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Why Bebe Rexha Is Threatening To "Bring Down" The Music Industry: A Tweet Storm Analysis

Was Bebe Rexha silent? Or was she silenced? I fear it might be the latter. I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling stressed after reading her series of vague, furious tweets about the music industry. Our girl has done nothing but produce smash hits and promote body positivity for the last decade, and yet, she’s constantly being mistreated by industry folks and people online. In her latest vulnerable social media moment, Bebe threatened to “bring down” a lot of the music industry and said she’s tired of always being “undermined.” I’m also tired of her always being undermined!! Sure, Bebe’s tweets could be a strategy to promote her new single, “I’m The Drama,” (a banger) but my gut tells me these comments are deeper than that.

Naturally, I immediately needed to investigate who’s screwing this pop legend over now. Fans have responsibilities too! Here’s an explanation of Bebe Rexha’s tweets and music industry drama, based on my research and expertise in Pop Girl World.

What Is Going On With Bebe Rexha?

What Did Bebe Rexha Tweet?

On a random Tuesday morning, Bebe decided to tease us with an almost-exposé moment on Twitter. Our girl needed a good rant, which I can absolutely respect. She wrote: “I could bring down a BIG chunk of this industry. I AM frustrated. I Have been UNDERMINED. I’ve been so quiet for the longest time. I haven’t seen the signs even though people constantly are bringing them up and they have been SO OBVIOUS.”

Bebe noted that when she’s tried to speak up in the past, she’s been “silenced and PUNISHED” for it. “Things must change or I’m telling ALL of my truths,” she wrote. “The good the bad and the ugly.” We’re all so sat, queen.

When someone asked what was stopping her from sharing details, Bebe reiterated, “THEY PUNISH YOU.” She was also low-key accused of tweeting dramatically to promote her new single, “I’m The Drama,” to which she retorted, “Marketing? I have no budget for that. IM FED UP.”

Bebe shared that her tweets were coming from a place of “sadness.” She explained that she was sitting in a London hotel room alone and crying when she posted about the industry. “I’ve felt hopeless for the longest time,” she wrote. “I’ve been walking a lot through this city and meeting fans and they have really ignited something inside of me.” Bebe thanked everyone for checking in on her and emphasized that she’s “fighting” for what she deserves.

Why Does Bebe Rexha Want To “Bring Down” The Music Industry?

Bebe Rexha
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Well, Bebe tragically neglected to explain the inspiration behind these specific tweets, but she’s been pretty vocal about industry issues and celeb beef in the past. You may recall that just a few weeks ago, she casually demolished G-Eazy in an Instagram Story when she posted a screenshot of a text she got from someone on his team.

Bebe was asked if she “had any interest in shooting social content” with the musician, and spoiler alert… she does not. She called G-Eazy an “ungrateful loser” in her Story and added, “You’re lucky people are liking you again. Cause I could go in on all the shit things you’ve done and how you treated me after giving you your only real hit. Btw the answer is no. Hope you good.” Oh, Bebe Rexha, the woman you are. An annoying man being ruined always brings a joyful tear to my eye.

The “I’m a Mess” singer has also previously opened up about her experience being body shamed. In 2019, Bebe called out designers for refusing to dress her for the Grammys because she was “too big.” Yeah, fuck that. She also shared her thoughts on a “Bebe Rexha weight” TikTok search bar in April 2023. “Seeing that search bar is so upsetting,” Bebe tweeted at the time. “I’m not mad cause it’s true. I did gain weight. But it just sucks. Thank you to all the people who love me no matter what.”

In response to her latest tweets, I say: Don’t hold back, girl. We want those truths ASAP. Trisha Paytas did just invite you to be a guest on Just Trish, and I’d collapse if that happened, but I also strongly support a long book and/or docuseries about your experiences.

If it’s meant to beee, it’ll beee, it’ll beee.

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