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Thank U, Next: Introducing Dalton Gomez's New GF, Maika Monroe

Every Ariana Grande stan’s least favorite real estate agent, Dalton Gomez, is Miss Movin’ On these days. He just went Insta-official with actress Maika Monroe… coincidentally the same day that Ariana and SpongeBob went on their first-ever totally public date. (To a Stanley Cup Final ’cause they’re big sports people!) Ariana and Dalton tied the knot back in May 2021 and their marriage lasted about two years, which is not bad for celebs. Personally, I thought he was sketchy from day one but he did inspire both Positions and Eternal Sunshine, so I can only dislike the man so much.

Although Maika is in the entertainment business, she’s not exactly Ariana-level famous, so the girls understandably have a lot of questions right now. What’s the deal with Maika? What does the Dalton and Maika relationship timeline look like? Obviously, I’ve been doing a healthy amount of stalking to quell my own curiosities, so here’s everything to know about Maika and her new relationship with Dalton.

Who Is Dalton Gomez’s Girlfriend, Maika Monroe?

Maika Monroe
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Maika’s an actress and you might know her from the cult horror movie It Follows or from thriller films like The Guest, Greta, and Watcher. But her resume actually goes beyond acting — she also has professional kiteboarding experience?? Apparently, Maika was literally one of the top female kiteboarders in the world at one point. I have not a clue what kiteboarding is but I’m still impressed.

How Old Is Maika Monroe?

At 31 years old, Maika’s Leo DiCaprio ship has unfortunately sailed, but she’s a good age for Dalton, who’s 28.

When Did Dalton Gomez And Maika Monroe Start Dating?

Dalton and Maika were first spotted looking lovey in October 2023, just a few weeks after he and Ariana settled their divorce. The real estate bro and the actress were making out at a Los Angeles bar, per TMZ photos.

That means they waited about seven months to hard launch on Insta, which seems respectable. In her June 9 Dalton announcement post, Maika shared a carousel featuring a photo of herself standing on tippy toes to kiss her extremely tall BF, and another cute couple pic of them chilling in a cozy-looking boat. As their romance progresses, maybe she’ll teach him how to kiteboard and he’ll give her a house <3.

What Is Maika Monroe’s Instagram?


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You can keep up with Maika (and her new romance) at @maikamonroe. On the app, she mostly posts professional photo shoot pics, casual selfies, and promo for her acting projects. I suspect more relationship content is on the way…

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