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Are We Witnessing A Brianna Chickenfry And Grace Friend Breakup? I'm Stressed

If you’ve spent a decent amount of time scrolling on TikTok (say… four hours a day or more since 2020), you’re probably familiar with the Barstool characters, Brianna Chickenfry, whose non-TikTok name is Brianna LaPaglia, and Grace O’Malley, her bestie. Yes, I’m talking about the girl who’s dating Zach Bryan and the redheaded comedian with the heavy Boston accent. For whatever reason, these two have a “relationships” podcast called PlanBri Uncut where they basically just hangout and giggle a lot. My favorite relationship experts.

But fans of Brianna and Grace are noticing that the friendship vibes have been kinda off recently. TikTokers fighting? I don’t believe it. Basically, there was an awkward comment from Bri, some subtle PlanBri podcast tension, a failed attempt to put friendship breakup rumors to bed, and then, finally, an honest explanation of what’s been going on. Fortunately for you, I’m a TikTok drama connoisseur and am qualified to walk us through this chaos. Are Brianna Chickenfry and Grace still friends? Did they have a falling out? I got answers.

Are Brianna Chickenfry And Grace Still Friends?

Brianna Chickenfry Said She Wants To Do A Podcast Without Grace


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It all started with Bri telling fans that she’s thinking about bringing back a solo pod… an odd thing to say when you have a successful podcast with your best friend. She apparently wants to start a TheraBri podcast or series where she gives advice to her followers. Mhm, everyone who’s aware of Jake Shane’s Therapuss podcast choked for a sec. It’s almost like that idea is very much taken.

“I love what me and Grace do, but I also feel like I’m craving the… in-depth conversations about things I care about,” Bri said. She added, “I feel like this has turned into the funny, silly pod, which is so fun and it’s the highlight of my week.” But that’s not cutting it for her. Bri’s “missing that fulfilling feeling of helping you guys and giving you advice and having real conversations with you.” Because we all need advice from influencers who are famous for partying, duh.

Brianna Chickenfry Denied The Friendship Breakup Rumors To Dave Portnoy


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When Dave asked Bri about the rumors on their BFFs podcast (ironic), she quickly dismissed them, calling the idea “so crazy.” When he asked what was going on between her and Grace, Bri replied, “Nothing. People are fucking crazy. I was with Grace yesterday. Last night.” Bri noted that Grace is “doing all of her comedy stuff in New York” and she just misses doing the PlanBri podcast solo. Hmmm.

Brianna Chickenfry And Grace Revealed That They “Haven’t Been Seeing Eye To Eye”

Sooo, Bri was lying on BFFs. In the latest episode of PlanBri, “The Truth About Our Friendship,” the duo got real with their followers. Grace shared that they’ve been having “a little bit of a tiff lately.” She explained, “Things have been changing between the both of us and we weren’t fully communicating how we felt to each other.” Apparently, the influencers haven’t been “seeing eye to eye” recently, so they met up the other day to have a tough conversation about their friendship status.

“We kind of just have different interests,” Bri chimed in, pointing out that she hates New York and Grace loves it. Ah, yes, the classic friendship-ending different taste in cities. She continued, “We just weren’t wanting the same exact things like we always wanted.” That led to “built-up resentment” between them, but in the end, they realized they still wanna be BFFs and go back to normal. Welp, happy for them and glad that’s all figured out.

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