeneres she thought of Justin Bieber as her brother and would never date him.

For the record, Emma and Peter were spotted out and about together in recently and Emma’s dad and friends are all following Peter on social media. I spy a potential blossoming romance.

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